1st Edition

Talkabout Video Library Social Communication Skills

By Alex Kelly Copyright 2022
    48 Pages
    by Speechmark

    *This resource was previously published as Talkabout DVD and includes the same video scenarios*

    This is a valuable resource for anyone using the 'Talkabout' series, bringing social skills to life! The video library contains acted scenarios for each skill being taught, modelling both poor and good behaviour, and includes videos taken in a number of settings and with a range of different ages. The videos are essential for situations where there is only one group facilitator and therefore difficulty in modelling different skills and behaviours. The resource includes an instruction booklet on how to access the video library and use the video in conjunction with 'Talkabout', and is a must-have for anyone using the 'Talkabout' books, teaching social skills, or working with people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, learning disabilities or social communication disorders. 

    Booklet to be used with Talkabout Online Video Library.


    Alex Kelly is a Speech and Language Therapist with over 30 years’ experience of working with both children and adults with an intellectual disability (learning disability) and specialising in working with people who have difficulties with social skills. She runs her own businesses (Alex Kelly Ltd and Speaking Space Ltd) with her husband Brian Sains and is the author of a number of books and resources, including the best-selling TALKABOUT series.

    She is based in Hampshire, in the south of England. Alex Kelly Ltd provides training and consultancy work to schools and organisations in social skills, self-esteem and relationship skills around the UK and abroad. Speaking Space Ltd also provides speech and language therapy in a number of schools in and around Hampshire, training in all aspects of autism and communication, and a Total Communication day service for adults with an intellectual disability or autism. In 2019 Speaking Space Ltd was Autism Accredited by the National Autistic Society with advanced status.

    "A dream to use and will breathe new life into social skills groups, particularly where having only one facilitator restricts role playing. I strongly recommend it for work with autistic spectrum conditions, learning disabilities, or emotional and behavioural difficulties." — Speech and Language Therapy in Practice