1st Edition

Teaching and Learning from Within A Core Reflection Approach to Quality and Inspiration in Education

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    226 Pages
    by Routledge

    Teaching and Learning from Within brings together theory, research, and practice on core reflection, an approach that focuses on people’s strengths as the springboard for personal growth and serves every human being involved in education–including students, teachers, school principals, and university faculty. This approach supports the essential role of authenticity in the development of the whole person. It has been used in contexts around the world and has shown great promise in helping to re-chart the course for education and to re-think its purpose in global and democratic societies. The book looks at the current educational context and the need for core reflection; introduces the theory and its linkages to previous studies in numerous disciplines; presents various applications in multinational research and practice—with teachers, with students and schools, and with teacher educators; and highlights ongoing work in around the world along with future plans, opportunities, and resources for professional development and research.







    PART I Overview - Introduction to Core Reflection

    Chapter 1  Transforming Education from Within
      William L. Greene, Younghee M. Kim, & Fred A. J. Korthagen

    Chapter 2  A Focus on the Human Potential
      Fred A. J. Korthagen

    Chapter 3  The Core Reflection Approach
      Fred A. J. Korthagen


    PART II  Core Reflection with Teachers

    Chapter 4 Teaching from the Inside Out: Discovering and Developing the-Self-That-Teaches
    John T. King, & Jo-Anne Lau-Smith

    Chapter 5 Actualizing Core Strengths in New Teacher Development
    Roni Adams, Younghee M. Kim, & William L. Greene

    Chapter 6  Coaching Based on Core Reflection: A Case Study on Supporting Presence in Teacher Education
      Paulien C. Meijer, Fred A. J. Korthagen, & Angelo Vasalos

    Chapter 7 Coaching Based on Core Reflection Makes a Difference
      Annemarieke Hoekstra, & Fred A. J. Korthagen

    Part III Core Reflection with Students and Schools

    Chapter 8   Core Reflection in Primary Schools: A New Approach to Educational Innovation
      Saskia Attema-Noordewier, Fred A. J. Korthagen, & Rosanne C. Zwart

    Chapter 9 Developing Core Qualities in Young Students
    Peter Ruit, & Fred A. J. Korthagen

    Chapter 10 A Core Reflection Approach to Reducing Study Procrastination
    Marjan E. Ossebaard, Fred A. J. Korthagen, Heinze Oost, Jan Stavenga-de Jong, & Angelo Vasalos

    Part IV Core Reflection with Teacher Educators

    Chapter 11 Aligning Professional and Personal Identities: Applying
    Core Reflection in Teacher Education Practice
    Younghee M. Kim, & William L. Greene

    Chapter 12  Core Reflection as a Catalyst for Change in Teacher Education
    Erin M. Wilder, William L. Greene, & Younghee M. Kim

    Part V  Conclusion

    Chapter 13 Towards A New View of Teaching and Learning
      Fred A. J. Korthagen, William L. Greene, & Younghee M. Kim

    Chapter Contributors



    Fred Korthagen is Professor of Education, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

    Younghee Kim is Professor, School of Education, Southern Oregon University, USA.

    William L. Greene
    is Chair, School of Education, Southern Oregon University, USA.

    "In a broader sense, this book aims to both demonstrate how to facilitate the core reflection process and to provide evidence of its effectiveness in promoting individual growth. In this first goal, it is quite successful because of the way the authors detail and provide examples of the technique." ― Douglas Larkin, Montclair State University, Teachers College Record