1st Edition

The Blob Visual Emotional Thesaurus

By Ian Long Copyright 2016
    344 Pages
    by Speechmark

    This unique visual thesaurus is designed to help writers of all ages to develop their emotional literacy.

    The book focuses solely upon emotions. Spanning circa 140 emotional words it is divided into three sections: ranges of emotions (offering a visual spectrum to be referred to by writers unsure of the intensity of feelings), synonyms (each image has similar images and words underneath it along with a sentence to help a new writer see how it can be embedded into a story), and antonyms - opposite pairs of feelings that are useful when wishing to create contrast in a storyline.

    This book will be a vital reference for every classroom and can be used individually or in whole class activities.

    How to use this book, Ranges of feelings, Sad feelings, Angry feelings, Dispirited to obsessed feelings, Positive feelings, Rejection feelings, Scared feelings, Close feelings, Individual feeling words, Opposite pairs of feelings


    Ian Long has been a youth worker, a primary school teacher and an assistant pastor. Currently, his main role is as a carer. This book, therefore, has been produced in spaces throughout the day. He first developed visual books with Pip Wilson, the trainer / youth worker / ideas man / beautiful human person, when we created the Blob Tree image together in the 1980s. It was to help all types of people to express their feelings, no matter what age they were or country they were from. The Blobs in these images have no gender or age. They express feelings common to us all . Pip describes them as signals . He says that feelings are not good or bad, just signs for us to understand. When we are young we often see feelings as instructions. As we get older we choose which feelings to respond to. It is my desire that this book enables future generations to become more emotionally literate.