1st Edition

TESOL Career Path Development Creating Professional Success

By Liz England Copyright 2020
    138 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    138 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book addresses a wide range of issues and obstacles that teachers in native and non-native English-speaking countries face in teaching English language learners of all ages, at all levels of proficiency, and in a variety of program settings. The book introduces a model of milestones for career path development specific to the specialized needs and skills of the TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) community that caters to the many unique challenges faced by teachers at a range of experience levels, from preservice and novice teachers to veteran and semi-retired professionals.

    Taking an interdisciplinary approach and drawing on the voices and experiences of TESOL scholars, England demonstrates how best to apply one’s education, background, and experiences to individuals who work in the field of TESOL, and offers unique tools, strategies, and training techniques. This book provides a clear and engaging framework for scholars and teachers at any stage in one’s career to grow and develop professionally in fast-changing and increasingly complex professional climates.

    This book is ideal for scholars, graduate students, and researchers in TESOL and language teaching, as well as scholars and researchers in international teacher development and language.

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Chapter 2: Theorizing TESOL Career Path Development

    Chapter 3: Teacher Education

    Chapter 4: Teacher Motivation

    Chapter 5: Organizational Development

    Chapter 6: Leadership

    Chapter 7: Life Balance

    Chapter 8: Rewards and Milestones

    Chapter 9: Moving Forward - Roles of Educational Organizations and Language Teaching Associations

    Chapter 10: It's on Us: Intentional TESOL Career Path Development


    Liz England presents frequently on TESOL career development at TESOL conferences worldwide and has led both pre- and in-service professional development projects for language teachers in universities, public and private K-12schools and workplace settings in the United States and worldwide. She was previously Professor and Chair of TESOL, School of Education and Human Development, Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA, USA.

    "Liz England’s TESOL CAREER PATH DEVELOPMENT: CREATING PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS is a volume that is very much needed and long awaited in the field of TESOL. Combining stories and research with her 35+ years of teaching experiences both in the US and abroad, the author helps teachers at all stages of their careers get answers to commonly and less commonly held questions, provides guidance on a plethora of career-related issues and helps allay fears that might have manifested themselves in our career path choices. This succinctly and engagingly written volume begins with an introduction of the current status of career path development in TESOL and moves into the presentation of the author’s theoretical framework on the topic based on the literature and her work with literally thousands of language educators worldwide. Other important topics covered in this volume include the importance and content of our teacher education programs and how they relate to career path choice and development, how our motivation sustains our career and career choices, the significance of work life balance and our transitions from one career milestone to the next. The final two chapters of the volume are particularly relevant and important as they guide us on how to move forward in our TESOL career path development through not only teaching but also through research and service to the profession. In my own 30+ year teaching career in TESOL, I can’t remember being as excited about a new book as much as I am about this one and look forward to adding it to my professional library."

    Christine Coombe, Ph. D., Associate Professor, Dubai Men’s College, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and  TESOL International Association President (2011-2012).

    "When I reflect on my ten-year TESOL career, I hear myself describing my path in fits and starts: I dove in head first. We flew the plane as we built it. I learned from scraped knees. Though ultimately successful, I was constantly relying on sheer determination and the wisdom of personal mentors to react to problems rather than proactively avoiding them. I didn’t know how to articulate or advocate for the resources and time needed to do the job done right from the start. This book is born from experiences just like mine. You will read stories from TESOL professionals that will have you nodding along in knowing agreement. But more than an empathetic voice, England provides real ways for TESOLers to take control of their paths and position themselves to make the most of their talents. This book succeeds in empowering the individual, but its compound impact will undoubtedly raise the professionalism of the entire TESOL field."

    Jackie Gishbaugher, M. A., Doctoral student, University of Memphis.

    "What is next?" This book helps to answer this compelling question that many of us cannot find a satisfying answer to. If you are confused about the next step in your TESOL career and don’t know what decision to make about your professional development plan, this book is for you. It guides ESL professionals at large and ESL practitioners in particular to reach optimum professional fulfillment. Each chapter takes the reader to a new intriguing aspect of career path development that was rarely openly discussed before. From calling for defining a path for TESOL career development to encouraging ESL professionals to shoot for the stars and seek leadership, this book provides a discussion on key and timely TESOL topics from a perspective of experience. It ingeniously weaves stories of professional success and resilience into essential tips for teachers to navigate their path through this profession. I highly recommend it for novice teachers who do not want to experience burnout too soon in the job and for mid-career and experienced professionals who want to stay motivated and fulfilled. A much-needed book in our field! 

    Amira Salama, M. A., American University in Cairo, Egypt.

    "Over the past 50 years, many books have been written about English language teacher professional development. Liz England’s new book, TESOL career path development: Creating professional success, comes at an ideal time because it provides fresh insights and is a significant resource for teacher professional development. The entire book is exceptional, but three chapters in particular provide what I consider to be significant input for TESOL professionals. Chapter 2 provides a foundation for theorizing TESOL career path development. This is groundbreaking because up to this point in the history of English language teaching there has never been a theory upon which a career in English language teaching could be based. Chapter 4 focuses on teacher motivation. Every teacher needs to examine what moves him/her to action throughout a career. And finally, chapter 7 examines the topic of life balance. I am not aware of any book on teacher professional development that addresses the issue of balancing responsibilities as English language professionals with what happens in other areas of life. England provides in this chapter the essential focus on self-worth and self-care.

    Regardless of the stage at which you are at as an English language teaching professional, you will benefit from reading this new book and gaining insights into how to take charge of your own professional development."

    Neil J Anderson, PhD, Professor, English Language Teaching and Learning, Brigham Young university Hawaii, Laie and Past President, TESOL International Association.

    "Finally a book specifically for the unique career path development of TESOLers. Liz England combines a theoretical foundation with personal stories from professionals in the TESOL field, as well as evidence-based information from this ever-changing field. The contents will help TESOLers feel empowered to make positive, informed and intentional steps in their career path development. Many in this profession have found themselves without support or career guidance, but England’s key information in her book serves as a navigation tool or ‘GPS’ for all teachers at any stage of their career. As a TESOLer myself with more than 20 years’ experience, I recommend this book to all teachers, administrators and leaders or anyone interested in supporting teaching professionals to manage their careers."

    Patrice Palmer, M.Ed., M.A., OCELT

    "This is an essential guide for TESOL professionals at any stage of their career who want to make deliberate, informed choices regarding their career development.  In this wholistic guide England shares insights gained from decades of experience combined with a theoretical framework to direct professionals in all sectors of TESOL towards a personally rewarding and balanced career equipped to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of English language teaching."

    Lisa Horvath, MA TESOL, TESOL MWIS chair