1st Edition

Technology in Education A Twenty-Year Retrospective

By Cleborne D Maddux, D Lamont Johnson Copyright 2004
    214 Pages
    by Routledge

    218 Pages
    by Routledge

    Examine the history of the microcomputer and its impact on education!

    Under the editorship of D. LaMont Johnson, PhD, a nationally recognized leader in the field of educational computing, Computers in the Schools has been a powerful tool in educational settings. Now, after 20 years, Professor Johnson muses on how far information technology has come. Technology in Education: A Twenty-Year Perspective brings you a retrospective look at the trends and issues relating to the integration of computers into the school curriculum covering 25 years. He joins several other colleagues to follow the historical journey of the “dream machine” to the technological wonder it has become.

    Technology in Education: A Twenty-Year Perspective will leave you better informed on such topics as:

    • the obstacles slowing the integration of information technology in education—why are computers still collecting dust in many classrooms?
    • the predictions that were made by early computer enthusiasts, and how close or off the mark those predictions came
    • how information technology has impacted education and society so far
    • historical advances in education that should be celebrated, such as the advent of the World Wide Web
    • the student’s perspective of computers in education
    • and much more!
    Computers in the Schools is the one of the oldest academic journals dealing directly with the integration of information technology into the educational setting. Technology in Education: A Twenty-Year Perspective provides an important overview by some of the leading experts in the field. From the earliest predictions and opinions to the latest trends and findings, this book, celebrating the journal’s twentieth anniversary, is a vital research tool for students and professors of information technology in education.

    • The Dream Machine
    • Instructional Technologies in Schools: Are We There Yet?
    • Twenty Years of Research in Information Technology in Education: Assessing Our Progress
    • The Effects of Technology on Educational Theory and Practice: A 20-Year Perspective
    • The Role of “Computers in the Schools” Revisited
    • Trends in Computer Uses as Reported in Computers in the Schools
    • An Information Technology Integration System and Its Life Cycle: What Is Missing?
    • Entering Skills of Students Enrolling in an Educational Technology Course
    • Technology and the New Meaning of Educational Equity
    • A Retrospective Analysis of Technological Advancements in Special Education
    • Implementing Technology-Rich Curricular Materials: Findings from the Exploring Life Project
    • Digital Portfolios in Teacher Education: Blending Professional Standards, Assessment, Technology and Reflective Practice
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Maddux, Cleborne D; Johnson, D Lamont