1st Edition

Talent Management A Research Overview

By Anthony McDonnell, Sharna Wiblen Copyright 2021
    126 Pages
    by Routledge

    126 Pages
    by Routledge

    Talent management is a central element of managerial discourse and organisational practice. This short-form book provides a succinct overview on the state of research on talent management.

    The authors set out the key themes, arguments, trends and future research trajectories of talent management, highlighting major works in the field. As a research topic with a fragmented body of knowledge, pluralistic perspectives are summarised, while workforce differentiation emerges as a central element.

    A critical introduction for students, scholars and reflective practitioners, this book guides readers through a relatively new and rapidly developing area of management research.

    1. Talent Management: An Introduction

    2. ‘Talent Management’ Definitions, Conceptualisations and Frameworks

    3. A Kaleidoscope of ‘Talent’ Definitions and Conceptualisations

    4. Talent Identification: Understanding How Organisations Could, Should and Do Identify Talent

    5. Talent Development: Enhancing the Value of Specific Talented Individuals, Talent Pools, or a Combination of Both?

    6. The Impact of Talent Management: Unpacking the Evidence

    7. Talent Management and the Future of Work: A Future Research Agenda


    Anthony McDonnell is Full Professor of Human Resource Management and Head of the Department of Management and Marketing at the Cork University Business School, University College, Cork, Ireland. He has held appointments at Queen’s University Belfast, University of South Australia and University of Newcastle, Australia. His research has been funded by the Australian and Irish Research Councils and Ireland Canada University Foundation.

    Sharna Wiblen is Assistant Professor at the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong, Australia. Sharna blends academic skills and 15 years of industry experience including time as a management consultant, human resource and recruitment coordinator, and retail service manager to broker dialogue between academics and industry to advance the study and practice of responsible talent management.

    "Our understanding of talent management has advanced considerably over the past decade. In Talent Management: A Research Overview, McDonnell and Wiblen skillfully navigate this growing literature base and provide a timely overview on the state of research on talent management. The result is a succinct and highly accessible review of the key questions underpinning our understanding of talent management. It will be a valuable resource to scholars and reflective practitioners alike."

    David Collings, Professor of HRM, Dublin City University, Ireland

    "Talent management continues to grow in importance in academic research, but what is it? What exactly do we know about managing talent? These two major questions guide this excellent work by McDonnell and Wiblen. The authors do an superb job in addressing key themes and arguments, evidence of efficacy, trends, and likely future trajectories. This succinct book is THE 'pocket guide' to talent management!"

    Randall S. Schuler, Professor Emeritus of Strategic International Human Resource Management and Human Resource Management Strategy at Rutgers University, USA and Visiting Scholar at the University of Lucerne, Switzerland.