1st Edition

Teaching, Coaching and Mentoring Adult Learners Lessons for professionalism and partnership

Edited By Heather Fehring, Susan Rodrigues Copyright 2017
    178 Pages
    by Routledge

    178 Pages
    by Routledge

    The challenge for those coaching, mentoring, supervising or teaching adults is to design and deliver high-quality programmes that encompass a blend of teaching and learning approaches and strategies, that are constructed for adult learners in multiple educational environments and that cater for the diversity of adult learners’ needs. Adult learners are complex individuals who come to the learning process with a multitude of different experiences. Teaching, Coaching and Mentoring Adult Learners helps practitioners step up to this challenge by developing the skills needed to share their expertise with adult learners and engage them in new transformative practices.

    This book also forms a timely contribution to the current period of evolution in adult education, where extreme changes in the nature and scope of work and the globalisation of work and life are influencing learning. The shift in adult education addressed in this book includes:

    • the globalisation of the workforce and the cultural impact on adult, tertiary and further education
    • the relationship established between adult educators and adult learners
    • provision of adult education and professional development by private and major multimedia and corporate interests
    • occupations boundaries between professions and between skilled and unskilled work
    • assessing adult learners’ needs and adapting strategies to meet the perceived needs of adult learners in medicine, education, psychology and industry
    • designing learning experiences to maximise the processing of complex conceptual knowledge and then transforming the knowledge to fit new learning environments
    • the role of new technologies of learning in adult and vocational learning.

    This book provides research-based insight into the expectations and the value of the coach, mentor, tutor and supervisor roles and combines research with strategic guidance to support the implementation of innovative techniques through case studies, strategies and methodologies in teaching and learning in higher education and professional learning. Bringing together insights from an expert range of international contributors, this text will be invaluable to higher education professionals and those involved in supervising, coaching and mentoring in the workforce.

    Introduction: adult educators working with adult learners

    Susan Rodrigues

    Chapter 1 Adult learning and the mentoring and coaching of teachers

    Rita Ellul and Heather Fehring

    Chapter 2 Professional identity: insights, strategies and approaches

    Carey Normand and Maureen Morriss

    Chapter 3 Enhancing reflective practices in professional adult education

    Carolina Guzmán-Valenzuela and Valeria M. Cabello

    Chapter 4 Professionalism in adult education

    Carl Gibson, Richard Holme and Neil Taylor

    Chapter 5 Including adult learners from diverse cultural backgrounds

    Owen Barden, William Youl and Eva Janice Youl

    Chapter 6 Education provision for sight impaired adult learners

    Celia McDonald and Susan Rodrigues

    Chapter 7 The use of technology in the supervision and teaching of medical education

    Susie Schofield, Madawa Chandratilake and Hiroshi Nishigori 

    Chapter 8 Shared objectives and communication

    Christine Redman and Deborah James

    Chapter 9 Developing teams: boring title, interesting case studies, great outcomes!

    Paul Edwards, Brian Rock and Elizabeth Gibson

    Chapter 10 Case studies in solution focused practice (SFP)

    Andrew Gibson and Greg Vinnicombe

    Chapter 11 Promoting twenty-first century skills development among international adult learners

    Miia Rannikmäe, Jack Holbrook and Bulent Cavas

    Chapter 12 Adult educators working with adult learners: applying theory and practice

    Heather Fehring


    Heather Fehring is Professor in the School of Education at RMIT University, Australia.

    Susan Rodrigues is Professor in Science Education at Liverpool Hope University, UK.

    "This book is a must-read both for those new to the professional practice of working with adult learners and for those with experience teaching adults. This book would work well in higher education classes on the teaching of adults as the case studies provide potential scenarios for novice teachers... In summary, this book provides readers with theory-based practices from many perspectives." - Bora Jin, Adult Education Quarterly