1st Edition

Teaching STEAM Through Hands-On Crafts Real-World Maker Lessons for Grades 3-8

    248 Pages 149 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    248 Pages 149 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    Help your students connect historic technologies with today’s STEAM concepts through the lens of crafting! This book, written by a science education professor and a middle school STEM teacher, provides guidance for turning classic crafts into transdisciplinary STEAM lessons for grades 3-8. Ready-to-use lessons outline the history, science, mathematics, and engineering embedded within ten hands-on crafts from around the world. Each chapter outlines the history of a craft, its social impact, and the mathematics, engineering, and scientific concepts and skills embedded in the craft. Content standards from art, history, English language arts, technology, mathematics, and science are embedded within each unit. Lessons are supplemented with ready-to-photocopy handouts, guiding questions, and logistical support such as shopping lists and safety procedures. Activities have all been classroom-tested to ensure appropriate leveling and applicability across STEAM disciplines. Ideal for any STEM or STEAM classroom across upper elementary and middle schools, this book helps make STEM concepts meaningful and tangible for your students. Rather than just reading about science, technology, mathematics, or engineering, students will become makers and engage in STEAM directly, just as original crafters have done for centuries.

    Additional instructional materials available: https://steamcrafts.weebly.com/

    1. Introduction to STEAM Crafts  2. Twisty Twine  3. Warp and Weft  4. Clean Chemistry  5. Practical Paper  6. Brilliant Beeswax  7. Plant Pigments  8. Milk Metamorphosis  9.Fungal Food  10. Clay Creations  11. Conclusion


    Christine G. Schnittka is the Emily R. and Gerald S. Leischuck Professor of Critical Needs in Education in Auburn University’s College of Education, USA.

    Amanda Haynes is the STEM teacher at Discovery Middle School in Madison, Alabama, USA.

    "Teaching STEAM Through Hands-On Crafts is a must-have for any STEAM teacher! The authors are long-time experts in all of the traditional crafts as well as being expert STEAM educators. The lessons in the book, backed by extensive research, deftly connect practical and historical knowledge to formal STEAM knowledge in a way that will help students understand and appreciate the details of everyday materials and objects."  

    Erin Peters-Burton Ph.D., Donna R. and David E. Sterling Endowed Professor in Science Education, George Mason University, USA.

    "The multitude of activities my teacher used from Teaching STEAM Through Hands-On Crafts engaged your brain and way of thinking, as well as brought to light a new hobby or pastime that otherwise would’ve been hidden. I especially enjoyed weaving and bread making. It utilizes both the left and right sides of your brain. You learn the history, technology, and chemistry of it all. It was a class that I truly enjoyed and looked forward to every day. I now have an otherwise unknown interest in these many activities. The activities were wonderful, and I am glad I had the opportunity to experience them."

    Blaise Bruni, 7th Grade Student, Discovery Middle School, Madison Alabama, USA.