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    This is the second and fully updated edition of an authoritative handbook aimed at all those involved in designing educational exhibitions. It lays out guidelines for exhibition design that, for a given cost, will tend to optimize the educational value of exhibitions to their target audience. It offers practical guidance on all aspects of the work, from the planning, administration and evaluation of a large programme of exhibition work down to the selection of media and the design and construction of the single exhibit. It discusses the things that should be thought about and the things that should be done in setting up educational exhibits, paying particular attention to the pitfalls that must be identified and avoided if the work is to be done well. The handbook is essential for all those who are concerned with mounting educational exhibitions, whether they be administrators, designers, educationalists, planners or in specific subject areas. It will be required reading for students following postgraduate courses in museology (museum studies) or similar courses at institutions throughout the world. No special background knowledge is assumed as the readership will be as varied as the skills required to put together and evaluate an exhibition.

    Preface to first edition; Preface to second edition; Acknowledgments Introduction The general framework Psychological and educational aspects of exhibition design Planning the work The exhibition team Organising the intellectual content Laying out the exhibition The individual exhibits Choosing media and their modes of use Disabled visitors Conservation The specification Scheduling, monitoring and controlling exhibit production Improving the performance Evaluation: its nature, limitations and dangers Designing and carrying out the evaluation study Replacement and renewal Glossary; Bibliography; Index


    Alt, M. B.; Gosling, D. C.; Miles, Dr R S; Miles, R. S.

    `... A thorough scrutiny has left me in no doubt as to the significant worth of this publication to all interested in this demanding and little known area of design... I commend this book to all designers and other interested parties who are involved in any form of exhibition design and to all whose interests are concerned with exhibition material for educational purposes.' - - British Thornton

    `... this book is an excellent starting point for the exhibition designer. It provides a broad foundation on which essential personal experience can be constructed.' - - Programmed Learning and Educational Technology

    `An essential reference source and guide for anyone seriously concerned with setting up or improving a museum.' - Review of first edition by Richard Gregory, New Scientist