1st Edition

Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed Integrating the System from End to End

    238 Pages 49 B/W Illustrations
    by Auerbach Publications

    In 2000, Schragenheim and Dettmer published the ground-breaking Manufacturing at Warp Speed. At the time, the cutting-edge ideas expressed were the original work of the authors and not well-known beyond the book’s audience. In the years that followed, Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, father of the Theory of Constraints (TOC), adopted their ideas, added his own valuable insights, and popularized them worldwide.

    Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed serves as the sequel that refines and updates the former approach to production management with new ideas that complement earlier tactics. The authors’ prime motivation for writing this book was to integrate the TOC method for managing the distribution of finished goods with the acquisition of raw materials and the manufacturing process. The result is the first book to describe, in detail, the application of the TOC approach to assured availability in distribution, for both original equipment manufacturers and retailers.

    "State-Of-The-Art" in Applying Theory of Constraints

    This cutting-edge reference broadens the scope of its predecessor by integrating manufacturing, distribution, and raw material management into a single end-to-end supply chain. It addresses the new demands taken on when a firm offers to handle rush orders. It also reviews the issues surrounding availability and the management of inventory moving through distribution systems.

    Fully illustrated, with numerous examples, case studies, and manufacturing scenarios, Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed provides TOC practitioners with the tools needed to address the performance issues of the entire supply chain and develop solutions that represent a win for the end-user as well as stakeholders along the entire supply chain.



    Part I: Simplicity and Manufacturing Flow

    Inherent Simplicity

    Understanding Traditional Drum–Buffer–Rope and Buffer Management

    Simplified Drum–Buffer–Rope: An Overview

    Enhancements to Simplified Drum–Buffer–Rope

    Part II: Advancements in Make-to-Order (MTO) and Make-to-Stock (MTS)

    Overcoming Complications with S-DBR

    Using Simplified Drum–Buffer–Rope (S-DBR) For Making to Availability (MTA)

    Make-To-Availability, Make-To-Stock, and Make-To-Order Issues

    Part III: Distribution and Raw Materials Management

    The Theory of Constraints Approach to Distribution

    Managing Raw Materials

    Part IV: The Whole Supply Chain Perspective

    Business Practice and Supply Chain Performance


    Eli Schragenheim, H William Dettmer, J. Wayne Patterson

    "We operations people have lacked a much needed bridge between constraint theory and our day-to-day practice. This book goes a long way in that direction.… [I]t hosts a wealth of detail and practical suggestions that I am sure I will exploit for a long time!"

    --Alfredo Angrisani, CPIM, Operations Manager, Toschi Vignola, Italy

    "[T]ake[s] readers to the next level of operations management by focusing on a company’s distribution model…. In a very short period of time, my former company, a major OEM supplier in the computer industry, was able to pilot all the methods outlined in the book and achieve all the results."

    --Christopher M. Zephro, Senior Director-Supply Chain, Ventiva, Santa Clara, California

    "This book will answer questions and clarify direction for those leaders desiring to gain the advantage of TOC breakthroughs in their own supply chain context. Specifically, their treatment of make-to-availability environments solves several of the puzzles that had previously left those of us in the make-to-stock world scratching our heads"

    --Kevin W. Krosley, Vice President, New Ventures Group, Sigma-Aldrich, St. Louis, Missouri

    "This is Dettmer and Schragenheim's best work on the subject. For anyone seeking a clear, well-written explanation of TOC approaches to managing supply chains by some of the foremost TOC practitioners working on the subject, Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed should be the choice."

    --Mario López de Ávila Muñoz, Prinicipal and Founder, NODOS, and Associate Professor, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain

    "I'm often told that TOC ‘doesn't do supply chain’. This is wrong; it does supply chain frighteningly well, …beyond most peoples' imagination. Do some justice to your own business and find out how."

    --Kelvyn Youngman, Ph.D., Managing Director, DBR Manufacturing Co., New Zealand, and author of The On-Line Guide to the Theory of Constraints

    "[F]illed with practical advice for handling situations faced in real companies--the sort of learning that otherwise would come only from the school of hard knocks…. The information on managing the overall supply chain to complement local S-DBR efforts is particularly valuable."

    --Steve Holt, Aerospace Engineer, Seattle, WA

    "What does a silver bullet for business look like? Three of the world’s leading experts in Theory of Constraints have collaborated to add this book to the TOC body of knowledge. TOC practitioners will find it thought provoking. Newcomers to TOC responsible for improving profitability across production and sales or an extended supply chain would do well to apply the approach in this book."

    --Jack Goodstein, Aerospace Engineer, Seattle, WA

    "A must-read business book, not only for supply chain managers, but also for every decision maker in the company."

    --Santiago Cuadra, Director, Information Management, AkzoNobel Paints (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd., Singapore

    "This book advances Theory of Constraints knowledge for production and distribution to a new level. Everyone concerned with supply chain improvement and applying TOC to these fields should read it."

    --Paul Bayer, Quality Manager, BMW Munich