332 Pages
    by Routledge

    332 Pages
    by Routledge

    The CIM Marketing Dictionary the 5th edition of the best-selling Dictionary of Marketing now contains over 3,000 terms. This greatly expanded dictionary spans the complete range of present-day marketing and associated terminology. Marketers will also find over 400 new entries covering the latest jargon they need to know in IT.

    In compiling this selection, the editor has drawn on his own extensive experience and sought the views of all the leading trade and professional associations. The CIM Marketing Dictionary will prove invaluable to all marketing professionals including marketing managers and directors, sales, marketing communications managers, specialists involved in purchasing, export and many other fields. Students of this subject will also find this book an essential reference point.

    Terminology includes *marketing research *export *packaging *advertising *information technology *marketing communications *merchandising *sales promotion *selling *public relations *law


    Norman A. Hart

    'This is an excellent dictionary which combines the classic virtues of comprehensiveness and clarity of expression. The dictionary's wide ranging and up to date entries will make it an invaluable working tool for marketing practitioners and students.'
    Professor James E Lynch, University of Leeds

    'The CIM Marketing Dictionary demands a position on the shelf of everyone in marketing simply because it is so comprehensive. The fact that it
    is edited so professionally by Norman Hart guarantees its accuracy and usefulness. Buy it. Test it. Use it.' Roger Haywood,Chairman, Kestrel Communications

    'Marketing Education has been a major growth area during the 1980's and the 1990's. More than ever students are electing to study marketing at BTEC, undergraduate and MBA levels. It is therefore essential that they have an easily accessible reference source to the vocabulary of marketing.
    The 5th edition of The CIM Marketing Dictionary has been updated to provide a contemporary source of all major marketing terminology. As such it is an extremely valuable contribution to the students toolkit of reference sources to fully comprehend the many facets of marketing.' David Jobber,Professor of Marketing, University of Bradford

    'Recommended as useful supplementary material for practitioners and
    Journal of Communication Management, November 1996

    Returned book

    'This book is highly recommended to all CAM students as an invaluable reference for the CAM examinations. Not only does it clearly define and explain marketing terms but does so in an extremely clear way.'
    CAM News, Feb 1997