1st Edition

Supporting the Student Journey into Higher Education How Pre-Arrival Platforms Can Enhance Widening Participation

Edited By Wendy Garnham, Nina Walker Copyright 2024
    148 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book will provide an in-depth look at the development, functionality and appeal of pre-arrival platforms to aid transition into higher education, including a range of provisions.

    Ensuring a smooth transition into higher education study is increasingly seen as key to both retention and success, both in the initial weeks of study and beyond. Pre-arrival platforms offer students a range of opportunities, which might include the chance to familiarise themselves with the practices and policies of their new institution before teaching begins. This book will explore these platforms from three different angles: their development, use and appeal to diverse audiences in higher education, and case studies illustrating their incorporation into practice. It will provide a comprehensive overview of not only the different ways in which such platforms add value to the transition process but also the way they embrace diversity and widening participation in higher education from the very beginning of an individual’s higher education career. With chapters written by individuals from a variety of roles in higher education, this text will also provide the reader an insight into issues arising from the use of these platforms.

    It will be essential reading for educational, academic and staff developers working with departments and their institutions to develop their support structure for new students as well as for those directly involved in widening access/participation programmes.

    0. Introduction To “Supporting the Student Journey into Higher Education: How Pre-Arrival Platforms Can Enhance Widening Participation”
    Nina Walker

    Part I: The Development of Pre-Arrival Platforms

    1. The Practicalities of Creating a Pre-Arrival Platform
    Wendy Garnham, Katherine Kruger, Emily Baker and Karen Tucker

    2. Student Partnership in The Development of Pre-Arrival Resources
    Neil Ford

    3. Traversing Obstacles in Developing Pre-Arrival Platforms
    Kelly Edmunds and Becky Lewis

    Part II: The Use of Pre-Arrival Platforms

    4. Fostering A Sense of Belonging
    Emma Palmer

    5. Using A Pre-Arrival Platform as an Induction Tool
    Fran Garrad-Cole

    6. Pre-Arrival 'Skills' Platforms: Bridging the Gap Between School and University
    Laura Boubert and James Fenton

    7. How Can Pre-Arrival Platforms Prepare Students to Engage with Careers Offerings Through Their Degree? 
    Victoria Wilson-Crane 

    Part III: Diversity In Pre-Arrival Platforms

    8. Creating a Pre-Arrival Platform That Supports International Student Transition into UK Higher Education
    Sarah Watson and Hengyi Wang

    9. Screening and Data Collection in Pre-Arrival Platforms
    Rebecca Wilson

    10. Supporting Mature Students in Transition Using Pre-Arrival Platforms
    Steve Russell

    11. Supporting Students with Non-Traditional Entry Qualifications
    Peter Alston, Dawne Irving-Bell, Claire Stocks, Sarah Mcilroy and David Wooff

    12. Using Pre-Arrival Platforms to Support Postgraduate Students’ Transition
    Adam Paxman

    13. Enhancing Student Transition to University: Innovative Pre-Arrival Platforms Through a Connective Ecosystem
    Kathy Egea, Katie Padilla, Jason Do, Deanna Horvath and Christopher Bridge

    14. What to Avoid and What to Think About! Creating Effective Pre-Arrival Pages for New and Returning Students
    Michelle Morgan 


    Wendy Garnham is Professor of Psychology at the University of Sussex, UK.

    Nina Walker is Associate Professor of Learning and Teaching at the University of Hertfordshire, UK.