Sustainable and Safe Dams Around the World / Un monde de barrages durables et sécuritaires : Proceedings of the ICOLD 2019 Symposium, (ICOLD 2019), June 9-14, 2019, Ottawa, Canada / Publications du symposium CIGB 2019, juin 9-14, 2019, Ottawa, Canada book cover
1st Edition

Sustainable and Safe Dams Around the World / Un monde de barrages durables et sécuritaires
Proceedings of the ICOLD 2019 Symposium, (ICOLD 2019), June 9-14, 2019, Ottawa, Canada / Publications du symposium CIGB 2019, juin 9-14, 2019, Ottawa, Canada

ISBN 9780367334222
Published August 20, 2019 by CRC Press
408 Pages 400 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

These proceedings include digital media with the full conference papers (3600+ pages).


Sustainable and Safe Dams Around the World contains the contributions presented at the 2019 Symposium of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD 2019, Ottawa, Canada, 9-14 June 2019). The main topics of the book include:

1. Innovation (recent advancements and techniques for investigations, design, construction, operation and maintenance of water or tailings dams and spillways)
2. Sustainable Development (planning, design, construction, operation, decommissioning and closure management strategies for water resources or tailings dams, e.g. climate change, sedimentation, environmental protection, risk management).
3. Hazards (design mitigation and management of hazards to water or tailings dams, appurtenant structures, spillways and reservoirs (e.g. floods, seismic, landslides).
4. Extreme Conditions (management for water or tailings dams (e.g. permafrost and ice loading, arid/wet climates, geo-hazards).
5. Tailings (design, construction, operation and closure for tailings dams; recent advancements and best practice) 

Sustainable and Safe Dams Around the World will be invaluable to academics and professionals interested or involved in dams.


Un monde de barrages durables et sécuritaires contiennent les contributions présentées lors du symposium de 2019 de la Commission internationale des grands barrages (CIGB 2019, Ottawa, Canada, 9-14 juin 2019). Les principaux sujets du livre incluent:

1. Innovation (Avancées et techniques récentes pour l’investigation, la conception, la construction, l’exploitation et l’entretien de barrages hydrauliques, de barrages de stériles et d’évacuateurs de crues)
2. Développement durable (stratégies de gestion pour la planification, la conception, la construction,  l’exploitation, la mise hors service et la fermeture de barrages hydrauliques ou des barrages de stériles, par exemple, changement climatique, sédimentation, protection de l’environnement, gestion des risques).
3. Risques (mesures d’atténuation et gestion des risques liés aux barrages hydrauliques et barrages de stériles, aux ouvrages annexes, aux évacuateurs de crues et aux réservoirs, par exemple, inondations, tremblements de terre,  glissements de terrain).
4. Environnement extrême (gestion des barrages hydrauliques et barrages de stériles, par exemple, pergélisol et charge de glace, climats secs / humides, géorisques).
5. Barrages de stériles (conception, construction, exploitation et fermeture des barrages de stériles; avancées récentes et meilleures pratiques). 

Un monde de barrages durables et sécuritaires seront d'une valeur inestimable pour les universitaires et les professionnels intéressés ou impliqués dans les barrages.

Table of Contents


Recent advancements and techniques for investigations, design, construction, operation and maintenance of water or tailings dams and spillways.


Avancées et techniques récentes pour l’investigation, la conception, la construction, l’exploitation et l’entretien de barrages hydrauliques, de barrages de résidus miniers et d’évacuateurs de crues.

Hydraulic modeling / Modélisation hydraulique

Design improvement of Bawanur dam spillway preserving the safety requirements
D. Stematiu, N. Sirbu & R. Cojoc

Research on flood discharge, energy dissipation, and operation mode of sluice gate for low-head and large-discharge hydropower stations
Huang Wei, Tu Chengyi & Zhou Renjie

Research and application on numerical simulation of hydraulic transients in complex water conveyance system
G.H. Li, X.R. Chen, Y.M. Chen & T.C. Zhou

Breach modelling: Why, when and how?
M. Hassan, M. Morris & C. Goff

CFD modelling of near-field dam break flow
S. Esmaeeli Mohsenabadi, M. Mohammadian, I. Nistor & H. Kheirkhah Gildeh

Canal embankment failure mechanism, breach parameters and outflow predictions
H. Kheirkhah Gildeh, P. Hosseini, H. Zhang, M. Riaz & M. Acharya

Flood retention dams with full ecological passage – recent projects in Germany
H. Haufe

Solving spillway geometry for three-dimensional flow
G.L. Coetzee & S.J. van Vuuren

Investigating high flow measurements using compound gauging structures
A.A. Maritz, P. Wessels & S.J. van Vuuren

Scouring analysis on flip bucket spillway of Cisokan Lower Dam using experimental investigation
J. Zulfan, S. Lestari & Y.E. Kumala

Innovative approach to hydraulic design and analysis for Bluestone Dam primary spillway stilling basin
D. Moses & N. Koutsunis

Design and construction of an auxiliary labyrinth spillway for an ageing dam
J. Simzer, T. Madden & B. Downing

Preparation of the Mělčany dry reservoir project
P. Řehák, P. Holý, P. Fošumpaur, T. Kašpar, M. Králík & M. Zukal

“Hydrothermal” and season based design of dual PKW - flap gate spillway at Gage Dam
F. Laugier

Design, construction and operation of offshore and onshore flood control dams in Sweden and Switzerland
S.-P. Teodori, A. Hofgaard & H. Kaspar

The redesign of a plunge pool slab for a temporary diversion due to dynamic pressures
R. Haselsteiner & A. Trifkovic

Screening level analysis of Ilisu Dam first filling impacts at Mosul Dam
M. Wygonik Kinkley

Minimizing the power swing incorporating the trifurcation system of the hydropower plant
J. Yun & K. Lim

Hydraulic design of stepped spillway using CFD supported by physical modelling: Muskrat Falls hydroelectric generating facility
J. Patarroyo, D. Damov, D. Shepherd, G. Snyder, M. Tremblay & M. Villeneuve

Predictive breach analyses for reservoir cascades
V. Stoyanova & R. Coombs

25 years of Gabcikovo Water Structure System – operation, upgrade, safety and impacts on environment
P. Panenka, M. Bakes, I. Grundova, R. Hudec, L. Koprivova & D. Volesky

