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Teaching School Subjects 11-19

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This series for PGCE students provides a new concept in textbooks. The books start by recognizing student teachers as subject specialists and so focus on how these students can turn their specialist degree-level knowledge into school-level knowledge for their pupils. Each title combines this approach with coverage of the training standards and the inductions standards and guidance for best practice.

Clearly written and thought-provoking, each chapter opens and closes with ‘orientation questions’ and ‘for further thinking’ respectively. Lists of further reading are also included together with the addresses of useful websites, and ‘case-in-point’ examples are used to illustrate practical applications.

The Teaching School Subjects 11-19 series provides stimulating assistance by helping students find ways of thinking about their specialism, how to teach with it and how to engage with what pupils learn through it.

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Mathematics Teaching School Subjects 11-19

Mathematics: Teaching School Subjects 11-19

1st Edition

By Candia Morgan, Clare Tikly, Anne Watson
October 26, 2004

This accessible and thought-provoking book considers what beginning teachers need to know about learning, teaching, assessment, curriculum and professional development, in the context of teaching mathematics to eleven to nineteen year olds. It is part of a new series of books that has as ...

Modern Foreign Languages Teaching School Subjects 11-19

Modern Foreign Languages: Teaching School Subjects 11-19

1st Edition

By Norbert Pachler, Michael Evans, Shirley Lawes
February 14, 2008

Covering the training standards for NQTs and the Induction Standards and also fully exploring issues to do with subject knowledge in learning to teach, this is the essential guide for teachers of foreign languages. Acknowledging that an essential element of a secondary teacher's identity is tied up...

Business, Economics and Enterprise Teaching School Subjects 11-19

Business, Economics and Enterprise: Teaching School Subjects 11-19

1st Edition

By Jacek Brant, Peter Davies
December 16, 2005

This book has been written for teachers of business education and economics in the years of their early professional development, including those on PGCE courses, those in their induction year, and those in years two and three of their teaching career. The book will also be suitable for ...

Geography Teaching School Subjects 11-19

Geography: Teaching School Subjects 11-19

1st Edition

By John Morgan, David Lambert
July 29, 2005

When Geography specialists decide they want to teach, it can be a daunting prospect to enter a real classroom, no matter how much subject knowledge they already possess. Geography: Teaching School Subjects 11-19 puts the subject into perspective and shows new teachers and student teachers how ...

Science Teaching School Subjects 11-19

Science: Teaching School Subjects 11-19

1st Edition

Edited By Vanessa Kind, Keith Taber
June 23, 2005

In recognizing that new teachers often feel disempowered by the subject expertise they bring into teaching, this book not only covers the training standards for NQTs and the Induction Standards, but takes the reader beyond this by fully exploring issues relating to subject knowledge in learning to ...

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