1st Edition

Supporting Children through Bereavement and Loss & When the Sun Fell Out of the Sky

    65 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    Currently, many children are unable to access emotional support services, and other members of a child’s support network are required to provide this emotional guidance and support. This set, consisting of a guidebook and an accompanying story book, has been written to support children when they have experienced a loss or bereavement. It is intended to be used by families and friends, school staff, and all other adults supporting children through their grief, to help them to provide this emotional guidance.

    Guide to supporting Children through Bereavement and Loss offers information, education, and guidance about how to understand grief, ways to support the process and emotions of grief, and to help children to express themselves and make sense of their changed world. The accompanying story book, When the Sun Fell Out of the Sky, has been written to support key adults in helping bereaved children to find a way to cope, manage, and make it through their grief.

    The set is designed to be used by any person supporting a child through loss or bereavement no matter their previous understanding of these issues. It is specifically written to be as accessible and as user friendly as possible to help rather than hinder the user, and the books can be used together or alone.

    Guide to Supporting Children through Bereavement and Loss: Emotional Wellbeing in School and at Home

    The House That Wouldn’t Fall Down: A Short Tale of Trust for Traumatised Children


    Hollie Rankin is a counsellor who has worked with and supported children, young people and their families within schools in the North East over the last nine years. Her recent books on trauma and bereavement were prompted by a noticeable gap in resources to help to guide adults when supporting children in emotionally challenging circumstances.

    Due to increased waiting times and lack of outside agency support, pressure is being placed on schools to help children cope with what can be an upsetting and stressful world. Supporting with mental health is an area teachers often lack confidence in. These books and resources offer the starting point needed and enable teachers and teaching assistants to feel like this is an area they can support with. Beautifully illustrated and a pleasure to read.  After years of searching I know there is nothing quite as good as this out there! 

    Corrin Watson, Assistant Head Teacher and SENCO

    These wonderful stories are so easy for children to relate to, and understand the feelings and meanings shared. The resource books are ideal for helping children to explore their emotions, and for parents, carers and school staff to feel equipped to help them to do so. 

    Gemma Oliver, Learning Mentor

    This book helps to explains loss in a beautiful way that children will be able to understand. A lovely read for such a hard subject. It removes the stigma and the recourse guide aids parents, carers and professionals from all areas to be able to tackle this and enable children to work through their pain. I can't recommend these books enough. 

    Rosie Cottam, Child Psychotherapist 

    Bereavement comes in all shapes and sizes and this beautifully illustrated story, can be accessed by all ages. It creates containment, allowing the thoughts and feelings of Stan’s loss to be explored, making the emotions of grief tangible. The resource pack is a must have, sharing a wide range of ideas to support children through tough times. It’s invaluable!

    Charlotte Kerr, Behaviour Practitioner.