Dam and spillway rehabilitation to accommodate increased design flood: Calero Dam
A.R. Firoozfar, E.T. Zapel, A.L. Strain & N.B. Adams

Performance of the complex spillway structure after gate replacement - physical modelling
M. Broucek, M. Kralik & L. Satrapa

Levee and dam breach erosion through coarser grained materials
M.W. Morris, J.R. Courivaud, R. Morán, M.Á. Toledo & C. Picault

Study of bank erosion and protection measures on Subansiri River, Assam, India
R.K. Chaudhary, V. Anand & P.C. Upadhyay

Safety assessment of underflow stilling basin with matter element modal based on hydrodynamic loads and inspection data
X. Wu, Y. Chen, H. Wang, Y. Chen, Z. Liu & H. Wang

Thermal and alkali–silica reaction – Concrete dams / Réaction thermique et RAG – Barrages en béton

FE assessment of the ASR-affected Paulo Afonso IV dam
R.V. Gorga, L.F.M. Sanchez, B. Martín-Pérez, P.L. Fecteau, A.J.C.T. Cavalcanti & P.N. Silva

Management of ASR affected spillway structures at Kafue Gorge, Zambia
E. Nordström, R. Tornberg & R. Kamanga

Assessment of frost damage in hydraulic structures using a hygro-thermo-mechanical multiphase model
D. Eriksson, R. Malm & R. Hellgren

Refurbishment of the 120 years old inlet tower on Mundaring Weir
A. Gower & B. Wark

Concrete slot cutting to mitigate AAR induced concrete growth at R.H. Saunders GS
Dehai Zhao, L. Adeghe & C. Plant

Collapse of the terminal section of the access bridge to the intake tower of the Bezid Dam
I.D. Asman, C. Ban, C. David & I. Tibuleac

Assessing the structural safety of cracked concrete dams subjected to harsh environment
R. Malm, M. Könönen, C. Bernstone & M. Persson

Study of concrete hydroelectric facilities affected by AAR using multi-physical simulation: Consideration of the ultimate limit state
M.B. Ftima, E. Yildiz & O. Abra

Thermal analysis and design features of Muskrat Falls RCC North Dam
H. Bouzaiene, T. Smith, G. Snyder, T. Chislett & J. Reid

Design of Nimoo Bazgo project in Leh-Ladakh – A case study
N. Kumar, K. Deshmukh, A. Mittal & S. Dubey

Roller compacted concrete dams / Barrages en béton compacté au rouleau

Bubbled Rolled compacted concrete dam
E.K. Mohamed & E.A. Khalil

High performing RCC and pumpable poor CVC mix design for Monti Nieddu Dam (Italy)
T. Adamo, V. Aiello, S. Bonanni, R. Collarelli, F. D’Angeli & C. Rollo

Design and implementation of RCC gravity dam in HD project
Yang Yiwen, Deng Liangjun, Hu Lingzhi & Xiang Hong

Tallest RCC gravity dam in Lao PDR - need for high speed and solutions adopted at the Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower
Y. Aosaka, T. Seoka & S. Tsutsui

Changes in forty-year-old concrete: Some observations regarding the Itaipu dam
C. Neumann Jr, E.F. Faria & A.C.P. Santos

Experiences for construction of RCC Dams in Sri Lanka (case study Uma Oya Project)
H. Mahdiloutorkamani

Muskrat Falls North Dam – Overcoming the challenges of placing RCC in an extreme environment
T.P. Dolen, D. Protulipac, T. Chislett, R. Power, J. Reid & J. O’Brien

Design aspects of the highest run of the river barrage on permeable foundation of India
B. Joshi, R.K. Dubey & M. Kumar

RCC knowledge: How specific test can help to evaluate the real behavior of material and a better design of RCC dams
E. Schrader, P. Mastrofini, R. Saccone & F. Surico

Special solutions for mass concrete mixing aggregate handling (cooling & heating) for RCC dams
R. Kletsch & S.J. Hegy

Design and numerical modelling of concrete dams / Conception et modélisation numérique des barrages en béton

Best practice in preparing procurement specifications for dam protection gates
R. Digby & K. Grubb

Design and operational safety of ultra-deep buried large headrace tunnels of Jinping II hydropower station in China
Chunsheng Zhang, Xiangrong Chen, Futing Sun, Yang Zhang, Feng Wang & Xiaohong Zheng

The design of the Alto Tâmega dam in Portugal. A 106 m high double curvature arch dam
F. Hernando, C. Granell & C. Baena

Diversion tunnel orifices for energy dissipation during reservoir filling at Site C
J. Bruce, J. Croockewit, F. Yusuf, J. Nunn & A. Watson

3-D-FE models for stability analysis of concrete dams – challenges and solutions
K. Aldermann, U. Beetz & B. Tönnis

Biscarrués. The first hardfill dam in Spain
C. Granell, A. Duque, J.L. Sanchez & L.J. Ruiz

Influence of unbalanced reinforcement of abutments on long term deformation of Lijiaxia Arch Dam
W. Liu, J. Pan, J. Wang & F. Jin

Detailed investigations and finite element analysis of Idukki dam in India
V.V. Arora, B. Singh, P. Narayan & B.K. Patra

Safe design and operation of spillway gates under extreme conditions – Cold climate
P. Bennerstedt & A. Halvarsson

Concrete assessment and service life extension planning for Morris Sheppard Dam
S.S. Vaghti, M. McClendon & G.S. Lund

Dams in 3D: The importance of considering three-dimensional response of gravity dams
S.L. Jones, A. Jacobs & L. Martin

Computation of safety margins of a cracked dam considering drainage efficiency in a coupled hydro-mechanical model
S.-N. Roth & P. Léger

Assessment of apparent cohesion at dam-rock interfaces through multiscale modeling
S. Renaud, T. Saichi, N. Bouaanani & B. Miquel

Reducing generation loss - operating with ice and debris on the Upper Mississippi River
B. Holman, A. Judd & A. Peters

Blockage of driftwood and resulting head increase upstream of an ogee spillway with piers
P. Furlan, M. Pfister, J. Matos & A.J. Schleiss

