1st Edition

The Dynamics of Influencer Marketing A Multidisciplinary Approach

Edited By José M. Álvarez-Monzoncillo Copyright 2023
    220 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    220 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, etc. have their own logics, dynamics and different audiences. This book analyses how the users of these social networks, especially those of YouTube and Instagram, become content prescribers, opinion leaders and, by extension, people of influence.

    What influence capacity do they have? Why are intimate or personal aspects shared with unknown people? Who are the big beneficiaries? How much is vanity and how much altruism? What business is behind these social networks? What dangers do they contain? What volume of business can we estimate they generate? How are they transforming cultural industries? What legislation is applied? How does the legislation affect these communications when they are sponsored? Is the privacy of users violated with the data obtained? Who is the owner of the content? Are they to blame for "fake news"? In this changing, challenging and intriguing environment, The Dynamics of Influencer Marketing discusses all of these questions and more.

    Considering this complexity from different perspectives: technological, economic, sociological, psychological and legal, the book combines the visions of several experts from the academic world and provides a structured framework with a wide approach to understand the new era of influencing, including the dark sides of it. It will be of direct interest to marketing scholars and researchers while also relevant to many other areas affected by the phenomenon of social media influence.


    José M. Álvarez-Monzoncillo


    Chapter 1. Making use of digital methods to study influencer marketing

    Prince Chacko Johnson and Christian Sandström

    Chapter 2. The marketing of UGC, media industries and business influence: the Hydra of Lerna and the Sword of Heracles

    José M. Álvarez-Monzoncillo and Marina Santín

    Chapter 3. The power of algorithms and keys of participation

    José Esteves

    Chapter 4. Reviewing the Commercial and Social Impact of Social Media Influencers

    Chen Lou, Tiffany Chee and Xuan Zhou

    Chapter 5. The evolution of the influence business

    Antonio Baraybar

    Chapter 6. Influencer Marketing Dynamics: The Roles of Social Engagement, Trust, and Influence

    Sylvia Chan-Olmsted and Hyehyun Julia Kim

    Chapter 7. How Instagram & YouTube Users Share News: Algorithms, Monetization and Visibility on Social Media

    Jonathon Hutchinson and Tim Dwyer


    Chapter 8. A Cross-pollination of Fame? Star Athletes and Influencers on Instagram

    Emilio Fernández Peña, Natividad Ramajo and Adolfo Nieto

    Chapter 9. Crowd influences in branded communities: the case of CrossFit

    Anne Morawietz, Adele Berndt and Tomas Müllern

    Chapter 10. Three key practices of imagine building in entrepreneurial identity work of freelance journalists

    Sven-Ove Horst and Toon Brouwers




    José M. Álvarez-Monzoncillo (Ph.D, Complutense University of Madrid) is full-time Pofessor of Audiovisual Communications at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. He is currently the Course Director of a Master’s degree in Television Journalism and Director of the Infocent research group. His research and teaching interests include international media strategies, media branding, media business models, media and cultural policy, social media and media industries/cultural industries.