1st Edition

Taming Chance in Education Control, Prediction and Comparison

By Daniel Pettersson, Andreas Nordin Copyright 2024

    This volume centres the notion of "chance" in education as a key concept in contemporary education – relating to aspects like accountability, datafication, or international large-scale assessments – and discusses the impact that the historical desire to "tame" this notion has had on present-day educational policy and practice.

    Encouraging readers to widen their educational imagination, chapters combine secondary research from the fields of cybernetics, systems thinking, and comparative education with issues of control, prediction, and comparison as ways to tame chance in education. Using the theoretical lenses of reasoning, notions, and addendums for legitimacy to foster a critical awareness of rarely discussed educational matters, the book explores how these notions are central to the taming of chance within education. Ultimately, the authors determine the styles of reasoning that are foundational and frame how we think about, and act on, education, and thereby address one of the top priorities in educational policy, politics, and practice today.

    This timely book, with its unique perspective on the debates around education, will be of interest to students, researchers, and scholars in the fields of education policy and politics, international and comparative education, and theory of education. Those involved with the philosophy of education will also find the book valuable.

    Introduction: How the Book “Thinks”  1. Presenting the “Problem”  2. The Prelude of Taming Chance in Education  3. Stories about Desires, Hopes, and Promises to Be Answered by Control, Predictions, and Comparisons  4. Taming Chance in Educational Practices  5. Addendums for Legitimacy: Objectivity, Certainty, and Applicability  6. Concluding Remarks


    Daniel Pettersson is Professor of Education, University in Gävle, Sweden.

    Andreas Nordin is Professor of Education, Linnaeus University, Sweden.