Design aspect of a dam without joint – Chamera-III Power Station
S. Chowdhury, N. Kumar, Y.K. Chaubey & S.C. Joshi

Design of embankment dams / Conception des barrages en remblai

Seepage analysis and control of core-wall rockfill dam and underground powerhouse caverns in Shuangjiangkou hydropower station, China
B. Duan, Z.H. He, J. Yan, J.J. Yan & X.C. Peng

Small embankment dams – benefits and problems
J. Říha

Hydro-TISAR and Hydro-SEEP – innovative geophysical techniques for dam safety investigations
D. Campos Halas, J.L. Arsenault, B. McClement & M. Situm

Refurbishment of Ontario Power Generation’s Sir Adam Beck Pump Generating Station reservoir, Niagara Falls – Design
S. Kam, F. Barone, M. Aydin & T. Bennett

Feedback on the innovative spillway for Crotty Dam – 25 years of performance data
R. Herweynen & P. Southcott

Jimmie Creek run-of-river project – geohazard and seepage control design of intake structure
E. de A. Gimenes & R. Norman

The failure of homogeneous dams by internal erosion – the case of Sparmos Dam, Greece
G.T. Dounias & M.E. Bardanis

Impact of variable foundation conditions on the design of the Itare Asphalt Core Rockfill Dam (ACRD) in Kenya
L. Lopez-Ortiz, J. Bekker, D.B. Badenhorst & C.R. Fynn

Designing the grain-size distribution of reverse filters
I.N. Belkova, E.D. Gibyanskaya & V.B. Glagovsky

Measures to prevent internal erosion in embankment dams
A. Soroush & P. Tabatabaie Shourijeh

Underwater visualization for asset management and risk mitigation of dams
K.J. LaBry

ICOLD Bulletin 164 on internal erosion – how to estimate the loads causing internal erosion failures in earth dams and levees
R. Bridle

Case histories of tailings dam and reservoir waterproofed with a bituminous geomembrane (BGM)
N. Daly & B. Breul

Application of Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) as supporting technology for monitoring cracks at Bening Dam, East Java, Indonesia
N. Sadikin

Construction of diversion culverts on compressible foundations – Large Earthfill Dams
M. Safavian

Numerical modeling of embankment dams / Modélisation numérique des barrages en remblai

Reliability-based safety factors for earth dam stability calculations
G. Molinder, I. Ekström, R. Malm & J. Yang

Dynamic reliability analysis of earth dam’s slope stability
S. Mousavi & A. Noorzad

Global sensitivity analysis in the design of rockfill dams
R. Das & A. Soulaïmani

Considering geosynthetic-reinforced piled embankments as Cemented Material Dam (CMD) foundation
A. Noorzad, E. Badakhshan & A. Bouazza

Sustainable design considerations in the construction of earth dams: Case study of “Yammoune” earth dam (Lebanon)
A. Barada, H. Haidar & J. Halwani

Numerical modelling of construction and impoundment of the Romaine-2 Asphaltic Core Rockfill Dam (Québec, Canada)
R. Plassart, F. Laigle, H. Longtin & E. Péloquin

Comparison of cracks and settlements in Givi Dam body in two periods, before and after earthquake (case study, Givi Dam, Iran)
A. Negahdar, R. Eshragi & H. Negahdar

Dam foundation and geology / Géologie et fondation des barrages

Mechanical characteristics of class-I columnar jointed basalt of Baihetan hydropower station
L.Q. Li, J.R. Xu, Y.L. Jiang, H.M. Zhou & Y.H. Zhang

Challenges in engineering of Pare dam on weak foundation
A. Mehta, D.V. Thareja & V. Batta

Innovative 3D ground models for complex hydropower projects
J. Weil, I. Pöschl & J. Kleberger

A story telling, dam stability issue and design review, a plea for early empirical geological/ geotechnical assessment of adverse conditions in foundation
J.B.O. Adewumi, T. Genton, L. Frobert & E.O. Ajayi

Stabilization of abutments for dam safety: A case of Punatsangchhu-I dam with adverse geology
R.K. Gupta & V. Tripathi

Développement de nouveaux coulis cimentaires pour l’injection des fondations en milieu froid
K. Champagne, G. Touma & A. Yahia

Instrumentation / Instrumentation

Research and practice on key technologies of intelligent construction and operation of cascade hydropower stations in the river basin
Y.J. Tu & B. Duan

Recent remote underwater surveys: Advances in methods and technologies for structural assessments of dams and spillways
K.W. Sherwood

Dam monitoring flaws and performance issues: Some thoughts and recommendations
M.G. de Membrillera, R. Gómez & M. De la Fuente

Reservoir Safety System (RSS) V2.0: A highly automated platform for managing the operation of reservoirs
K. Murray, L. Mason & T. Judge

“regObs”, a tool to share observations in safety management
P.H. Hiller, G.H. Midttømme & R. Ekker

The need for instrumentation; experiences on irrigation dams of Ethiopia
Y.K. Hassen & M. Abebe

Dam operation support system utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Y. Hida, H. Takiguchi, K. Kudo & M. Abe

Lessons learned in application of automated monitoring systems on hydraulic structures in Slovakia
M. Minarik, T. Meszaros, L. Tulak & E. Bednarova

Updating the dam safety instrumentation systems of concrete gravity dams: A case study from the Kootenay River, British Columbia, Canada
A.I. Bayliss, L. Hurlbut, A. Hughes, P. Hamlyn & G. Johnston

Fiber optic temperature sensors in under-documented dams
M.C.L. Quinn, C. Engel, T. Coleman, S. Johansson & C.D.P. Baxter



Planning, design, construction, operation, decommissioning and closure management strategies for water resources or tailings dams, e.g. climate change, sedimentation, environmental protection, risk management.


Stratégies de gestion pour la planification, la conception, la construction, l’exploitation, la mise hors service et la fermeture de barrages hydrauliques ou des barrages de résidus miniers, par exemple, changement climatique, sédimentation, protection de l’environnement, gestion des risques.

