2nd Edition

The Aging Consumer Perspectives from Psychology and Marketing

Edited By Aimee Drolet, Carolyn Yoon Copyright 2021
    384 Pages
    by Routledge

    380 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Aging Consumer: Perspectives from Psychology and Marketing, 2nd edition takes stock of what is known around age and consumer behavior, identifies gaps and open questions within the research, and outlines an agenda for future research.

    There has been little systematic research done with respect to the most basic questions related to age and consumer behavior, such as whether older adults versus young and middle-age adults respond to marketing activities including pricing, promotions, product design, and distribution. Written by experts, The Aging Consumer compiles research on a broad range of topics on consumer marketing, from an individual to a societal level of analysis. This second edition provides new versions of chapters contained in the 2010 volume that have been updated to reflect the latest psychological and marketing research and thinking. Included also are ten new chapters which cover exciting new ground, such as changes in metacognition in older adults, motivated cognition of the aging consumer, and a global perspective on aging and the economy across cultures.

    This updated volume is beneficial for researchers and practitioners in marketing, consumer behavior, and advertising. Additionally, The Aging Consumer, 2nd edition will appeal to professionals in other fields such as psychology, decision sciences, gerontology and gerontological social work, and those who are concerned with normal human aging and its implications for the everyday behavior of older individuals.  It will also be of interest to those in fields concerned with the societal implications of an aging population, such as economics, policy, and law.

    Part I: Cognitive Changes with Age

    1. Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging

    Mukadam, Leger, and Gutchess

    2. Changes in Memory and Metacognition in Older Adulthood

    Siegel, Whatley, Hargis, and Castel

    3. Motivated Cognition and Curiosity in the Aging Consumer

    Hargis, Whatley, Siegel, and Castel

    Part II: Influence of Aging on Decision Making

    4. Aging-related Changes in Decision Making

    Bjälkebring and Peters

    5. Effects of Age on Risky and Intertemporal Choices: Decision Strategies and Real-World Implications

    Hampton and Venkatraman

    6. Effects of Age on Spending Behavior for Consumer Packaged Goods

    Bodapati and Drolet

    Part III: Implications of Aging on Consumer Behavior

    7. Successful Retirement: From Retiring to Rewiring


    8. Impact of Age on Brand Choice

    Lambert-Pandraud and Laurent

    9. Comprehension of and Vulnerability to Persuasive Marketing Communications among Older Consumers

    Bonifield and Cole

    10. Age Branding

    Sood and Moody

    11. Designing Products for Older Consumers: A Human Factors Perspective

    Charness, Yoon, and Pham

    Part IV: New Directions in Aging Research

    12. Subjective Age and Older Consumers

    Peluso, Amatulli, Yoon, and Guido

    13. Aging Across the World: The Interplay of Demographic, Economic, Historical, and Cultural Factors

    Yip, Nolte, and Löckenhoff

    14. The Influence of Creativity on Objective and Subjective Well-being in Older Adulthood

    Carpenter, Chae, Sung, and Yoon

    15. Are Young Adults More Narcissistic Than Older Adults?

    Davis, Polyakova, Bodapati, and Drolet

    16. Smart Living for Older People and the Aging Consumer

    Webster, Francis, and Antonucci


    Aimee Drolet, MA, AM, and Ph.D. is the Marion Anderson Chair of Management, The Anderson School at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA (UCLA). She specializes in consumer decision-making. Her research looks at the mental processes underlying consumers’ choices, specifically focusing on decision-making among older consumers. Her latest research focuses on the development of habits and on the preference for moderation.

    Carolyn Yoon, MBA, Ph.D., is Professor of Marketing at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, USA. Her research investigates psychological and neural mechanisms underlying decision processes across the lifespan, with a focus on generating insights that facilitate improvements in life satisfaction and well-being among older consumers.

    "This book is a definitive overview of the important research on aging. It provides an up-to-date review of the latest research on aging, a demographic reality that should be on everyone’s radar and one of the largest challenges of our time." —David Aaker, Professor Emeritus at University of California, Berkeley, USA

    "A remarkable synthesis of the latest thinking, theories, and findings about our maturing population, and its ramifications for both business and society. The book is remarkable both for its breadth of perspective—psychological, sociological, neuroscientific, economic, political—and detailed discussions of how the graying demographic will impact our collective future." —Itamar Simonson, Sebastian S. Kresge Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, USA