1st Edition

Technology-Based Learning Maximizing Human Performance and Corporate Success

By Michael J. Marquardt, Greg Kearsley Copyright 1998
    336 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Companies worldwide are recognizing the critical importance of harnessing the learning capabilities of people and technology in the workplace. Technology-Based Learning:
    Maximizing Human Performance and Corporate Success shows how to capture and leverage this power, through techniques of knowledge management.

    This comprehensive overview examines the advantages and disadvantages of learning technologies, and provides a guide for selecting, costing, and applying the various techniques.

    Technology in the workplace has many overwhelming possibilities-so many that they've left many managers and HRD professionals confused and perplexed. Let Marquardt and Kearsley show you how to bring technology under control to meet the needs of your company and your employees.

    Impact of Technology on Organizations, Work and Workers
    Explosion of Technology in the World of Work
    14 Ways Technology Has Transformed the Workplace
    Technology and the Learning Organization
    Technology and the Worker
    Technologies for Learning in the Workplace
    Learning Technologies for Maximizing Human Performance
    Electronic Publishing
    Television and Video
    Teleconferencing-Audio, Video, Computer and Desktop
    Interactive Multimedia-Expanding Computer-Based Learning
    Simulation, Stimulators and Virtual Reality
    Authoring Tools to Create and Manage Learning Technologies
    Technology for Managing Knowledge
    Technology and Knowledge Management
    Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS)
    Networks-Internet, Intranet, Web, and LANs/WANs
    Knowledge Engineering-The Technological Future for Management Knowledge
    Application of Technology for Global Success
    Selecting and Evaluating Technology
    Impact of Culture and Globalization on Technology and Learning
    Best Practices in Learning Technology
    Best Practices in Use of Technology for Knowledge Management
    The Future of Technology in the Workplace


    Michael J. Marquardt, Greg Kearsley