Sedimentation / Sédimentation

Research on risk assessment of sediment depositing at the deep intakes of reservoir dams
C. Jiang, J.B. Sheng & L.R. Fan

The study on optimization of sediment flushing efficiency from cascade reservoirs as mitigation to the secondary impact of volcanic hazard
P.T. Juwono, F. Hidayat, R.V. Ruritan, A. Rianto & M. Taufiqurrachman

Experimental study on effective sediment channel with reservoir topography and morphology
Y. Kitamura, T. Ishino & T. Okada

Study on water diversion and sediment control of diversion type hydropower station downstream of high dam with large reservoir
Xiangrong Chen, Hongliang Sun, Yimin Chen & Fei Yang

Turbidity control and sediment management using sluicing tunnel at hydropower dam
H. Okumura, C. Onda, T. Satoh & T. Sumi

Sediment management plan in Sakawa River – the results of the first phase
Y. Fukuda, R. Akita & K. Doke

Study on siltation downstream of sluice and risk response measures regarding building sluice on Jiao River
L.H. Gao, L. Ouyang & X.D. Zhao

Filling with sediment of the reservoir “Shpilje”
S. Milevski

Sediment replenishment as a measure to enhance river habitats in a residual flow reach downstream of a dam
S. Stähly, A.J. Schleiss, M.J. Franca & C.T. Robinson

Sustainable sediment management of small capacity Pandoh dam reservoir of Beas Satluj Link Project
D.K. Sharma

Morphological modelling of sediment-induced problems at a cascade system of hydropower projects in hilly region of Nepal
S. Giri, A. Omer, P. Mool & Y. Kitamura

Sustainable dams in vital river systems – relevance of sediment balance
L. Bolsenkötter, J. Küppers & R. Lothmann

Sediment management of Nathpa Dam from heavy silt in river Satluj (India)
V.K. Thakur

Study on the sediment discharge regulation of the Xiaolangdi reservoir during flood season
W. Ting, W. Yuanjian, Q. Shaojun, L. Xiaoping & D. Shentang

Theoretical framework of dynamic game-theory model for water and sediment allocation between cascade reservoirs and lower channel
X. Wang, Y. Wang & E. Jiang

Reservoir operation of Mangdechhu project and safety of the structure
B. Joshi, N. Kumar, K. Deshmukh, R. Baboota & M. Mishra

Change in river basin morphology due to climate change led extreme flood event
D.V. Singh & R.K. Vishnoi

Bener Dam as the management efforts of Bogowonto Watershed
M. Yushar Yahya Alfarobi

Climate change and environmental issues / Changements climatiques et environnement

Impact of Tibet Xianghe water conservancy project to the black-necked crane and protection measures
Xuhang Wang, Gaojin Xu, Jian Guo, Jiayue Shi, Le Yang & Ning Miao

Comparison of reproducibility of water temperature and water temperature stratification formation by different methods in dam reservoir water quality prediction model
F. Kimura, T. Kitamura, Y. Tsuruta, T. Kanayama, R. Kikuchi, Y. Kitamura, T. Morikawa, Y. Okada, Y. Fukuda, T. Shoji, A. Mieno, T. Suzuki & M. Kobayashi

Development of a prediction model used in measures for reducing mold odor in dam reservoirs
Y. Okada, K. Shima, K. Okabe, N. Arakawa, Y. Watabe, M. Hongou & H. Kushibiki

Integrating climate change impacts in the valuation of hydroelectric assets
K. Pineault, E. Fournier, A. Lamy, A. Hannart & R. Arsenault

Effects of a salt-contained formation on Gotvand Reservoir, an overview on a 7-year monitoring
A. Zia, H. Hassani & N. Kamjou

Potential effects of the soluble formation of Gachsaran on reservoir water quality of Persian Dam reservoir
N. Tavoosi, A. Farokhnia & F. Hooshyaripor

Water quality management of an artificial lake, case study: The lake of the Martyrs of the Persian Gulf
J. Bayat, S.H. Hashemi, M. Zolfagharian, A. Emam & E.Z. Nooshabadi

The study on the impetus mechanism into resettlement due to reservoirs in China – the analyses based on WDD hydropower station’s immigration
S. Yanguang

Greenhouse gas emissions from newly-created boreal hydroelectric reservoirs of La Romaine complex in Québec, Canada
M. Demarty, C. Deblois, A. Tremblay & F. Bilodeau

Monitoring of water quality and planktonic production in Romaine estuary, three years after impoundment
M. Demarty, C. Deblois & A. Tremblay

Numerical simulation of sea water intrusion due to partial gate opening of the Nakdong Estuary Dam
Kyung Soo Jun, Jin Hwan Hwang & Dong Hyeon Kim

Water management / Gestion de l’eau

Analyzing the water supply effect of Three Gorges Reservoir on Dongting Lake during the dry season
L.Q. Dai, H.C. Dai, H.B. Liu, Z.Y. Tang & Y. Xu

Flexible approaches to maximum supply water level of multi-purpose dams
M. Möller & W. Thiele

Sustainability of water resources development: A case study from the southwest of Iran
A. Heidari

Practice and optimization of the flood control operation mode for the Three Gorges Project
S. Li, Y. Gao, L. Xing & H. Wang

Analysis of joint optimization scheduling rules for Jinsha River cascade and Yalong River cascade
Zhang Hairong, Tang Zhengyang, Li Peng, Ren Yufeng & Liang Zhiming

Unknown DPRK’s dam water level analysis applying artificial intelligence and machine learning method
J.B. Park, S.H. Lee & S.J. Kim

A study on water level management criteria of reservoir failure alert system
B. Lee & B.H. Choi

Optimal water resources allocation and water supply risk assessment under changing environment in the Mid-lower Hanjiang River Basin, China
X. Hong, L. Zhang, Y. Huang, Q. Zou, R. Zhang, X. He, L. Wang & X. Hong

Operation of large Norwegian hydropower reservoirs after quantifying the downstream flood control benefits
B. Glover & K.L. Walløe

The method for increasing the waterpower generation by using the storage volume for flood control in the multipurpose dams
H. Takeuchi, T. Ikeda, S. Nagasawa & S. Tada

National census on river and dam environments in Japan and utilization for appropriate dam management using the results
T. Osugi, E. Akashi, K. Yamaguchi, H. Kanazawa & M. Nishikawa

The role of sreamflow forecast horizon in real-time reservoir operation
K. Gavahi, S.J. Mousavi & K. Ponnambalam

