1st Edition

Teaching Leadership An Integrative Approach

By Barbara C. Crosby Copyright 2017
    360 Pages
    by Routledge

    368 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Teaching Leadership provides guidance for leadership educators in a variety of organizational and community contexts and across academic disciplines. An experienced leadership educator, Crosby promotes an inclusive vision of leadership that recognizes the inherent leadership potential in everyone. Featuring interviews with 25 respected leadership educators, Teaching Leadership complicates and enriches the leader-follower dichotomy to advance a holistic and practice-oriented model of leadership education. Using the metaphor of ‘heart, head, and hands,’ Crosby shows how authentic leadership is an embodied practice based equally in emotional, intellectual, and experiential learning.

    Series Editors’ Foreword. 

    Preface.  Leadership Educator Biographies. 

    Part I: Using Personal Narrative to Foster Self-Understanding and Commitment 

    1. Using Personal Narrative and the Heart 

    2. Using Personal Narrative and the Head 

    3. Using Personal Narrative and the Hands 

    Part II: Hosting and Hospitality 

    4. Hosting and the Heart 

    5. Hosting and the Head  

    6. Hosting and the Hands 

    Part III: Tackling Organizational and Societal Problems: Leadership Praxis  

    7. Leadership Praxis and the Heart  

    8. Leadership Praxis and the Head  

    9. Leadership Praxis and the Hands 

    Part IV: Strengthening Citizenship 

    10. Strengthening Citizenship and the Heart 

    11. Strengthening Citizenship and the Head 

    12. Strengthening Citizenship and the Hands 

    Part V: Assessing, Coaching, Mentoring 

    13. Assessing, Coaching, Mentoring, and the Heart 

    14. Assessing, Coaching, Mentoring, and the Head  

    15. Assessing, Coaching, Mentoring, and the Hands 

    16. Conclusion 

    Appendix A: Methodology 

    Appendix B: Teaching Leadership


    Appendix C: Guidance for Transforming Public Policy Teams 

    Appendix D. Storify Assignment


    Barbara C. Crosby is Associate Professor at the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, USA.


    'Teaching Leadership is a wonderful guide to becoming a wise and effective teacher and facilitator of leadership development. This important book is based in the foundations of the field of leadership and encompasses the latest research, theory, and practices. A key feature of the book is its holistic approach with the recurrent theme of integrating "heart, head, and hands" as part of a life-long journey. Teaching Leadership embraces the fact that leadership contexts are becoming more relational and collaborative and thus require the integration of diverse disciplines and worldviews.'  – Charles J. Palus, Center for Creative Leadership, USA

    'This book challenges both novice and seasoned educators to explore the interdependencies between their own leadership learning and that of their students. In a brilliant move, Crosby calls attention to an unspoken truth: teaching leadership demands soul searching about one’s own leadership work. Each chapter offers wisdom and practical advice to support this transformative process, as Crosby artfully weaves insights from conversations with other educators and reflections from her experience. Teaching Leadership: An Integrated Approach is memorable in another important way– it is scholarly grounded, and yet quite inspirational and profound.'  – Sonia M. Ospina, New York University, USA

    'Barbara Crosby explains and exemplifies the passion, smarts, and action (heart, head, and hands) of leadership and teaching for it, weaving these three strands into each section of her book. Throughout, she deftly incorporates narratives of 20 participants to offer us their personal and formative sides and an account of their professional practice and reflection. In addition, she integrates recent scholarship about leadership with her central insights into teaching for leadership. The book will serve as a wonderful introduction to those entering the field of teaching leadership, a metric for those who have been at it for a while, and a capstone for those finishing a program in leadership.'  – Richard A. Couto, Union Institute and University, USA