1st Edition

The Development of Dyslexia and other SpLDs

By Ginny Stacey, Sally Fowler Copyright 2021
    348 Pages
    by Routledge

    348 Pages
    by Routledge

    Development of Dyslexia and Other SpLDs is the fourth book in the series Living Confidently with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs). This book is about the persistence of dyslexia and specific learning difficulties (SpLD) into adulthood. It pulls together experiences of many dyslexic/SpLD people.

    The book is written with non-linear readers in mind: those who need to move about a book picking up ideas that are currently relevant to them; a style that suits many dyslexic/SpLD readers.

    The book gives a framework for understanding the wide-ranging experiences of dyslexic/SpLD adults. With the greater understanding, there should be better help for:

    • adults who still have no strategies for dealing with dyslexic/ SpLD problems

    • children who have some skills but not at the level of their overall intelligence

    • young children who show the first signs of difficulties

    • dyslexic/SpLD children in mainstream schools.

    A new paradigm is proposed whereby all teaching programmes utilise each learner’s learning strengths - catering for dyslexic and SpLD adults and children involves vital teaching and learning approaches that are good practice for all.

    Useful Preface 1. No Cure, Please Start Early  2. What Goes Wrong  3. Adaptations for Children  4. New Paradigm Appendix 1 Resources Appendix 2 Indiviudal, Personal Profile of Dyslexia/ SpLD and Regime for Managing Dyslexia/ SpLD Appendix 3 Key Concepts Glossary List of Templates on the Website


    Ginny Stacey did not realise she was dyslexic until her mid-20s. The challenge of learning to play classical guitar helped her to understand how her dyslexic mind works. Committed to helping other dyslexics achieve their potential, she developed a range of highly effective techniques for supporting dyslexic students in studying all subjects and coping with life in general. The techniques are widely used in universities and colleges. She has become a nationally-recognised expert in the field.

    Sally Fowler stepped into the dyslexic world in her late 40s. It was a revelation to see the impacts of her dyslexia clearly. She became an approved teacher for the British Dyslexia Association with an M.A. in special education. She taught dyslexics, both children in schools and students at university. In Oxford, she met Ginny Stacey: the collaboration of two dyslexic minds has brought a wealth of experience to the Living Confidently with Specific Learning Difficulties series.

    'This book is a treasure trove containing wisdom, based on personal experience of Stacey's many years work with people who have dyslexia and supported by relevant and current research. She acknowledges that people with dyslexia come in many varieties and she helps them and their tutors uncover the complexities of their learning systems through effective listening, questioning and suggestions of accommodations that might help. The layout of the book invites interaction and reflection to enhance learning and has excellent visuals to suit the dyslexic mind. A book to dip into, essential for tutors and people with dyslexia alike.' - Bernadette McLean, Independent Dyslexia Consultant, Former Principal of Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre

    'This is an insightful and accessible read filled with useful information and practical strategies to support individuals. It is supported by reference to research and evidence, along with reflections from the authors’ own experiences, that come together to provide a very helpful resource. The contents have been broken down into key areas meaning this book can be dipped into for particular issues or used in its entirety. A useful publication for those with an interest in dyslexia and SpLDs be they a parent, teacher or other support provider.' - Helen Boden, CEO British Dyslexia Association   

    'This book will be invaluable for assessors and teachers wishing to broaden and enhance their understanding of dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties. Stacey and Fowler bring insights from their own and their students' individual experience of dyslexia/SpLD, together with research and theory, to examine the many different impacts and pitfalls of dyslexia. All of us who work in this field will benefit from Stacey’s new paradigm for a positive, holistic approach to SpLDs.' - Alex Brown, Specialist SpLD Support Tutor and Dyslexia Assessor, Member of Oxford SpLD Tutor Group

    'Development of Dyslexia and Other SpLDs is an excellent read. From a personal perspective, it provided important context to my experience as someone with dyspraxia; I found it fascinating to learn about both the commonalities and variability associated with SpLD. Stacey and Fowler’s work is thorough and well evidenced, yet they manage to maintain a remarkable levity in their writing. Some of the anecdotes had me laughing out loud! I would recommend this book to teachers, parents and anyone else who is interested in understanding SpLD.' - Archie F. A. Bott, DPhil in Atomic and Laser Physics, University of Oxford, and former SpLD student of Ginny Stacey