2nd Edition

Summability Theory and Its Applications

By Feyzi Başar Copyright 2022
    520 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    Summability Theory and Its Applications explains various aspects of summability and demonstrates its applications in a rigorous and coherent manner. The content can readily serve as a reference or as a useful series of lecture notes on the subject.

    This substantially revised new edition includes brand new material across several chapters as well as several corrections, including: the addition of the domain of Cesaro matrix C(m) of order m in the classical sequence spaces to Chapter 4; and introducing the domain of four-dimensional binomial matrix in the spaces of bounded, convergent in the Pringsheim's sense, both convergent in the Pringsheim's sense and bounded, and regularly convergent double sequences, in Chapter 7.


    • Investigates different types of summable spaces and computes their dual
    • Suitable for graduate students and researchers with a (special) interest in spaces of single and double sequences, matrix transformations and domains of triangle matrices
    • Can serve as a reference or as supplementary reading in a computational physics course, or as a key text for special Analysis seminars.

    1. Infinite Matrices. 2. Normed and Paranormed Sequence Spaces. 3. Matrix Transformations in Sequence Spaces. 4. Matrix Domains in Sequence Spaces. 5. Spectrum of Some Particular Matrices. 6. Core of a Sequence. 7. Double Sequences. 8. Sequences of Fuzzy Numbers. 9. Absolute Summability.


    Dr. Feyzi Başar is a Professor Emeritus since July 2016 at İnönü University, Turkey. He has published three books for graduate students and researchers and more than 160 scientific papers in the field of summability theory, sequence spaces, FK-spaces, Schauder bases, dual spaces, matrix transformations, spectrum of certain linear operators represented by a triangle matrix over some sequence spaces, the alpha-, beta- and gamma-duals and some topological properties of the domains of some double and four-dimensional triangles in certain spaces of single and double sequences and sets of the sequences of fuzzy numbers. Nowadays, Professor Başar works on the development of sequences and series, and the basic concepts of summability in non-newtonian calculus. He has guided 17 MA and 10 Ph.D. students and served as a referee for 141 international scientific journals. He is reviewer Mathematical Reviews since 2007 and Zentralblatt MATH, and the member of editorial boards of 21 scientific journals. He is also a member of scientific committees of 17 mathematics conferences, delivered talks at 14 different universities as an invited speaker, and worked on 10 scientific project, and participated in more than 70 mathematics symposiums with papers.