Assessment of increase in bed level of Ghazi-Barotha reservoir
K. Munir & M. Zain

Multipurpose water uses of reservoirs in Slovenia
N. Smolar-Žvanut, J. Meljo, N. Kodre & T. Prohinar

Reestimation of flood control storage and fixing an optimum spill
A.K. Paul

Performance and monitoring of concrete dams / Comportement et surveillance des barrages en béton

Application of Laser Doppler Vibrometry in dam health monitoring
M. Klun, D. Zupan, J. Lopatič & A. Kryžanowski

A guideline for ageing management of post-tensioning tendons for dam owners
P. Lundqvist, C. Bernstone, A. Marklund & C.-O. Nilsson

Measurement of in situ stresses in the concrete of the Cahora Bassa dam
L. Lamas, J.P. Gomes, A.L. Batista, E.F. Carvalho & B. Matsinhe

Evaluating the operational safety of an old run-of-river power plant
J.P. Laasonen

Structural health monitoring of a buttress dam using digital image correlation
C. Popescu, G. Sas & B. Arntsen

Guideline for structural safety in cracked concrete dams
E. Nordström, R. Malm, M. Hassanzadeh, T. Ekström & M. Janz

Investigation of repeated penstock weld ruptures – Case study
C. Sparkes, G. Saunders & M. Pyne

Maintenance management in hydropower project: Safety aspects in Shiroro dam project in focus
E. Imo & M. Aminu

Construction and rehabilitation of concrete dams / Construction et réhabilitation des barrages en béton

Restoring treatment engineering on the soleplate of stilling basin of Ankang hydropower station
Liu Dianhai, Wang Jue, Ding Jinghuan & Yang Liu

Anti – seepage technology and defect treatment measures of pumped storage power station
Lei Xianyang, Xiong Yanmei, Chen Xiangrong & Sun Tanjian

Rehabilitation works of Minab Dam spillway
M. Sadri Omshi, A. Amini & F. Manouchehri Dana

Underwater technologies for rehabilitation of dams: Studena case history
A.M. Scuero & G.L. Vaschetti

Safety by design – the new intake at John Hart generating station project
A.V. Maiorov, A. Kartawidjaja & K. Gdela

Development and application of various new technologies for construction of Yamba Dam
T. Hiratsuka, N. Yamashita & T. Kase

The application of Rubble Masonry Concrete (RMC) construction for African dams and small hydropower projects
R. Greyling, E. Scherman & S. Mottram

Dams in Angola, reconstruction of the Matala dam
C.J.C. Pontes & P. Portugal

Långströmmen Dam Safety – best practice project, an additional new spillway with an emergency radial gate and 2.5 km earth-fill dam enlargement
P. Kotrba, C. Sjöberg & P. Bylander

Geomembrane sealing systems for rehabilitation and upgrading concrete dams
D. Cankoski

Acaray generating station life extension and modernization studies
D. Flores, A. Bridgeman, F. Welt, J. Aveiro, D. Benítez & J. Vallejos

Construction and rehabilitation of embankment dams / Construction et réhabilitation des barrages en remblai

Challenging conditions in the design and construction of Puah Dam in Malaysia
M. Afif & H. Fries

Innovations in drawoff works replacement
A. Bush, B. Cotter, A.L. Warren & C.E. Woollcombe-Adams

Kangaroo Creek Dam upgrade – A balanced approach to the design of upgrade works
P.A. Maisano, J.P. Buchanan & M.B. Barker

Refurbishment of Ontario Power Generation’s Sir Adam Beck Pump Generating Station reservoir, Niagara Falls – Construction execution
P. Merry, B. Andruchow, V. Rombough & P. Toth

Retour d’expérience sur les mélanges chaux/ciment dans les écrans « deep soil mixing » des levées de la Loire
S. Patouillard, L. Saussaye, F. Mathieu, A. Le Kouby & R. Tourment

Small earth dam failure in Burkina Faso: The case of the Koumbri dam
A. Nacanabo & M. Kaboré

Radius analysis of the distribution mixture of sodium silicate Portland cement grouting material on various types soil of dam foundation
B. Risharnanda, S. Soegiarto, S. Purwaningsih & A.G. Majdi

Investigation and monitoring of embankment dams / Investigation et surveillance des barrages en remblai

Empirical shear stiffness of embankment dams
D.S. Park, D.-H. Shin & S.-B. Jo

Internal settlement measurements of the Romaine-3 rockfill dam
M. Smith & J. Brien

Study on the deformation of 200 m concrete face rockfill dam in deep foundation of narrow valley in Houziyan
Fuhai Yao & Xing Chen

Analysis of leakage water sources around dam using water analysis
Jae-Seok Ha, Bong-Gu Cho, Jung-Ryeol Jang & Jung-Ju Bea

Vegetation control on embankment dams as a part of remediation work
L. Demers, S. Doré-Richard & D. Verret

The North Spur story: Two years later
R. Bouchard, A. Rattue, J. Reid & G. Snyder

Means and methods of evaluating subsurface conditions and project performance at Mosul Dam
G. Hlepas & V. Bateman

Investigation and treatment of buried channels in river valley projects in Himalayas
N. Kumar, I. Sayeed, R.C. Sharma & A. Chakraborty

Spillways / Évacuateurs de crues

“You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”
P. Schweiger, R. Kline, S. Burch & S.R. Walker

Effect of boundary layer conditions on uplift pressures at open offset spillway joints
T.L. Wahl

The challenge of securing a concrete lined spillway founded on weak fractured rock containing active aquifer layers
D. Ryan, P. Foster & B. Wark

High resolution spillway monitoring: Towards better erodibility models (and benchmarking spillway performance)
M.F. George

Avoiding rock erosion in the discharge channel of the Péribonka spillway
C. Correa & M. Quirion

Determining geomechanical parameters controlling the hydraulic erodibility of rock in unlined spillways
L. Boumaiza, A. Saeidi & M. Quirion

Dam safety / Sécurité des barrages

Consequences of flooding: Comparing different quantitative methods for estimating Loss of Life (LOL)
J. Perdikaris, W. Kettle & R. Zhou

