1st Edition

Supporting Lifelong Learning Volume I: Perspectives on Learning

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    236 Pages
    by Routledge

    This Open University Reader examines the practices of learning and teaching which have been developed to support lifelong learning, and the understanding and assumptions which underpin them. The selection of texts trace the widening scope of academic understanding of learning and teaching, and considers the implications for those who develop programmes of learning. It examines in great depth those theories which have had the greatest impact in the field, theories of reflection and learning from experience and theories of situated learning. The implications of these theories ar examined in relation to themes which run across the reader, namely, workplace learning, literacies, and the possibilities offered by information and communication technologies.
    The particular focus of this Reader is on the psychological or cognitive phenomena that happen in the minds of individual learners. The readings have been selected to represent a range of experience in different sectors of education from around the globe.

    1. Learning and Adult Education 2. The Interpersonal Relationships in the Facilitation of Learning 3. From Technical Rationality to Reflection-in-action 4. Deconstructing Domestication: Women's Experience and the Goals of Critical Pedagogy 5. Self and Experience in Adult Learning 6. Promoting Reflection in Professional Courses: The Challenge of Context 7. Legitimate Periferal Participation in Communities of Practice 8. Learning From Other People at Work 9. Beyond the Institution of Apprenticeship: Towards a Social Theory of Learning as the Production of Knowledge 10. The Technology of Learning in a Social World 11. Sustainable Literacies and the Ecology of Lifelong Learning 12. Academic Writing in New and Emergent Discipline Areas 13. Pedagogies for Lifelong Learning: Building Bridges or Building Walls?


    Julia Clarke, Ann Hanson, Roger Harrison, Fiona Reeve

    'Together these volumes represent something of a treasure trove of writing about adult lifelong learning. As a whole, they bring together significant ideas and concepts which are currently being used to understand and research learning in an expansive, lifelong context. The chapters interact with one another in a way that makes each volume more than the sum of its parts and should encourage the reader to engage in a critical fashion with the ideas presented.' - Studies in the Education of Adults