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Textile Institute Series: Responsibility and Sustainability

About the Series

The Textile Institute and Routledge have partnered to produce a ground--‐breaking new book series entitled Sustainability in Textiles. As the second largest industry in the world, textiles and textile production have a huge impact on the environment, the people who work within the industry and the development of business and government policy at a global level.

The Textile Institute, the world’s leading institution for the industry, defines Sustainable Textiles and Apparel in the following ways:

  • Safe for humans and the physical environment;
  • Made from renewable materials;
  • Produced through making the most efficient use of resources such as water and energy;
  • Manufactured by people employed in decent working conditions;
  • Capable of being washed at low temperature using environmentally friendly laundering agents;
  • Capable of being returned safely to the environment at the end of their useful life (Performance Apparel Market, 2009).

2 Series Titles

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Supply Chain Management and Logistics in the Global Fashion Sector The Sustainability Challenge

Supply Chain Management and Logistics in the Global Fashion Sector: The Sustainability Challenge

1st Edition

Edited By Rajkishore Nayak
November 13, 2020

The ways in which we design, make, transport and then discard clothes has a huge social and environmental impact. This book covers responsible business practices and sustainability in the fashion industry from the raw fibre stage, through production, to the point of customer consumption. The ...

Eco-Friendly and Fair Fast Fashion and Consumer Behaviour

Eco-Friendly and Fair: Fast Fashion and Consumer Behaviour

1st Edition

Edited By Mark Heuer, Carolin Becker-Leifhold
April 30, 2018

The make-take-waste paradigm of fast fashion explains much of the producer and consumer behavior patterns towards fast fashion. The evolution from a two-season fashion calendar to fast fashion, characterized by rapid product cycles from retailers and impulse buying by consumers, presents new ...

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