1st Edition

Teaching & Learning Illuminated The Big Ideas, Illustrated

    166 Pages 96 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    This exciting new book from the bestselling authors of The Science of Learning takes complex ideas around teaching and learning and makes them easy to understand and apply through beautifully illustrated graphics. Each concept is covered over a double-page spread, with a full-page graphic on one page and supportive text on the other. This unique combination of accessible images and clear explanations helps teachers navigate the key principles and understand how to best implement them in the classroom.

    Distilling key findings and ideas for great evidence-based teaching from a broad range of contemporary studies, the book covers the research findings, ideas and applications from the most important and fundamental areas of teaching and learning including:

    • Retrieval Practice
    • Spacing
    • Interleaving
    • Cognitive Load Theory
    • Rosenshine’s Principles
    • Feedback
    • Resilience
    • Metacognition

    Written to support, inspire and inform teaching staff and those involved in leadership and CPD, Teaching & Learning Illuminated will transform readers' understanding of teaching and learning research.

    How to read this book

    What you’ll get from reading Teaching & Learning Illuminated

    1. Memory and Learning
    2. Retrieval Practice
    3. Spacing and Interleaving
    4. Cognitive Load Theory
    5. What’s next for Cognitive Science?
    6. Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction
    7. Getting answers to your questions
    8. Feedback
    9. Motivation and Resilience
    10. Preparing to learn
    11. What all teachers (but especially Senior Leaders) need to know
    12. What all teachers (but especially Primary teachers) need to know
    13. Thinking biases

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    Studies, books and articles that inspired and influenced us


    Bradley Busch is the lead psychologist at InnerDrive, UK.

    Edward Watson is the founder of InnerDrive, UK.

    Ludmila Bogatchek is the creative lead at InnerDrive, UK.

    “Best synthesis of cognitive science ever”

    Mary Myatt, Education writer, speaker, founder Myatt & Co


    “Visual learning at its best”

    John Hattie, Melbourne Laureate Professor Emeritus, Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Author of bestselling Visible Learning series


    “Absolutely illuminating”

    Jenny Griffiths, Research and Knowledge Manager, Teach First


    “Game changing”

    Jade Pearce, Director of Programmes and author of 'What Every Teacher Needs to Know' 



    Henry Sauntson, Director Teach East SCITT


    “Heavy concepts made incredibly accessible”

    Lekha Sharma, author of Curriculum to Classroom



    Dr Claire Badger, Assistant Head, Teaching and Learning, The Godolphin and Latymer School


    “Complex research beautifully rendered”

    Dr. Carl Hendrick, author of 'How Learning Happens'


    “Expertly clarifies complex concepts”

    Sarah Cottingham, MA Educational Neuroscience, Associate Dean at Ambition Institute.


    “A warm bath for your brain”

    Peps McCrea, Dean at Ambition Institute, Director at Steplab, Author of the High Impact Teaching series



    Paul Kirschner, Professor Emeritus Open University of the Netherlands, Guest Professor Thomas More University of Applied Sciences (Antwerp, Belgium), Owner kirschner-ED


    “Pure gold for every teacher”

    Darren Leslie, PT Teaching & Learning and host of the Becoming Educated podcast



    Rhiannon Rainbow, School Improvement Leader and Co-founder #GLTBookClub


    “Visually stunning, intellectually stimulating”

    Mark Roberts, Director of Research and English teacher, Carrickfergus Grammar School.