The Cytoskeleton of the Algae  book cover
1st Edition

The Cytoskeleton of the Algae

ISBN 9780849366796
Published March 4, 1992 by CRC Press
480 Pages

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Book Description

The Cytoskeleton of the Algae provides a comprehensive examination of the structural features of the cytoskeleton in phylogenetic branches of algae. The book also analyzes the possible functions of cytoskeletal components using structural, physiological, genetic, and molecular approaches. Many taxa are described in detail, mirroring the dramatic progress that has been made in recent years in this new research field. Many unique structural elements and motility phenomena are described for the first time, and other features common to all plant cells, such as cell polarity, cytoplasmic streaming, mitosis, cell wall deposition, and contractile events are analyzed using algae as experimental model systems. The Cytoskeleton of the Algae reflects the enormous impact that research on the algal cytoskeleton has on both phycology and plant cell biology, and it will serve as an excellent reference volume for researchers in this area.

Table of Contents

The Microarchitecture of the Chrysophycean Cytoskeleton (Richard Wetherbee, Anthony Koutoulis, and Robert A. Andersen). The Dinoflagellate Cytoskeleton (Keith R. Roberts, Julia Roberts, and Stephania A. Cormier). The Cytoskeleton in the Diatoms: The Mitotic Spindle and Cell Cycle Dependent Organization (Linda Wordeman). The Cytoskeleton in Euglenoids: Cell Form, Surface Motility, and Cell Replication are Based on a Membrane Skeleton of Repeating Strips (R.R. Dubreuil, J.A. Marrs, and G.B. Bouck). Role of the Cytoskeleton in Cellular Morphogenesis of Zygotes of Fucoid Algae (Darryl L. Kropf). Cytoskeleton and Mitotic Spindle in Red Algae (Sharon T. Broadwater, Joseph L. Scott, and David J. Garbary). The Cytoskeleton in the Desmidiaceae-Cell Morphogenesis (Taizo Hogetsu). Cytoskeleton-Based Nuclear Translocation in Desmids (Ursula Meindl). Microtubules Controlling Cellulose Deposition? A Comparison Between the Chlorococcales and the Giant Green Coenocytes (Shun Mizuta). The Cytoskeleton of the Zygnemataceae (Franz Grolig). The Cytoskeleton in the Life Cycle of Acetabularia and Other Related Species of Dasyclad Green Algae (D. Menzel, H. Jonitz, C. Elsner-Menzel). A Mathematical Model of Cytoskeletal Dynamics and Morphogenesis in Acetabularia (B.C. Goodwin and C. Briére). Contractile Movements in the Algae: The Siphonocladales as Model Systems (John W. LaClaire, II). The Role of the Cytoskeleton in Organelle Translocation in Vaucheria Longicaulis (Donald W. Ott). The Characean Cytoskeleton: Spatial Control in the Cortical Cytoplasm (Geoffrey O. Wasteneys). The Characean Cytoskeleton: Dissecting the Streaming Mechanism (T. Shimmen). Flagellar Apparatus Architecture and the Phylogeny of Green Algae: Chlorophytes, Euglenoids, Glaucophytes (Charles J. O'Kelly). Genetic Approaches to the Study of Cytoskeletal Structure and Function in Chlamydomonas (Jeffrey A. Holmes and Susan K. Dutcher). Tubulins in the Volvocales: From Genes to Organized Microtubule Assemblages (Rüdiger Schmitt and David L. Kirk). Centrin-Based Calcium-Sensitive Contractile Fibers of the Green Algae (Jeffrey L. Salisbury). Calcium, a Regulator of Cytoskeletal Activity and Cellular Competence (Gottfried Wagner, Ulrich Russ, and Hartmut Quader). Algae as Treasure House for Cytoskeleton Research. A Concluding Remark (Noburo Kamiya).

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