1st Edition

Success for All Research and Reform in Elementary Education

Edited By Robert E. Slavin, Nancy A. Madden Copyright 2001

    Success for All is a comprehensive reform model for elementary school that combines state-of-the-art curriculum, research-based instructional methods, assessments, and professional development with one-to-one tutoring, extensive family support services, and other strategies to ensure that every child is successful in the early grades and then builds on that success throughout the elementary years. Started in 1987, it is the most widely used of all reform designs. It is currently in about 1800 schools serving more than a million U.S. children, mostly in high-poverty schools. It is also the most extensively researched comprehensive reform program, with two dozen evaluations carried out in eight research institutions.

    Success for All: Research and Reform in Elementary Education is the first edited volume presenting research on Success for All in the U.S. and in five other countries for which the program has been adapted. This book presents a description of Success for All, an overall summary of all achievement studies, reviews of research, original presentations of new research, and discussions of the impacts and the implications of this research and dissemination for educational policy and practice in many arenas.

    Contents: Preface. Introduction. Part I: Essential Research on Success for All. R.E. Slavin, N.A. Madden, Success for All: An Overview. R.E. Slavin, N.A. Madden, Summary of Research on Success for All and Roots & Wings. S.M. Ross, L.J. Smith, Success for All in Memphis: Raising Reading Performance in High-Poverty Schools. Part II: International Adaptations of Success for All. A. Harris, D. Hopkins, J. Wordsworth, The Implementation and Impact of Success for All in English Schools. B. Chambers, P.C. Abrami, S. Morrison, Can Success for All Succeed in Canada? Y. Center, L. Freeman, G. Robertson, A Longitudinal Evaluation of the Schoolwide Early Language and Literacy Program (SWELL). R. Hertz-Lazarowitz, Success for All: A Community Model for Advancing Arabs and Jews in Israel. M. Calderón, Success for All in Mexico. Part III: Implications for Policy and Practice. R.E. Slavin, N.A. Madden, Disseminating Success for All: Lessons for Policy and Practice.


    Robert E. Slavin, Nancy A. Madden

    "Slavin and Madden's book is a very useful resource for the relevant research that has been conducted on the "Success for All" reform model. Highly recommended for undergraduate through professional collections."

    "There are may successes described in Success for All. Among the most persuasive are its reliance on scince to inform practice, its strong program evaluation emphases, and its commitment to ideals of schooling that would promote educational equity."
    School Psychology Quarterly