2nd Edition

Talkabout Board Game Developing Self-Esteem, Social Skills and Friendship Skills

By Alex Kelly Copyright 2023
    12 Pages 126 Color Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    2 – 6 players Ages 7 - 14

    This new and expanded second edition of the Talkabout Board Game has been designed to support work on social skills, self-esteem, and friendship skills. The game backs up skills taught within the Talkabout book series but can also be used as a standalone resource.

    The game takes you on a journey through the week, where you will encounter several different social skills tasks that you need to complete to move on to the weekend. Each day has a challenge that the child needs to complete before moving on to the next day, as well as the possibility of landing on 2 ‘chance cards’ and 1 further ‘challenge card’, depending on the roll of the dice. The purpose of the game is to work together to get everyone to the end of the week and there is, therefore, no winner of the game. Once you have got to the middle of the board, your role is to help the others get there too.

    The Talkabout Board Game can be played at 6 different levels by using the colour coded challenge cards to work on the following skills:

    Pack 1: Self-awareness and self-esteem (orange)

    Pack 2: Body language (red)

    Pack 3: Conversational skills (green)

    Pack 4: Friendship skills (pink)

    Pack 5: Assertiveness skills (yellow)

    Or any combination of the above

    This second edition features a greater variety of ‘chance cards’, updated ‘challenge cards’, and a higher chance of children completing a challenge. Designed for between 2 – 6 players and for ages 7 – 14, it will be an essential resource for educators and therapists.

    What’s included

    Object of the game

    Setting up the game

    The Talkabout characters

    Chance cards

    Level 1 Orange Cards Self Awareness and Self Esteem

    Level 2 Red Cards Body Language

    Level 3 Green Cards Conversational skills

    Level 4 Pink Cards Friendship skills

    Level 5 Yellow Cards Assertiveness skills


    Alex Kelly is a speech and language therapist with over 35 years’ experience of working with people with social communication skills difficulties. She set up her own business in Hampshire, Speaking Space Ltd, which offers training in communication, a speech and language therapy service, and a day service for adults with a learning disability, and which is now being run by her TASS co-author Naomi Pearson. Alex is the author of the best-selling TALKABOUT resources and still lectures on social communication and friendship skills around the UK and abroad.

    'I find the game a fabulous resource to back up the content of the lessons and concepts taught. It is a good way to discuss issues the pupils may have had collectively. I highly recommend the resource to other professionals.'

    Deborah Goodfellow, TA, Northcott School

    'I enjoy using the game! I find it particularly useful for pupils going through transition between primary and high school.  The game helps pupils with social and communication difficulties.'

    Caroline Lunn, TA for SLCN