1st Edition

Teach Now! The Essentials of Teaching What You Need to Know to Be a Great Teacher

By Geoff Barton Copyright 2015
    290 Pages
    by Routledge

    290 Pages
    by Routledge

    Being taught by a great teacher is one of the great privileges of life. Teach Now! is an exciting new series that opens up the secrets of great teachers and, step-by-step, helps trainees to build the skills and confidence they need to become first-rate classroom practitioners.

    Teach Now! The Essentials of Teaching provides the fundamental knowledge for becoming a great teacher. Combining a grounded, modern rationale for learning and teaching with highly practical training approaches it covers everything you need to know from preparing for your teaching practice to getting your first job.

    Harnessing a range of simple, but powerful techniques, the book shows you how you can translate the Teachers’ Standards into your own classroom practice and provide the evidence that you have met them. It also demystifies what the best teachers know and do instinctively to create students who want to learn and get a buzz from developing new skills. The book is structured in clear sections which are then divided into short, easy-to-absorb units offering clear, straightforward advice on all aspects of teaching including:

    • why teach?
    • the application and recruitment process for training
    • helping students’ achieve good progress
    • planning, differentiation and assessment
    • behaviour management
    • using language effectively in the classroom
    • managing parents’ evenings
    • being an effective tutor
    • how to have lunch!

    With talking points to encourage reflection and a wide range of examples to illustrate practice, Teach Now! The Essentials of Teaching provides expert guidance as you start your exciting and rewarding career as an outstanding teacher.

    Introduction.  Who Are You?  Who Am I?  How to Read this Book  Part 1: Before Training to Teach  How to Know whether Teaching is the Career for You.  So What are You Worrying About?  How Important is Training to be a Teacher?  How do Admissions Tutors View Prospective Applicants for Teacher Training?  How to Secure a Place on a Teacher Training Course.  What to Expect in the Interview for a Teacher Training Place.  How to do Well at Interview for a Training Place.  What to do if You are Offered a Training Place  Part 2: Preparing for Teaching Practice  How to Prepare for Visiting your Placement School.  How to Dress for Teaching Practice.  How to Refer to Yourself on Teaching Practice.  How to Have Lunch.  How to Use the Staffroom  Part 3: Teacher Training  How to use the Teachers’ Standards.  Using Teacher’s Standard 1: How to Set High Expectations.  Using Teacher’s Standard 2: How to Help Your Students to Achieve Good Progress.  Using Teacher’s Standard 3: How to Demonstrate Good Knowledge of Your Subject.  Using Teacher’s Standard 4: How to Plan and Teach Well-Structured Lessons.  Using Teacher’s Standard 5: How to Adapt Your Teaching to Respond to the Strengths and Needs of all Students.  Using Teacher’s Standard 6: How to Assess Students Accurately.  Using Teachers’ Standard 7: How to Establish (and Maintain) Effective Classroom Discipline.  Using Teachers’ Standard 8: Fulfil Wider Professional Responsibilities.  Using Part 2 of the Teachers’ Standards: How to Conduct Yourself as a Teacher – Your Personal and Professional Conduct.  How to Use Language.  How to Establish (and Maintain) Effective Classroom Discipline.  How to Use Classroom Routines to Establish Good Behaviour as the Norm.  How to Emphasise Your Classroom Expectations.  How to Use Your Body Language to Reinforce Your Expectations of Good Behaviour.  How to Deal with Challenging Behaviour: Part A: Exploring the Issues.  How to Deal with Challenging Behaviour: Part B: Some Possible Responses.  How to Praise Students.  How to be an Effective Tutor.  How to Assess Whether You’re Any Good as a Tutor  Part 4: Becoming a Teacher  How to Apply for a Teaching Job.  How to Write a Good Letter of Application.  How Different Application Letters Compare.  How to be Successful at Interview.  How to Teach a Lesson on Interview.  How to Manage Parents’ Evenings.  How to Deal with Parental Complaints at Parents’ Evenings.  How to Deal with a Complaint Against You Personally.  How to Respond to a Parents’ Consultation Interview that goes Badly Wrong.  How to Deal with the Most Challenging Parents at a Parents’ Evening.  How to Write High Quality Reports.  How to Avoid Common Errors When Writing Reports  Part 5: Next Steps  You’re a Teacher: What Were You Worrying About?  What Next in Your Career.  Afterword.  Appendix.



    Geoff Barton is Headteacher of King Edward VI School, a large comprehensive school in Suffolk, UK. He has written and edited more than 100 books on English and school leadership. He is a Founding Fellow of the English Association and a regular writer and speaker on education.