1st Edition

Summits & Regional Governance The Americas in Comparative Perspective

    290 Pages
    by Routledge

    290 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Despite the large number of regional and global summits there is very little known about the functioning and impact of this particular type of diplomatic practice. While recognizing that the growing importance of summits is a universal phenomenon, this volume takes advantage of the richness of the Americas experiment to offer a theoretically grounded comparative analysis of contemporary summitry.

    The book addresses questions such as:

    • How effective have summits been ?
    • How have civil society and other non-state actors been involved in summits?
    • How have summits impacted on the management of regional affairs?

    Filling a significant void in the literature, this volume offers an original contribution helping to understand how summitry has become a central feature of world politics. It will be of great interest to students and scholars of diplomacy, international organizations, and global/regional governance.

    Introduction: Summitry and governance in comparative perspective Gordon Mace, Jean-Philippe Thérien, Diana Tussie, and Olivier Dabène  Part I: Summitry in context  1 Summitry, governance, and democracy Jan Aart Scholt  2 Multilayered summitry and agenda interaction in South America Olivier Dabène  Part II: Case studies—Americas  3 The Summits of the Americas process: Unfulfilled expectations Gordon Mace and Jean-Philippe Thérien  4 Presidential diplomacy in UNASUR: Coming together for crisis management or marking turfs? Diana Tussie  5 Summitry in the Caribbean Community: A fundamental feature of regional governance Jessica Byron  6 The impact of summitry on the governance of Mercosur Marcelo de Almeida Medeiros, Rafael Mesquita de Souza Lima, and Maria Eduarda Ferreira Cabral  7 Presidential summitry in Central America: A predictable failure? Kevin Parthenay  8 The anti-summitry of North American governance Greg Anderson  Part III: Case studies—World 9 ASEAN summits and regional governance in comparative perspective Richard Stubbs  10 Assessing the role of G7/8/20 meetings in global governance: Processes, outcomes, and counterfactuals Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol  11 BRICS and re-shaping the model of summitry: Subordinating the regional to the global Andrew F. Cooper  Part IV: Practitioners’ point of view  12 The Summit of the Americas process and regional governance: A reflection Marc Lortie  13 Some thoughts on summit proliferation and regional governance Carlos Portales  Conclusion : Summitry and governance: an assessment Gordon Mace, Jean-Philippe Thérien, Diana Tussie, and Olivier Dabène


    Gordon Mace is Director, Inter-American Studies Centre at the Institute of Advanced International Studies, Laval University, Québec, Canada.

    Jean-Philippe Thérien is Professor in the Department of Political Science, Université de Montréal, Canada

    Diana Tussie is Director, Department of International Relations, FLACSO-Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Olivier Dabène is Director, Observatoire politique de l’Amérique latine et Caraïbes, Sciences-Po, Paris, France