Regulating dams in Canada’s nuclear industry
G. Su & G. Groskopf

Dam safety surveillance innovation - online remote supervision
S.J. Wang, J.H. Yan & C.B. Ge

Safety vs wildlife: Managing conflicting interests during dam projects in the UK
T.A. Williamson & P. Wells

Development of new simulator for training of dam operation and its future outlook
K. Tamura & S. Kano

Necessity of a new public safety program around dams in Korea
D.H. Shin & D.S. Park

Study on disaster mitigation measures and emergency management of reservoir dams in strong earthquake region
Peng Lin

Application of mechanical facilities support system using tablet terminals for dam management
T. Yoshida, Y. Matsumoto & K. Sasaki

Multifactorial studies for management of operating life of hydroelectric power plants
I.V. Kaliberda

Using maturity matrices to evaluate a dam safety program and improve practices
R. Knott & L. Smith

Oroville in retrospect: What needs to change?
S.J. Rigbey & D.N.D. Hartford

A case for innovation in establishing policies, practices and standards for dam safety
D.N.D. Hartford

Toward effective emergency action plan of a dam by using a network analysis
B.-H. Choi & B. Lee

Dam safety framework for decision-making and asset portfolio management
T. Salloum & S. Alrhieh

Lessons learned from dam failures and incidents due to spillway malfunctions
F. Bacchus, F. Champiré, L. Deroo, F. Lempérière & M. Poupart

Importance of emergency management programs for dams and hydropower projects – Canadian perspective and Nepalese context
M. Acharya, C.R. Donnelly, J. Groeneveld, J.H. Rutherford, T. Bennett & A. McAllister

Design, construction and operation safety of a reinforced soil dam
A. Maita

Safety measures for earth dams on basis of instrumentation data, dam site location and reservoir volume
F. Jafarzadeh, A. Akbari Garakani, J. Maleki & M. Banikheir

Investigation and assessment of interfaces with earthen levees
J. Simm, M. Roca Collell, J. Flikweert, R. Tourment, C. Neutz & P. van Steeg

A consequence-based tailings dam safety framework
J. Herza, M. Ashley, J. Thorp & A. Small

Risk tolerability criteria in dam safety – what is missing?
P. Zielinski

Challenges and needs for dams in the 21st century
H. Blohm & L. Deroo

New guidelines and processes for development of additional water storage in the U.S.
B.N. Dwyer & K.J. Ranney

Classification of Itaipu and Three Gorges dams according to criteria of Brazilian and Chinese government agencies
C. Wenbo, F. Huachao, S.F. Matos, E.F. Faria & M. Gayoso

Emergency plans for large dams of hydroenergy sector in Albania
A. Jovani & E. Qosja

Risk / Aléa

Development of an agile risk management paradigm for under-operation hydropower dams
S. Yousefi, M. Rahbari & N. Kheyrkhah

Incorporation of a time-dependent risk analysis approach to dam safety management
J. Fluixá-Sanmartín, A. Morales-Torres, L. Altarejos-García & I. Escuder-Bueno

Integrated hydrological risk analysis for hydropower projects
T.H. Bakken, D. Barton & J. Charmasson

Analysis of the probability of failure of the Moste Dam
P. Žvanut

Dam portfolio risk management: What we learned from analyzing seven dams owned by the Regional Government of Extremadura (Spain)
M. Setrakian-Melgonian, I. Escuder-Bueno, J.T. Castillo-Rodríguez, A. Morales-Torres & D. Simarro-Rey

Hazard management of Nathpa Dam (India) from Parechu lake in Tibet
V.K. Thakur

Understanding risk communication approaches for dam related disasters
E. Yasui

Simulation supported Bayesian network for estimating failure probabilities of dams
K. Ponnambalam, A. El-Awady, S. Jamshid Mousavi & A. Seifi

Conditional flood risk management
B. Kolen, M. Zethof & B.I. Thonus

Méthode et outil de calcul de l’aléa de rupture des digues de protection contre les inondations appliqués à la Loire
S. Patouillard, S. Braud, E. Durand, B. Bridoux & R. Tourment

A risk-informed approach to justify dam safety improvements
A.R. Firoozfar, K.C. Moen, B. McGoldrick & A.N. Jones

Risk management of new hydropower dams on the White Nile Cascade – A case study of Isimba & Karuma Hydropower Dams in Uganda
W. Manirakiza, F. Wasike, N.A. Rugaba, J. Sempewo, H.E. Mutikanga & L. Spasic-Gril

In praise of monitoring and the Observational Method for increased dam safety
S. Lacasse & K. Höeg

Bayesian Network approach for failure prediction of Mountain Chute dam and generating station
A. El-Awady, K. Ponnambalam, T. Bennett, A. Zielinski & A. Verzobio

Scaling risk assessment methods and approaches – From over 200 dams to site-specific studies
J.A. Quebbeman & S.K. Carney

Design of hydropower scheme / Conception d’aménagement hydroélectrique

Current investment in dam construction in Indonesia, forward-looking decisions
A. Assegaf

Construction spillway over whole area downstream of CFRD for climate change
J.B. Park, S.J. Kim & S.H. Lee

Unexpected risks and work experience in construction of HPP’s cascade on the Grande-de-Santiago River, Mexico
A. Kozyrev, A. Lashin, I. Uskov & V. Uskov

Site C Clean Energy Project, design overview
A.D. Watson, G.W. Stevenson & A. Hanna

Small historic dams made safe
D.E. Neeve & M. Jenkins

Role of dams and levees in the flood risk management in Romania
A. Abdulamit

Un barrage en milieu aride
L. Deroo, A. Tardieu & N. Ouchar

Selection of dam type for Luapula hydropower site at Mumbotuta site CX
M. Simainga, R. Mukuka, M. Muamba & L. Engendjo


Theme 3 – HAZARDS

Hazards (design, mitigation and management of hazards to water or tailings dams, appurtenant structures, spillways and reservoirs (e.g. floods, seismic, landslides).

Thème 3 – RISQUES

Mesures d’atténuation et gestion des risques liés aux barrages hydrauliques et barrages de résidus miniers, aux ouvrages annexes, aux évacuateurs de crues et aux réservoirs, par exemple, inondations, tremblements de terre, glissements de terrain.

