Sustainable Fisheries Management : Pacific Salmon book cover
1st Edition

Sustainable Fisheries Management
Pacific Salmon

ISBN 9780429104411
Published February 10, 2020 by CRC Press
752 Pages

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Book Description

What has happened to the salmon resource in the Pacific Northwest? Who is responsible and what can be done to reverse the decline in salmon populations? The responsibly falls on everyone involved - fishermen, resource managers and concerned citizens alike - to take the steps necessary to ensure that salmon populations make a full recovery.

This collection of papers examines the state of the salmon fisheries in the Pacific Northwest. They cover existing methods and supply model approaches for alternative solutions. The editors stress the importance of input from and cooperation with all parties involved to create a viable solution. Grass roots education and participation is the key to public support - and ultimately the success - of whatever management solutions are developed.

A unique and valuable scientific publication, Sustainable Fisheries Management: Pacific Salmon clearly articulates the current state of the Pacific salmon resource, describes the key features of its management, and provides important guidance on how we can make the transition towards sustainable fisheries. The solutions presented in this book provide the basis of a strategy for sustainable fisheries, requiring society and governmental agencies to establish a shared vision, common policies, and a process for collaborative management.

Table of Contents

Setting the Stage for Sustainable Pacific Salmon Fisheries Strategy, E.E. Knudsen, D.D. MacDonald, and C.R. Steward
The Needs of Salmon and Steelhead in Balancing Their Conservation and Use, C.V. Burger
Science and Management in Sustainable Salmonid Fisheries: The Ball is Not in Our Court, G.F. Hartman, C. Groot, and T. G. Northcote
The Importance of "Stock" Conservation Definitions to the Concept of Sustainable Fisheries, K.D. Hyatt and B.E. Riddell
The Elements of Alaska's Sustainable Fisheries, F. Ulmer
Review of Salmon Management in British Columbia: What Has the Past Taught Us? D.W. Narver
Aboriginal Fishing Rights and Salmon Management in British Colombia: Matching Historical Justice with the Public Interest, P. Copes
The Status of Anadromous Salmonids: Lessons in Our Search for Sustainability, J.E. Williams
Endangered Species Act Review of the Status of Pink Salmon From Washington, Oregon, and California, J.J. Hard, R.G. Kope, and W.S. Grant
Review of the Status of Coho Salmon from Washington, Oregon, and California, L. Weitkamp, T.C. Wainwright, G.J. Byrant, D.J. Teel, and R.G. Kope
Status Review of Steelhead from Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and California, P.J. Busby, T.C. Wainwright, and G.J. Bryant
Status and Distribution of Chinook Salmon and Steelhead in the Interior Columbia River Basin and Portions of the Klamath River Basin, R.F. Thurow, D.C. Lee, and B.E. Rieman
Status and Stewardship of Salmon Stocks in Southeast Alaska, B.W. Van Alen
Kamchatka Steelhead: Population Trends and Life History Variation, K.A. Savvaitova, K.V. Kuzischin, and S.V. Maximov
International Management of Fraser River Sockeye Salmon, J.C. Woodey
The History and Status of Pacific Northwest Chinook and Coho Salmon Ocean Fisheries and Prospects for Sustainability, G.S. Morishima and K.A. Henry
Managing Pacific Salmon Escapements: The Gaps Between Theory and Reality, E.E. Knudsen
Research Programs and Stock Status for Salmon in Three Transboundary Rivers: the Stikine, Taku, and Alsek, K. Jensen
The Effects of Forest Harvesting, Fishing, Climate Variation, and Ocean Conditions on Salmonid Populations of Carnation Creek, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, P.J. Tschaplinski
