1st Edition

Sustainable Energy Branding Helping to Save the Planet

By Fridrik Larsen Copyright 2023
    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    Sustainable energy branding has become one of the hottest topics in business. As climate change and market liberalisation—the greatest environmental and economic challenges of our times—are prompting the world's power companies to transform on a scale never seen before, the eyes of the world are firmly upon them.

    By introducing new business models, as well as new ways of generating power, energy-sector giants are aiming to dramatically cut harmful emissions over the next few decades. Crucial to the success of this transition is the support of energy consumers and political decision-makers, and this challenge should not be underestimated. Power companies are, therefore, developing new marketing and communication strategies around renewable energy, sustainable growth, co-operation with customers and environmental protection. Fridrik Larsen, the world’s foremost expert on energy branding, looks at the role of branding and marketing in the energy transition through a series of interviews with senior energy-sector executives.

    These compelling insights from industry leaders make this book a must-read for marketing and C-suite executives at energy companies who are wanting to communicate sustainable and renewable energy solutions effectively to make a difference.

    Introduction: Energy Branding versus Greenwash  1. Northern Lights and the Power of Brand: Jukka Ruusunen on Energy Monopolies and Public Perceptions  2. Brand as a Promise: Magnus Hall on Energy Companies Fulfilling Expectations  3. Business to Human: Ryan O’Keeffe on the View from a Seven Trillion Dollar Fund  4. The Sound of Brand: Michael Boumendil on the Next Frontier in Brand Collateral  5. Branding in America: Mary Powell and Mari McClure on Building and Maintaining an American Energy Brand  6. Black Gold and Green Energy: Rahul Malhotra on Marketing Shell in the Age of Renewables  7. Oil Companies: Henrik Habberstad and Tom Van de Cruys on Sovereign Energy Brands in the Social Media Era  8. The Italian Job: Antonio Cammisecra on Enel’s Power Distribution Branding Strategy  9. A Solar Collaboration: Anthony Ainsworth on Turning E.ON into a Pop Brand  10. In the Big Country: Paula Gold Williams on Leading America’s Largest Municipal Utility  11. A Model Island: Hordur Arnarson on Going Beyond Full Sustainability  12. Finding the Right Balance: Jacob Benbunan on Branding Between IQ and EQ  13. Virtual Power: Nic Kennedy on the Meeting of Energy and IT  14. Who You Are and Who You Want to Be: Hando Sutter on Brand as the Tip of the Corporate Strategy Iceberg  15. Liberalisation Bonanza: Stephen Fitzpatrick and Kevin McMinn on ‘Energy Minnows’ Becoming Big Fish – or One of the ‘Big Six’  16. From Product to Service: Ana Busto on Engie Post-Rebrand  17. Harder Than Rocket Science: Kevin Lane Keller on the Theory and Practice of Energy Branding


    Fridrik Larsen is an associate professor of marketing at the University of Iceland. He is the leading authority on branding within the energy space and the first person to hold a PhD in energy branding. Larsen holds graduate degrees in finance, economics and psychology and a postgraduate degree in marketing. He is the author of three books on energy branding, a sought-after public speaker and the founder of the CHARGE conference.

    "Fridrik Larsen has opened up a new area of study within energy marketing. In these fascinating interviews with some of the world's most influential energy sector executives, energy branding comes alive, fully justifying its importance for the current low-carbon transition."

    Kevin Lane Keller, Professor of Marketing and author of Strategic Brand Management

    "Traditionally, branding was considered of secondary value to the energy business. Liberalisation and the fight against climate change upended such views. As a branding expert I recommend this book to everyone working in energy, sustainability and marketing."

    Jacob Benbunan, CEO of Saffron Brand Consultants