Seismic analysis of concrete dams / Analyse sismique des barrages en béton

Seismic safety evaluation of Tekeze arch dam
A. Aman, T. Mammo & M. Wieland

Design check of a river diversion inlet subjected to induced earthquake
F. Vulliet & M. Chapdelaine

Seismic assessment of a dam-foundation-reservoir system using Endurance Time Analysis
J.W. Salamon, M.A. Hariri-Ardebili, H.E. Estekanchi & M.R. Mashayekhi

Analytical study on effects of fracture energy for crack propagation in arch dam during large earthquake
H. Sato, M. Kondo, T. Sasaki, H. Hiramatsu & H. Kojima

Towards reliability based safety assessment of gated spillways subjected to severe loadings
R. Leclercq & P. Léger

Effect of joints behavior on seismic safety of concrete arch dams
A. Noorzad, A. Daneshyar & M. Ghaemian

A new approach for dynamic analysis of concrete gravity dam-foundation-reservoir system using different assumptions of foundation
A. Noorzad, P. Sotoudeh & M. Ghaemian

Dynamic analysis of a Piano Key Weir situated on concrete dams
M. Kashiwayanagi, Z. Cao & T. Oohashi

Comparative analysis of observed and estimated PGA for Himalayan earthquakes
S.L. Kapil & P. Khanna

The effect of radiation damping on seismic sliding stability of gravity dams
S. Guo, H. Liang, D. Li & A. Zhang

Seismic failure mechanism and safety evaluation of high arch dam-foundation system under MCE
D. Li, J. Tu, S. Guo & L. Wang

Vibration analysis due to frequent spilling over hollow buttress Chenderoh Dam sector gate spillway
M.R.M. Radzi, M.H. Zawawi, L.M. Sidek, M.H.M. Ghazali & A.Z.A. Mazlan

Comparative seismic performance of dams in Canada and China using numerical analysis and shake table testing
S. Li, S. Alam, A.S. Issa, T. Alam & R. Austin

Assessment of seismic design response spectra for Binaloud dam and pumped-storage project
S. Soleymani, A. Mahdavian, H.R. Bayati & H. Bahrami

Topographic amplification on hilly terrain under oblique incident waves
Z.W. Chen, D. Huang, G. Wang & F. Jin

Design of seismic reinforcement by post-tensioned anchors in Senbon Dam
H. Kawasaki, S. Ishifuji & H. Fukumoto

Junction and Clover Dams: Risk-based seismic evaluation of two slab-and-buttress dams
S.L. Jones, P.E. O’Brien, S. Hughes & D.D. Christopher

The use of Ambient Vibration Monitoring in the behavioral assessment of an arch dam with gravity flanks and limited surveillance records
L. Hattingh, P. Moyo, S. Shaanika, M. Mutede, B. le Roux & C. Muir

State of the art nonlinear seismic analysis of an arch dam
G.S. Sooch, D.D. Curtis & M. Likavec

Nonlinear seismic analysis of an existing arch dam under intense earthquake
G.S. Sooch & D.D. Curtis

Spillway gate-reservoir interaction under earthquakes
N. Bouaanani, C. Gazarian-Pagé & JF. Masse

Modal identification of Karun 4 arch dam using ambient vibration tests
R. Tarinejad, M. Damadipour, H. Golmohammadi & K. Falsafian

DamQuake: More than just a database, a powerful tool to analyze and compare earthquake records on dams
E. Robbe & N. Humbert

Seismic analysis of embankment dams / Analyse sismique des barrages en remblai

Seismic analysis of Narmab earth dam and optimization of its parameters using cuckoo
S.R. Anisheh, S.A. Anisheh & S.H. Anisheh

Earthquake-induced cracking evaluation of embankment dams
L. Mejia & E. Dawson

Seismic design aspects and first reservoir impounding of Rudbar Lorestan rockfill dam
M. Wieland & H. Roshanomid

Key technologies on the harnessing project of Hongshiyan Barrier Lake on Niulan River triggered by the 2014 Ludian earthquake
Z. Zang, K. Cheng & Z. Yang

Modified equivalent linear analysis of the Aratozawa dam subjected to the 2008 Miyagi earthquake
Z. Kteich, P. Labbé, M. Kham, V. Alves Fernandes & P. Kolmayer

Site effect study of Denis-Perron Rockfill Dam
D. Verret, E. Péloquin & D. LeBoeuf

Passive seismic interferometry’s state-of-the-art – a literature review
C.T. Rodrigues, A.Q. de Paula, T.R. Corrêa, C.S. Sebastião, O.V. Costa, G.G. Magalhães & L.D. Santana

Geohazards / Géo-risques

A large landslide, a reservoir and a small inspection gallery – a risk assessment, based on a well-designed instrumentation
F. Landstorfer, A. Blauhut & E. Wagner

Diversion tunnels – risk management confronting multiple hazards
W. Riemer & K. Thermann

A multi-disciplinary approach to active fault rupture risk characterization: 3D geological modelling of the Willunga fault, Mt Bold Dam, South Australia
S.R. Macklin, Z. Terzic, J.F. Barter, P. Buchanan & M. Quigley

The 2014 Ludian co-seismic landslide dam (Yunnan, China): Transformation from high hazard to dual purpose water conservancy and hydropower project
S.G. Evans, Jing Luo, Xiangjun Pei & Runqiu Huang

Review of the mudflow incident at Kafue Gorge Power Station and lessons learnt
M. Silwembe & A. Mutawa

Study on temporal and spatial distribution characteristics of seismic activities in Shanxi Reservoir, China
X.X. Zeng, T.G. Chang & X. Hu

Machine learning to predict landslide displacement in dam reservoir
B.B. Yang, K.L. Yin, Z.Q. Liu & S. Lacasse

Seasonal and spatial variation of seismic activity due to groundwater fluctuation in South Korea
Suk-Hwan Jang, Kyoung-Doo Oh, Jae-Kyoung Lee & Jun-Won Jo



Management for water or tailings dams (e.g. permafrost and ice loading, arid/wet climates, geo-hazards).


Gestion des barrages hydrauliques et barrages de résidus miniers, par exemple, pergélisol et charge de glace, climats secs / humides, géorisques.

