1st Edition

Teacher Education for Inclusion Changing Paradigms and Innovative Approaches

Edited By Chris Forlin Copyright 2010
    286 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    How teachers might best be prepared to work in schools with an increasingly diverse pupil population is of concern to educational academics, professionals and governments around the world. Changes that have taken place in legislation and practice often fail to taken into account how practitioners can ensure that all children and young people are able to achieve.

    The focus of this international text is on innovative practices for preparing teachers to work in inclusive classrooms and schools. Drawing on both pre and in-service training methods, the expert contributors to this book follow three major themes:

    • social and political challenges regarding teacher education – providing an historical perspective on the training of teachers, tensions in preparing teachers for inclusion, cultural issues, the relationship between educational funding and practices and collaborative measures to support a whole school approach
    • innovative approaches in pre-service teacher preparation – discussing a range of innovative models and approaches used in pre-service teacher education courses
    • engaging professional development for inservice teachers – reviewing a range of approaches employed to engage working teachers and help them establish curricula and pedagogy that meets the needs of all students in their classes.

    Each chapter will include a list of proposed learning outcomes, a theoretical or conceptual framework to help readers develop the proposed innovation, an overview of recent research, discussion of the research data available and a discussion of the international implications and challenges, summarising in suggestions for a positive way forward.

    Teacher Education for Inclusion: Changing Paradigms and Innovative Approaches is essential reading for practising teacher educators, school leaders, university lecturers in education and post graduate students.

    Part 1: Social and political challenges in teacher education for inclusion  1. Re-framing teacher education for inclusion Chris Forlin  2. Political economy, inclusive education and teacher education Roger Slee  3. Training tension in an international and intercultural context Richard Rose and Philip Garner  4. A national strategy for supporting teacher educators to prepare teachers for inclusion Chris Forlin and Thi Nguyet Dinh  Part 2: Innovative approaches for initial teacher preparation  5. Reforming initial teacher education: a necessary but not sufficient condition for developing inclusive practice Martyn Rouse  6. A content–infused approach to preservice teacher preparation for inclusive education Tim Loreman  7. Inclusive professional learning schools Federico Waitoller and Elizabeth Kolzeski  8. Initial teacher education and inclusion: a triad of inclusive experiences Dianne Chambers and Chris Forlin  9. Fostering empathy and understanding: a longitudinal case study pedagogy Kate Scorgie  10. Preparing teachers to work with parents and families of learners with SEN in inclusive schools Garry Hornby  11. Using reflective practices for preparation of preservice teacher for inclusive classrooms Umesh Sharma  12. Preparing preservice teachers for effective co-teaching in inclusive classrooms  Mian Wang and Paul Fitch  13. Teacher education online: towards inclusive virtual learning communities Paul Bartolo  14. Evaluating inclusive teacher education programs: a flexible framework Spencer Salend  Part 3: Professional learning for practising teachers  15. Modelling and guiding inclusive practices: a challenge for postgraduate educators Adrian Ashman  16. Humanizing online learning: ways of engaging teachers in contemporary understandings and practices Phyllis Jones  17. Attending to diversity: a professional learning program in Mexico Ismael Garci and Todd Fletcher  18. Engaging teachers in supporting positive student behavior change Robert Conway  19. Professional learning as collaborative inquiry: working together for impact  Joanne Deppeler  20. A four–ply model of professional development for inclusive education Elizabeth O'Gorman  21. Including students with special educational needs in professional learning for teachers Leena Kaikkonen  22. Initial teacher training to meet the needs of students with disabilities who are culturally and linguistically diverse Elizabeth West  23. Cooperative action research for inclusive education and professional learning in a "Learning in Regular Classrooms" school Huan Song  24. A model professional learning program for enhancing the competency of students with special needs Penee Kuntavong Narot and Surwaree Sivabeadya  25. Upskilling all mainstream teachers: What is viable? Kuen-Fung Sin, Kok-Wai Tsang, Chung-Yee Poon and Chi-Leung Lai  26. Future direction for teacher education for inclusion Chris Forlin


    Chris Forlin is Professor of Special and Inclusive Education at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. She has also edited Reform, Inclusion and Teacher Education: Towards a New Era of Special Education in the Asia-Pacific region (Routledge, 2008).