1st Edition

The Business of Humanity Strategic Management in the Era of Globalization, Innovation, and Shared Value

By John Camillus, Bopaya Bidanda, N. Mohan Copyright 2017
    191 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    191 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    Companies across the world, for a variety of reasons, are committing to incorporating social responsibility into their business models and finding that their profits are growing and their long-term sustainability is enhanced—building "humanity" into their business models as the driver of economic, environmental, and social sustainability. This fascinating development is a widely observable global phenomenon.

    The "Business of Humanity®" (BoH) Proposition is the synthesis of counter-intuitive but simple and powerful ideas about how companies can add value in today’s globalized and fast-changing world. The task of BoH Strategies is to overcome three critical challenges characterizing today’s business environment, namely disruptive technologies, conflicted stakeholders, and unknowable futures. BoH Strategies are designed to convert these challenges into opportunities for enhanced sustainability on all three dimensions—economic, environmental and social. Written by leading experts with decades of experience, this book:

    • Provides a hands-on understanding of how to implement this powerful and rewarding approach to simultaneously add economic value and enhance social benefit
    • Includes the experiences and approaches of highly regarded business executives and successful organizations
    • Responds to the critical challenges created by three environmental mega forces – the inevitability of globalization, the imperative of innovation, and the importance of shared value.

    This book is based on lessons drawn from the real world and provides a compelling rationale for the power of the BoH Proposition. The pragmatic framework and process offered enable companies to develop and confidently implement value-adding strategies based on the BoH Proposition.

    Chapter 1: The Business of Humanity® Proposition

    Chapter 2: The Strategic Challenge

    Chapter 3: Responding to the Strategic Challenge

    Chapter 4: The Business of Humanity® Management Framework

     Chapter 5: Identity as Anchor, Beacon and Compass

    Chapter 6: Feed-Forward to a Visionary Future

    Chapter 7: Frugal Engineering, Not Jugaad!

    Chapter 8: Forming Business of Humanity® Strategies

    Chapter 9: The Promise of Business of Humanity® Strategies

    Appendix 1: Arvind Ltd: The Power of BoH Strategies

    Appendix 2: Ford in Camacari: BoH–Driven Sustainability as Strategy

    Appendix 3: Walmart in India: In Search of a BoH Strategy

    Appendix 4: SKS Microfinance and Bandhan: The Triumph of BoH Strategy


    John Camillus, Bopaya Bidanda, N. Mohan

    The Business of Humanity makes the business case for why a more human-centered capitalism is important as a long-term business strategy and offers a formula for sustainable economic behavior that could benefit billions of people. Every CEO and politician should read this book.

    -Grant Oliphant, President, The Heinz Endowments

    With specific examples, the authors challenge businesses of all sizes and locations to question whether their focus is on the drivers of real customer value, progressive management concepts, and out-of-the-box thinking of what really drives long-term success.

    -Donald R. Beall, Chairman Emeritus, Rockwell; Fortune Magazine’s "Star" of the Aerospace and Defense Industries

    African businesses are compelled by a variety of factors to incorporate corporate social responsibility, and strong humane management in their business models. This book lays out the inductive logic and empirical basis for following this business model for enhanced sustainable economic performance.

    -Prof. Dr. Bart O. Nnaji, Chairman and CEO of Geometric Power Ltd.; former Minister of Power, and former Federal Minister of Science and Technology in Nigeria

    The Business of Humanity demonstrates that profitable competitive business models are often enhanced when leaders consider the impact of their actions on broader humanity. It’s a must read.

    -Thomas D. Hull III, Chief Financial Officer, Kewaunee Scientific Corporation

    These scholars have developed a disruptive innovation model that can transform the business world.  This book is the opportunity for businessmen and policy makers to implement this revolution all over the world.

    -Roberto Zarama, Professor, Universidad de los Andes

    Organizations seeking to grow in new or emerging markets would benefit from applying the principles in this book.

    -Joel Ross, CEO, Universal Electric Corporation