Protection / Protection

Riprap upgrade at WAC Bennett Dam in Canada
G. Wu, K. Wellburn, M. Lawrence, F. Sadeque & L. Yan

Modelling of the ice load on a Swedish concrete dam using semi-empirical models based on Canadian ice load measurements
R. Hellgren, R. Malm & D. Eriksson

Restoration of the upstream slope face of the Itaipu Binacional Rockfill Dam—procedures and characterization of materials
J. Patias, P.C. de Oliveira, D.O. Fernandes, D.P. Coelho & E.F. de Faria

Measurement of static ice loads on dams, with varied water level
A.B. Foss, L. Lia & B. Arntsen

Protection of embankments and banks against action caused by oscillatory wind waves
M. Spano

River management challenges during construction of large hydropower projects in cold climates
J. Malenchak, D. Damov, J. Groeneveld, G. Snyder & S. O‘Brien

Multi-purpose permanent booms – Design approach and past experience
R. Abdelnour & E. Abdelnour

Hydrology / Hydrologie

Integrated watershed modeling to support dam safety studies
J. Perdikaris, W. Kettle & R. Zhou

Applying CFD analysis to scouring river bed caused by discharge flow from the dam and estimating effectiveness of some countermeasures
K. Hirao, F. Watanabe, S. Ohmori, T. Tsukada & T. Kurose

Improving prediction of river-basin precipitation by assimilating every-10-minute all-sky Himawari-8 infrared satellite radiances – a case of Typhoon Malakas (2016)
S. Takino, T. Tsukada, T. Honda & T. Miyoshi

Design flood calculation using Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) data
A. Mayangsari & W. Adidarma

An inundation event due to the unbalance of hydraulic design scales of a dam and the downstream levee
Sangho Lee & Yougkyu Jin

Hurricane Harvey rainfall, did it exceed PMP and what are the implications
B. Kappel

PMP estimation for mine tailings dams in data limited regions
B. Kappel

Hydrological modelling of ungauged catchments —a case study of the Lower Kariba Catchment
B.B. Mwangala

Sensitivity of Probable Maximum Flood estimates: Climate change, modelling, and adaptation
K. Sagan, K. Koenig, P. Slota & T. Stadnyk

Risk assessment on Bribin underground dam, focusing on the effects of Cempaka tropical cyclone 2017, Indonesia
V. Ariyanti & E.A. Frebrianto

Etude de régularisation du réservoir du barrage de Guitti
M. Kaboré & A. Nombré

Revisiting Creager flood peak-drainage area relationship using a Bayesian quantile regression approach
Jin-Guk Kim, Yong-Tak Kim, Young-Il Moon & Hyun-Han Kwon

Identifying the role of temperature for extreme rainfalls and floods over South Korea
Sumiya Uranchimeg, Woo-Sik Ban & Seung-Oh Lee

Impact of climate change on the flow regime and operation of reservoirs – A case study of Bhakra and Pong dams
D.K. Sharma

Climate change and waterpower – Reducing the impacts and adapting to a new reality
C.R. Donnelly, S. Bohrn, S. McGeachie & J. Groeneveld

Australian experience with application of Monte Carlo approach to extreme flood estimation
D.A. Stephens, M.J. Scorah, P.I. Hill & R.J. Nathan


Theme 5 – TAILINGS

Design, construction, operation and closure for tailings dams; recent advancements and best practice.


Conception, construction, exploitation et fermeture des barrages de stériles; avancées récentes et meilleures pratiques. Innovation in dams screening level risk assessment
F. Oboni, C. Oboni & R. Morin

Minimising the risk of tailings dams failures with remote sensing data
C. Goff, O. Gimeno, G. Petkovsek & M. Roca

Drainage and consolidation of mine tailings near waste rock inclusions
F. Saleh-Mbemba, M. Aubertin & G. Boudrias

Tailings dam operator training – 10 years on
D.M. Brett & M. Rankin

Safeguard embankment dam safety
R.C. Lo

Reducing the long term risk and enhancing the closure of tailings impoundments
A. Adams, C. Hall & K. Brouwer

Design and operating challenges at a TSF in a high altitude, desert setting in China
B.P. Wrench, F.W. Gassner & M. Platts

Static liquefaction analysis of the Fundão dam failure
G.A. Riveros & A. Sadrekarimi

Risk mitigation by conceptual design of a tandem of tailings dams
D. Stematiu & R. Sarghiuta

Application status and development trend of tailings pond on-line monitoring system in China
X. Liu, H. Zhou & J. Su

Research and development of real-time monitoring systems for mine tailings dams
L. Charlebois, S. Hui & C. Sun

Enhancement of contractive tailings using deep soil mixing technique at Kittilä mine
E. Masengo, M.R. Julien, P. Lavoie, T. Lépine, J. Nousiainen, J. Saukkoriipi, M. Piekkari & J. Karvo

Application of simplified/empirical framework to estimate runout from tailings dam failures
M. De Stefano, G. Nadarajah & D. Bleiker

Development of a preliminary risk assessment tool for a portfolio of TSFs with limited and uncollated data
R. Singh & J. Herza

Tailings dams in Romania
A. Abdulamit & M. Grozea

An operational perspective in the implementation of the new guidelines related to tailings management
M. Julien, E. Masengo, P. Lavoie & T. Lépine

Comparison of cyclic resistance ratios of tailings estimated using standard empirical methods and cyclic direct simple shear tests
G. Nadarajah, D. Bleiker & S. Sivathayalan

Maintenance of safety and reliability of high tailings dams in cold regions of Russia during the design phase
E. Bellendir, E. Filippova, O. Buryakov & A. Vakulenko

CDA technical bulletin on tailings dam breach analyses
V. Martin, M. Al-Mamun & A. Small

Responsible tailings management – global best practice guidance
C. Dumaresq & M. Davies

Staged emergency spillway development – design considerations
K.L Ainsley, B. Otis & E. Chong

Tailing management – current practice in Sweden
S. Töyrä, A. Bjelkevik, R. Sutton, L. Lindahl & J. Jonsson

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Jean-Pierre Tournier, Hydro-Quebec, Montreal, Canada
Tony Bennett, Ontario Power Generation, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada
Johanne Bibeau, AECOM, Montreal, Canada