1st Edition

The Concept of Development The Minnesota Symposia on Child Psychology, Volume 15

Edited By W. A. Collins Copyright 1982
    192 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Published in 1982, the Concept of Development is a valuable contribution to the feild of Developmental Psychology.

    1. Structures, Stages, and Sequences in Cognitive Development Stages; Sequences; 2. Comparative and Psychobiological Perspectives on Development; Rodent Studies; Primate Studies; Surrogate-Infant Studies; Conclusion; 3. The Concept of Affordances in Development: The Renascence of Functionalism; Functionalism and the Concept of Affordance; Antecedents of the Concept of Affordance; Examples of Affordance; The Developmental Study of Affordances; Conclusion; 4. Development and the Dialectic: The Need for a Systems Approach; General Systems Theory; System Properties; Evolution and Dialectics; 5. Epidemiological-Longitudinal Approaches to the Study of Development; Characteristics of Epidemiological and Longitudinal Approaches; Patterns of Behavior; Sex Differences; Developmental Changes; Causal Factors; Conclusions; 6. Commentary; Complexity in Development and Developmental Studies; Organization and Relationships in Development; Culture, Context, and the Concept of Development; List of Contributors; Author Index; Subject Index;


    Collins, W. A.