1st Edition

The Development of Children’s Happiness and Success The Science of Optimizing Well-Being Across the Lifespan

By Maria Kalpidou Copyright 2024
    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    This engaging book is a comprehensive exploration of children's happiness and success covering a wide range of factors influencing positive functioning. It offers a holistic view of children’s well-being, identifying both threats and catalysts to happiness and success, as well as evidence-based strategies that promote optimal functioning.

    The first section of the book delves into the science of happiness, discussing the role of early social relationships, the importance of experiencing positive emotions and flow, spirituality, and physical health. The second section focuses on the science of success, exploring topics such as mindsets, self-control, and executive functions. Finally, the book explores individual and contextual factors explaining why character matters, the influence of media and technology, and the critical role of disadvantaged environments. Presenting happiness as an ongoing journey, intertwined with the pursuit and achievement of personal goals, the book concludes by proposing a new conceptual framework which identifies pivotal contributors to children's happiness and success such as relationships, self-regulation, and competence.

    Suited to upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in child development, family studies, education, and positive psychology, this book is also an invaluable resource for caregivers, educators, and child practitioners. It is a must-read for anyone interested in cultivating a fulfilling, well-lived life for children and adolescents.

    0. Introduction to Happiness and Success Part 1: The Science of Happiness 1. Relationships 2. Feeling Good 3. Solitude and Flow 4. Spirituality 5. Sound Body, Sound Mind Part 2: The Science of Success 6. The Power of Thinking Right 7. Self-Control 8. Cognitive Control Part 3: The Individual and the Context 9. Individual Differences Matter 10. Character Matters 11. Consumerism, Materialism, and Digital Media 12. Poverty, Physical Environment, and Discrimination Part 4: Conclusions 13. Pillars of Happiness and Success: The INSPIRE Model


    Maria Kalpidou, PhD, is a psychology professor at Assumption University in Massachusetts with 25 years of teaching experience in child development, a parent of three, and an advocate of equal opportunities for all children to discover and develop their full potential.

    "Applying science to everyday life can be a challenge, especially when it comes to child development. But Maria’s presentation of the literature helps to consolidate key insights and offer clear research-backed guidance."

    Lara Aknin, Distinguished Professor, Simon Fraser University

    "Maria Kalpidou takes a fresh approach in brilliantly weaving together theory, research evidence, and the voices of children and adolescents themselves to deepen understanding of the development of happiness and success. Each chapter begins with an illustrative vignette or quote and ends with practical suggestions for parents and other caregivers."

    Paula Fitzpatrick, PhD, Director of the Center for Well-Being at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Certified Koru Mindfulness Teacher, Professor of Psychology