1st Edition

The Biology of Sea Turtles, Volume II

Edited By Peter L. Lutz, John A. Musick, Jeanette Wyneken Copyright 2003
    474 Pages 4 Color & 91 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The success of the first volume of The Biology of Sea Turtles revealed a need for broad but comprehensive reviews of major recent advances in sea turtle biology. Biology of Sea Turtles, Volume II emphasizes practical aspects of biology that relate to sea turtle management and to changes in marine and coastal ecosystems. These topics include the interactions of humans and sea turtles, an introduction to sea turtle anatomy, sensory and reproductive biology, sea turtle habitat use and ecology, stress and health, and the maintenance of captured animals. This volume provides both historical and up-to-date information.

    Prehistoric and Ancient Historic Interactions between Humans and Marine Turtles, J. Frazier
    The External Morphology, Musculoskeletal System, and Neuro-Anatomy of Sea Turtles, J. Wyneken
    Sensory Biology of Sea Turtles, S.M. Bartol and J.A. Musick
    Critical Approaches to Sex Determination in Sea Turtles, T. Wibbels
    Reproductive Cycles of Males and Females, Mark Hamann, C.J. Limpus, and D.W. Owens
    Physiological and Genetic Responses to Environmental Stress, S.L. Milton and P.L. Lutz
    Ontogeny of Marine Turtle Gonads, J.D. Miller and C.J. Limpus
    Adult Migrations and Habitat Use, P. Plotkin
    Variation in Sea Turtle Life History Patterns: Neritic vs. Oceanic Developmental Stages, A.B. Bolten
    Roles of Sea Turtles in Marine Ecosystems: Reconstructing the Past, K.A. Bjorndal and J.B.C. Jackson
    Sea Turtle Population Ecology, S.S. Heppell, M.L. Snover, and L.B. Crowder
    Contemporary Culture, Use, and Conservation of Sea Turtles, L.M. Campbell
    Fisheries-Related Mortality and Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs), S.P. Epperly
    Social and Economic Aspects of Sea Turtle Conservation, B.E. Witherington and N.B. Frazer
    Practical Approaches for Studying Sea Turtle Health and Disease, L.H. Herbst and E.R. Jacobson
    Sea Turtle Husbandry, B.M. Higgins


    Peter L. Lutz, John A. Musick, Jeanette Wyneken

    “This monograph … along with its companion volume … are crucial resumes of what we do know and what still needs to be done. These volumes, which truly tackle the full range of sea turtle-related issues, simply cannot be missing from the bookshelf of anyone seriously involved with sea turtles, whether it be sea turtle researchers or the staff and managers of marine protected areas with sea turtles in their waters or on their beaches.”
    Marine Ecology, Vol. 25 (2), July 2004

    "When the first volume of theBiology of Sea Turtles appeared in 1997, it enjoyed considerable success and was frequently cited....theBiology of Sea Turtlesis one of the best places to start... and both volumes may be recommended to libraries and individuals."
    —N. Mrosovsky, in Nature, Vol 423, 15 May 2003

    “Like its predecessor, it is likely to become the standard reference in the field. The 16 chapters by leading sea turtle biologists cover a wide variety of topics, including morphology, sensory biology, reproduction, physiology, migrations, feeding ecology, life histories, population ecology, conservation, and husbandry. There is even an introductory chapter on prehistoric and ancient historic interactions between sea turtles and humans. The chapters provide detailed technical reviews of sea turtle biology and are well illustrated with line drawings and photographs. …this volume and its companion are likely to be a first source for many herpetologists looking for current information on sea turtles.” 
    — Kentwood D. Wells, University of Connecticut in Copeia, 2004(2)

    BST is undoubtedly a key reference text for those involved closely with sea turtle research and an essential purchase for institutional libraries that service those involved with marine biology, especially when this focuses on our chosen taxon.”
    — Brendan J Godley in the Marine Turtle Newsletter, No. 102, 2003