Habitat Assessment in Coastal Basins in Oregon: Implications for Coho Salmon Production and Habitat Restoration, K.K. Jones and K.M.S. Moore
An Overview Assessment of Compensation and Mitigation Techniques Used to Assist Fish Habitat Management in British Columbia Estuaries, C.D. Levings
Human Population Growth and Sustainability of Urban Salmonid Streams in the Lower Fraser Valley, O.E. Langer, F. Hietkamp, and M. Farrell
Minimizing Ecological Impacts of Hatchery-Reared Juvenile Steelhead on Wild Salmonids in a Yakima Basin Watershed, G.A. McMichael, T.N. Pearsons, and S.A. Leider
Economic Feasibility of Salmon Enhancement Propagation Programs, H.D. Radtke and S. W. Davis
The New Order in Global Salmon Markets and Aquaculture Development: Implications for Watershed-Based Management in the Pacific Northwest, G. Sylvia, J.L. Anderson, and E. Hanson
Alaska Ocean Ranching Contributions to Sustainable Fisheries, W.W. Smoker, B.A. Bachen, G. Freitag, H.J. Geiger, and T.J. Linley
The Proportional Migration Selective Fishery Model, P. W. Lawson and R.M. Comstock
A Simulation Model to Assess Management and Allocation Alternative in Multi-Stock Pacific Salmon Fisheries, N.J. Sands and J. Hartman
Defining Equivalent Exploitation Rate Reduction Policies for Endangered Salmons and Stocks, J.G. Norris
Decadel Climate Cycles and Declining Columbia River Salmon, J.J. Anderson
The Effect of Environmentally Driven Recruitment Variation on Sustainable Yield From Salmon Populations, S.P. Cramer
Using Photosynthetic Rates to Estimate the Juvenile Sockeye Salmon Rearing Capacity of British Columbia Lakes, K.S. Shortreed, J.M.B. Hume, and J.G. Stockner
Protecting and Restoring the Habitats of Anadromous Salmonids in the Lake Washington Watershed, an Urbanizing Ecosystem, K.L. Fresh and G. Luchetti
Rehabilitating Stream Channels Using Large Woody Debris with Considerations for Salmonid Life History and Fluvial Geomorphic Processes, L.G. Domingues and C.J. Cederholm
Development of Options for the Reintroduction and Restoration of Chinook Salmon into Panther Creek, Idaho, D.W. Reiser, M.P. Ramey, and P. Devries
Effectiveness of Current Anadromous Fish Habitat Protection Procedures for the Tongass National Forest, Alaska, C.H. Casipit, J. Kershner, T. Faris, S. Kessler, S. Paustian, L. Shea, M. Copenhagen, M. Bryant, and R. Aho
Using Watershed Analysis to Plan and Evaluate Habitat Restoration, N.B. Armantrout
Watershed Restoration in Deer Creek, Washington - A Ten-Year Review, J.E. Doyle, G. Movassaghi, M. Fischer, and R. Nichols
Integrating History into the Restoration of Coho Salmon in Siuslaw River, Oregon, M. Booker
Community Education and Cooperation Determine Success in Watershed Restoration: The Asotin Creek Model Watershed Plan, A. Thiessen and L. Vane
Spring-Run Chinook Salmon Work Group: A Cooperative Approach to Watershed Management in California, N. Bingham and A. Harthtorne
Creating Incentives for Salmon Conservation, R.M. Fujita and T. Foran
Long-Term Sustainable Monitoring of Pacific Salmon Populations Using Fishwheels to Integrate Harvesting, Management and Research, M.R. Link and K.K. English
Sanctuaries for Pacific Salmon, J.A. Lichatowich, G.R. Rahr, III, S.M. Whidden, and C.R. Steward
One Northwest Community - People, Salmon, Rivers, and the Sea: Towards Sustainable Fisheries, D.D. MacDonald, C.R .Steward, and E.R. Knudsen

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"The book contains... good material that many salmon researchers will want to buy copies... there are some very insightful chapters that should be widely read and could give conservation biologists some of the benefit of the decades of work on salmon. Finally, the book is well produced and the print readable... I commend the editors for bringing together science and policy and moving the debate on salmon conservation forward with this volume."

-COPEIA, no.4, December 20, 2001