1st Edition

Sustainable Food Procurement Legal, Social and Organisational Challenges

    246 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The book examines sustainable food procurement policy and practice in the European Union and beyond, exploring the extent to which sustainability objectives have been achieved and evaluating the new developments taking place at both EU and national levels.

    While there is a growing recognition that public authorities can use public procurement as a policy tool to pursue multiple environmental, health and socio-economic objectives, contracting authorities still face many challenges. This volume investigates the scope for pursuing sustainable objectives in public procurement of food and catering services, examining different regulatory contexts and organisational models to answer the overall question of how to integrate sustainability concerns into the various phases of public food procurement processes. Contributions in the book examine the policy and legal procurement framework and practices for sustainable public catering in three EU Member States: Italy, France and Spain. There is a comparative survey of the Baltic Region, including Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Poland and Russia, and moving beyond the EU, there is examination of the UK and Brazil, as well as a cross country comparison of the UK with Denmark and Sweden. Drawing on the expertise of an interdisciplinary and intersectoral team of contributors allows the book to benefit from the insights of different disciplines, including business sciences, anthropology and law. Tapping into the global discussion on public food procurement as a means to achieve multiple social and environmental goals, this work will stimulate readers looking for new creative ways to create value through public food purchasing.

    This book will be of great interest to students, researchers, policymakers and public- and private-sector representatives interested in public procurement, food policy and law, sustainable food sourcing and supply chain management.



    PART I - National experiences


    1   Rise and decline of standards in UK school meal provision, 19802022  

    Mark Stein and Yiannis Polychronakis

    2   Sustainable public food procurement in English higher education

    Penelope Giosa

    3   Public procurement and local food in Sweden, Denmark and the UK

    Mark Stein and Yiannis Polychronakis

    4   Public meal provision in the Baltic Sea Region: analysis of issues and challenges towards sustainable public food systems

    Minna Mikkola, Urszula Ala-Karvia and Mark Stein

    5  Sustainable public food procurement in France

    Isabelle Hasquenoph

    6   Sustainable public food procurement in Spain

    José Pernas García and Ximena Lazo Vitoria

    7   Sustainable public food procurement in Brazilian schools: an obligation under and beyond the National School Feeding Programme (Programa Nacional de Almentação Escolar PNAE)

    Chiara Falvo

    8  Sustainable food procurement and universities: a participative and eco-innovative tender for the vending machines at the University of Turin

    Nadia Tecco and Egidio Dansero

    9   Sustainable public food procurement in Italy: Minimum Environmental Criteria and definitions of sustainability

    Andrea Appolloni, Wenjuan Cheng, Giorgia Masili, Daniele Binci and Mark Stein

    10  Designing and measuring sustainability and social impacts of food service

    Maurizio Mariani, Robin Gourlay and Giulia Caddeo

    11   The European “meal voucher” market and its evolution

    Maurizio Mariani


    PART II - Future scenarios for sustainable procurement of food and catering


    12  The impact of the "Farm To Fork" strategy on sustainable food and catering

    Roberto Caranta

    13    Transforming food systems: the role of public procurement 

    Marta Andhov, Sven Mikulic and Line Rise Nielsen

     14   A paradigm shift in public food service

    Maurizio Mariani


    Mark Stein is a research associate at the University of Salford, UK, where he completed his PhD on sustainable food procurement. He has decades of experience working in municipal economic development, where he supported small business development, secured external funding, promoted e-commerce and developed sustainable procurement policies.

    Maurizio Mariani is the director of the international platform Eating City. He plays an active role in international research projects that aim to promote sustainable public food services. He has co-authored several books, such as La Ville Qui Mange (2013) and City Food Policies: Securing our daily bread in an Urbanizing World (2015).

    Roberto Caranta is a professor of administrative law at the University of Turin, Italy, and coordinator of Sustainability and Procurement in International, European, and National Systems (SAPIENS) International Training Network. He is the author and editor of numerous books, including European Public Procurement: Commentary to Directive 2014/24/EU (2021).

    Yiannis Polychronakis is the Head of Supply Chains, Procurement and Project Management in Salford University, UK. Yiannis is also an engineer with extensive industrial experience and has published his empirical work in numerous prestigious international journals and conference proceedings.