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Subject Librarians Engaging with the Learning and Teaching Environment

By Penny Dale, Matt Holland Copyright 2006
    ISBN 9781138258969
    220 Pages
    Published March 6, 2017 by Routledge

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    Published June 2, 2006 by Routledge

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    The university subject librarians' role is at the centre of new models of teaching and learning, yet further debate and published contributions are still needed to shape its future direction. Subject Librarians: Engaging with the Learning and Teaching Environment assesses trends and challenges in current practice, and aims to encourage renewed thinking and improved approaches. Its editors and authors include experienced practitioners and academics. At a time of great change and increasing challenges in higher education this book offers directors of academic services, library managers, librarians and lecturers a chance to reflect on the key issues and consider the needs of the learning community. Subject Librarians: Engaging with the Learning and Teaching Environment also provides a perspective on current practice and a reference source for students of Information Management and Information Studies.

    Part I The Subject Specialist in Higher Education; Chapter 1 The Subject Specialist in Higher Education – A Review of the Literature, Margaret Feetham; Chapter 2 Professional Engagement – The Subject Specialist in Higher Education, Penny Dale, Maggie Leharne, Trudi Knight, Kate Marshall; Chapter 3 Quality Assurance, Quality Enhancement, Jill Beard; Chapter 4 Learning and Teaching, Kerry Shephard; Chapter 5 Relating to Further Education – Partners and Franchises, Jane Ryland; Chapter 6 Virtual Learning Environments, Marian Matthews; Chapter 7 Changing Relationships in the University, Kerry Shephard, Marian Matthews; Part II Serving Different Constituencies; Chapter 8 Serving Different Constituencies: Undergraduates, Jenny Campbell, Pete Maggs; Chapter 9 Serving Different Constituencies: Asynchronous Learners, Janet Peters; Chapter 10 Serving Different Constituencies: Researchers, Matt Holland; Chapter 11 Serving Different Constituencies: International Students, Frank Trew; Part III International Perspectives; Chapter 12 A Review of International Trends in Library Faculty Support in Higher Education: A Special Focus on Southern African University Libraries, Buhle Mbambo; Part IV Conclusion; Chapter 13 Conclusion, Penny Dale, Matt Holland, Marian Matthews;


    Penny Dale is the Subject Librarian for the School of Conservation Sciences at Bournemouth University, UK. Penny also provides library support for the Centre for Academic Practice and students of the MA Professional Development programme. She has a particular interest in development and training opportunities for library staff, and organises the library training programme. Matt Holland is the Subject Librarian for the Bournemouth Media School. Matt is involved in media and broadcasting history projects, funded by the Centre for Excellence in Media Practice, Bournemouth University and the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Matt has written a number of articles and book chapters around the theme of Subject Librarianship. Marian Matthews is Academic Programmes Leader for the Graduate School at Bournemouth University. Her role contributes to the strategic policy and development of the Graduate School which is responsible for the operational framework for doctoral study across the University. Marian also leads the development, co-ordination and implementation of the University's Research Methodology and Skills Programmes for Research Students.

    'In general, this edited work has refreshingly managed to draw together contributors in a coherent and logical compilation which goes a long way to achieving its aims. The key issues of quality assurance, networking, changes in educational practice and philosophy, electronic libraries, networking and a less homogenous economic and cultural student profile, are all fully acknowledged and addressed. The work will certainly be of use to all higher education libraries and academic departments, as well as being of use to the student of library and information management.' Richard Turner, Liverpool John Moores University, UK, New Library World. 'The issues and suggested strategies to meet challenges in the higher education sector discussed in this collection may inspire and/or reassure Australian academic librarians. Whether read selectively or as a whole, this book provides much food for thought and offers constructive suggestions for practice of relevance to library practitioners and educators in a rapidly changing environment.' Gaby Haddow, Curtin University; Australian Academic & Research Libraries, March 2007 'All practising subject librarians would benefit from reading this thoughtful and informative volume. Although it will remind them of the uncertainties with which they are surrounded, it does, nevertheless, convey an overall message of optimism that, despite the current "discussion within librarianship about professional values and job satisfaction", the effort of individuals is likely to lead "to a service that is responsive to need, and is understood and supported by faculty and the institution" (Conclusions; Chapter 13).' Leslie Dingle, Cambridge University, Legal Information Management, 7, 2007 'Overall this is a good collection of essays that provide an informative assessment of subject librarianship in the United Kingdom. In addition to its explication of how subject specialists work in Britain, the essays also refer to some of the most important gover

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