1st Edition

Teaching Competencies for 21st Century Teachers Practical Approaches to Learning

By Pradeep Kumar Misra Copyright 2024
    220 Pages
    by Routledge India

    A must-read for every teacher in the 21st century, this book provides a comprehensive guide to facilitating joyful, sustainable, holistic, multidisciplinary, and active learning. The book discusses different approaches, principles, techniques, and activities for creating a classroom where different learning types can thrive. The methods outlined in this volume help teachers ensure that every learner, regardless of background or orientation, can engage in participatory, reflective, self-directed, experiential, entrepreneurial, and collaborative learning and develop holistically. Essential for the 21st century, the book highlights the significance of digital technologies and examines how teachers can easily use digital technologies to offer personalized and blended learning.

    This book is a vital resource for teachers who want to improve their teaching skills and create a positive and engaging learning environment for their learners. This book helps teachers across the globe to enhance learning outcomes in classrooms and, subsequently, develop the quality of their education systems.

    This volume is useful to students, researchers, and teachers in education, psychology, development studies, social work, and sociology. It is also an invaluable companion to policymakers and professionals from government and non-government organisations working in the education and social development sectors.

    1. Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century and Teachers Part I: Facilitating 21st Century Learners 2. Creating Environments for Joyful Learning 3. Nurturing Minds for Sustainable Learning 4. Using Lessons for Holistic Learning 5. Curating Contents for Multidisciplinary Learning 6. Devising Assessments for Active Learning Part II: Managing 21st Century Classrooms 7. Managing Classrooms for Participatory Learning 8. Engaging Learners for Reflective Learning 9. Encouraging Learners for Self-Directed Learning 10. Adapting Activities for Experiential Learning 11. Facilitating Experiences for Entrepreneurial Learning 12. Designing Assignments for Collaborative Learning Part III: Integrating 21st Century Technologies 13. Integrating Digital Technologies for Personalised Learning 14. Designing Instructional Strategies for Blended Learning


    Pradeep Kumar Misra, Professor and Director of the Centre for Policy Research in Higher Education (CPRHE) at the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA), New Delhi, India, has made significant contributions to the field of education. His research specialisations in teacher education, educational technology, and vocational education have been recognised globally.

    His outstanding achievements have been recognised through several prestigious international research scholarships, like the Commonwealth Academic Fellowship of CSC, UK; the Doctoral and Senior Researcher Scholarship of DAAD, Germany; the Erasmus Mundus Visiting Scholar Scholarship of the European Commission; the National Scholarship of the Slovak Republic; MASHAV Scholarship of the Israeli Government; and the Research Exchange Scholarship of FMSH, France. He is a member of the academic bodies of several institutions and organisations in India and abroad.

    Pradeep Kumar Misra’s scholarly work is also reflected in his publications in journals of international repute, his authored reference books, and his completed research and development projects. One of his most famous books, ‘Learning and Teaching for Teachers,’ has been instrumental in shaping teachers’ teaching practices. He has also developed educational media programmes and supervised PhD scholars. His extensive experience in education has enabled him to visit many countries for educational purposes.