1st Edition

Teaching and Learning History Online A Guide for College Instructors

Edited By Stephen K. Stein, Maureen MacLeod Copyright 2023
    202 Pages
    by Routledge

    202 Pages
    by Routledge

    Teaching and Learning History Online: A Guide for College Instructors offers everything a new online history instructor needs in one package, including how to structure courses, integrate multimedia, and manage and grade discussions, as well as advice for department chairs on curriculum management, student advising, and more.

    In today’s technological society, online courses are quickly becoming the new normal in terms of collegiate instruction, providing the ideal environment to "flip the classroom" and encourage students to hone critical thinking skills by engaging deeply with historical sources. While much of the attention in online teaching focuses on STEM, business, and education courses, online history courses have also proven consistently popular. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, new history instructors are rushed into online teaching with little or no training or experience, creating a need for a guide to ease the transition from classroom to online course development and teaching.

    A timely text, this book aims to provide both new and experienced college history teachers the information they need to develop dynamic online courses.


    About the Contributors

    Stephen K. Stein and Maureen MacLeod

    Part 1: Administrative, Legal, and Technical Issues of Online Teaching
    Maureen MacLeod

    Chapter 1: Overcoming Resistance to Teaching History Online and Methods of Engagement
    Rachel J. Mittelman

    Chapter 2: Teaching to the Whole Class: Accessibility and Inclusivity in Teaching Online History Classes
    Christina Ghanbarpour

    Chapter 3: Balancing Act: Offering History Online from A Department Chair’s Perspective
    Kathleen A. Tobin

    Chapter 4: Advising Online History Majors
    Chrystal Goudsouzian and Amanda Lee Savage

    Chapter 5: Working with Publisher Produced Material
    David L. Toye

    Chapter 6: Instructor, University and Other Contributors: Balancing Copyright Protections for Online Learning
    Elizabeth F. Buchanan and Stephen K. Stein

    Part 2: Innovative Pedagogy for the Online Class
    Stephen K. Stein and Maureen MacLeod

    Chapter 7: More than a Mode of Delivery—Benefits and Challenges of Teaching History Online
    Elizabeth F. Buchanan

    Chapter 8: Intercultural Learning Online: Using Students’ Diverse Perspectives to Build Connections to History
    Molly J. Giblin

    Chapter 9: Using Technology in Pedagogy and Assessment: Timelines, Story Mapping, and Edpuzzles
    Maureen MacLeod

    Chapter 10: Dynamic Video Content in the Online History Classroom
    Courtney Luckhardt

    Chapter 11: Assessment and Feedback as Instruction in the Online History Classroom
    Cassandra L. Clark

    Chapter 12: Games and Gamification in Online History Classes
    Mary A. Valante

    Part 3: Online Discussion and Interactive Learning
    Stephen K. Stein

    Chapter 13: Creating Meaningful Online Discussions
    Tony Acevedo

    Chapter 14: Managing Online Discussions in Larger Sections
    J. M. Wolfe

    Chapter 15: Letting the Sources Guide the Way: The Dynamic Utilization of Primary Sources in the Online History Classroom
    Micki Kaleta

    Chapter 16: It’s All Relative: The Importance of Scaffolding and Course Design in the Online History Classroom
    Leigh Ann Wilson

    Chapter 17: Interactive Timelines as the Center of Class Discussion
    Brandon Morgan

    Chapter 18: Using Omeka to Bring Women's History to Online Learners
    Brigitte Billeaudeaux and Christine Eisel




    Stephen K. Stein is an Associate Professor of History and Department Chair for online programs at the University of Memphis, USA.

    Maureen MacLeod is an Assistant Professor of History, Chair of the Humanities Department, and the History Program Director at Mercy College, USA.