1st Edition

Supporting Colour Blindness in Education and Beyond A Practical Guide for Teachers and Families

By Marie Difolco Copyright 2025
    132 Pages 59 Color Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    132 Pages 59 Color Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    Would you be surprised to know, on average, one child in every class of thirty is colour blind? Colour blindness can be a barrier to learning across the whole curriculum, yet most schools cannot identify all their colour blind children, and practitioners often cannot recall teaching a child with it.

    This essential guide explores colour blindness, an often-unrecognised special educational need and disability (SEND). It gives you the tools and confidence to ensure children with colour blindness can reach their full potential. It helps you to understand what the condition is so you can easily make your teaching accessible and inclusive to all colour blind children, undiagnosed or not. The book:

    • Offers detailed and practical guidance for identifying colour blindness and catering for it from early years through to higher education and beyond.
    • Focuses on simple and easy-to-implement strategies to ensure colour blind children are not disadvantaged, dispelling myths and misguidance along the way.
    • Discusses how educators and parents can work together to raise the child’s self-esteem, seeking solutions and interventions that do not single them out, or in fact remove colour as a useful tool for those that see it normally.

    This accessible book is vital reading for SENDCos, teachers and classroom assistants, from nursery through to upper secondary, as well as the parents and carers of colour blind children.


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    1:   See why it matters

    2:   See what the law says

    3:   See what it’s like in primary school

    4:   See what it’s like in secondary school

    5:   See the problems in co-curricular, further education and careers

    6:   See the impact on other SEND, health and safety

    7:   See the effect on mental health, self-esteem and quality of life

    8:   See the world differently

    9:   See what might help

    10:   See what will make a difference



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    Marie Difolco works voluntarily for the Colour Blind Awareness organisation and is a driver behind the #1InEveryClassroom campaign. Marie is mother to a severely colour blind boy whose condition went undetected for longer than necessary. She delivers workshops and speaks publicly to raise awareness.

    "This book is a much-needed introduction to the challenges faced by colour blind children in school and in their everyday home life. Using simulated images, her own family’s experiences and her detailed knowledge of successful interventions, the author brings these challenges to life and offers helpful guidance to parents and teachers alike. A must-read for everyone involved in education." - Kathryn Albany-Ward, Founder and CEO of Colour Blind Awareness. 

    “This book focuses on the impact of colour blindness and some of the simple adjustments educators can make to help mitigate the effects.” - Beth McLaren, former Head Teacher

    “The strategies in this book are easy to implement and make a big difference. Removing barriers at grassroots level is crucial.” - Phil Murray, Club Secretary, Stocksfield FC

     “I can honestly say the sort of adjustments this book talks about have really helped. I’m lucky to have been well supported." - Marcus, Year 11 student