1st Edition

Sustainability, Big Data, and Corporate Social Responsibility Evidence from the Tourism Industry

    278 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book aims to provide theoretical and empirical frameworks and highlights the challenges and solutions with using Big Data for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability in the field of digital transformation and tourism.

    Sustainability, Big Data, and Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from the Tourism Industry offers a theoretical and empirical framework in the field of digital transformation and applies it to the tourism sector. It discusses Big Data used with CSR and sustainability for the improvement of innovation and highlights the challenges and prospects. It presents a modern insight and approach for use by decision-makers as an application to solve various problems and explores how data collection can shed light on consumer behavior making it possible to account for existing situations and plan for the future.

    This book is intended to provide a modern insight for researcher, students, professionals, and decision-makers on the application of Big Data to improve CSR and sustainability in the tourism sector.

    1. Innovation as a Key Driver of Sustainability in Tourism 2. Alienation and Sustainability in 3. The Impact of Environmental Practices on Hotel Perceived 4. Economic Sustainability and Indicators of Most Visited Countries 5. A New Age in Tourist Guiding: Digital Tourism and Sustainability 6. Socio- technological Sustainability in Tourism 7. Information and Communication Technology Through a Decentralized Sharing Economy in the Tourism Industry 8. Innovative Digital Ideas in Presenting Cultural Heritage in the Tourism Industry 9. An Evaluation of Big Data Use for Fraud Detection in Hotel Enterprises 10. Digital Change for Sustainable Restaurant Systems 11. Corporate Social Responsibility Perceptions of Undergraduate Level Students in Tourism Education 12. Hospitality Businesses in the Anthropocene Era: Recycling Practices 13. The Tourism- Led Growth Hypothesis Test Using Granger’s Causality: A Case Study of Algeria


    Mohammed El Amine Abdelli, Researcher at the University of Western Brittany and The Technical University of Cartagena. He is a member at Western Economics and Management Laboratory -LEGO and a Visiting Researcher at the University of Salamanca (Spain). Mohammed El Amine's research interests focus on Big Data, Entrepreneurship, Governance, Innovation, and Sustainable Development. He is an editor of several books. He was a guest editor of several high-quality journals (Scopus) and Published 15 papers between chapters and articles. He is a committee member of several international conferences in the UK, India, China, Turkey, Algeria and Estonia. He is an editorial board member of several indexed journals (Scopus).

    NADIA MANSOUR is an assistant Professor at The Faculty of Economics and Management of Sousse- Tunisia. She is also a visiting researcher at the University of Salamanca- Spain. She holds a Ph.D. in Management Sciences from the Higher Institute of Management of Sousse- Tunisia. Dr. MANSOUR research interests focus on Banking, Macro-economic, Business Tourism, Entrepreneurship, education, and Innovation. Dr. Mansour is a member of Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory on Changes in Economies and Enterprises - Tunisia, an academic member and ambassador of Communication Institute of Greece, a committee member of ICMHHE2020 conference, Editorial Board Member of the "Journal of Entrepreneurship Education", fellow member of the Global Journals, a reviewer in the "International Journal of Corporate Finance and Accounting (IJCFA)" and "International Organization for Migration".Dr. MANSOUR has presented various scientific papers in international (France, Morocco, USA…) and national (Tunisia) conferences. In 2018, Dr. MANSOUR published two papers in the Global Journal of Management and Business Research: the first titled «Prudential regulation and banking efficiency in MENA countries», the second « Prudential regulation and banking risk in MENA countries». In 2019, Dr. MANSOUR published a paper in Global Journal of Management and Business Research, titled « Interaction risk banking and financial stability: MENA countries». For 2020, she has also two book chapters accepted in IGI GLOBAL: the first titled "Leadership and Innovation on Business Tourism: Implication of Employees", and the second "Girls child Education challenges and solutions in Mena Countries: Case study Tunisia".

    Atilla Akbaba is a professor at the Faculty of Tourism at İzmir Katip Çelebi University (İzmir, Turkey). He received his M.Sc. from Florida International University and his PhD from Dokuz Eylul University with a major in Tourism Management. He teaches hospitality and tourism-related courses. His areas of specialization include service quality, organizational culture, and management of tourism businesses. He has published widely in his areas of specialization at national and international levels.

    Enric Serradell-Lopez is Associate Dean  and Professor at the Business Economics Department at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Spain). Dr. Serradell holds a PhD in Management from the University of Barcelona. His work combines professional and academic activities. His main research lines are eLearning, corporate culture, intangibles, and product innovation and ICT applications in management, especially business games. He is the director of the Go2sim research team – Innovative tools for eLearning- that aims to analyze and design environments in which personal and professional decision-making skills can be created and adequately developed. His research has been published in academic journals and presented in recognized international conferences.