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1st Edition

Teacher Education Around the World Changing Policies and Practices

Edited By Linda Darling-Hammond, ANN LIEBERMAN Copyright 2012
    ISBN 9780415577014
    216 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    Published April 4, 2012 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780415577007
    214 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    Published April 9, 2012 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780203817551
    216 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    Published June 19, 2013 by Routledge

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    Teachers are the most important single element of the education system but what does it take to create high quality teachers in today’s world?

    Around the world, countries are struggling to understand how to change their schools to meet global demands. International comparisons have shown that schools in Finland lead the league tables, but why is this, what new policies and practices in teacher education have they developed and how do they support the changes? A number of European and Asian countries also top the list when it comes to providing high quality teacher education, but there is little information about what and how they are doing the work and how they have made changes.

    The leading international contributors to this book describe the systemic policies and practices of teacher education in eight high-achieving countries and how they are dealing with teacher quality, equity, and the changing global society. Among the countries that are doing well – Finland, Singapore, the Netherlands, the UK, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia and the USA – there is an interesting diversity of policies and practices that support their changes in education, including:

    • emphasis on the preparation, induction, support and assessment of new teachers
    • focus on teacher retention, teachers’ professional knowledge and continuing professional development
    • curriculum change and critical policies.

    In addition the chapters highlight the local cultural imperatives that influence and shape the preparation of quality teachers and make change both possible and problematic.

    Teacher Education Around the World examines what can be learned from the different countries, what policies and practices seem transferable; and which seem embedded in the particulars of the culture of the country. It describe themes that cut across all the countries, documenting not only what they are, but how the countries go about supporting and sustaining changes in teacher education. This book will prove itself an absolute essential for all those involved in teacher education, teaching and educational policy. 

    1. Becoming a Teacher in Finland: Traditions, Reforms and Policies Pasi Sahlberg, University of Helsinki, Finland  2. Quality Teachers Singaporean Style Lin Goodwin, Teachers College, Columbia University, US  3. Examining Teaching in the Netherlands: The 'Realistic Approach' to Preparation Karen Hammerness, Stanford University, US  4. Teacher Training, Education or Learning by Doing in the UK? John MacBeath, University of Cambridge, UK  5. Hong Kong: Professional Preparation and Development in a Market Economy Janet Draper, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong  6. Building Capacity for Sustained School Improvement Ben Levin, OISE, Canada  7. Rethinking Teacher Education in Australia: The Teacher Quality Initiative Ray Pecheone, Performance Assessment for California Teachers, US  8. Teacher Education in the United States: Policies and Practices Ann Lieberman and Linda Darling-Hammond  9. What Can We Learn about the Different Practices and Policies in Teacher Education Ann Lieberman and Linda Darling-Hammond


    Linda Darling-Hammond is Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education, Stanford University, USA.

    Ann Lieberman is Emeritus Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University, USA and Visiting Professor at Stanford University, USA.

    'One of the things a reader is likely to get from this book is a heightened awareness of how varied the palette of TEd options is and of how their appropriacy may be conditioned by factors such as a country (or region's) history, size, culture, values, and administrative structure. Authoritative, highly readable, very highly recommended.' - Marian Nicholson, The Teacher Trainer Journal

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