1st Edition

The Edu-Book Club: Making CPD Resources Work in the Classroom

By Dave Tushingham, Rhiannon Rainbow Copyright 2024
    356 Pages 106 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    356 Pages 106 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Educational books can help teachers engage in quality CPD (Continuing/Continuous Professional Development), but how do we find the time to read the latest literature? And if we have the time, how do we know what to choose or what we should do with what we read?

    Born from a real-life book club, The Edu-Book Club helps teachers and school leaders to navigate the wealth of evidence-based CPD by bringing together key publications on teaching, assessment, and curriculum. It shows how the ideas and research presented in these publications can be translated into everyday classroom practice, to help teachers and school leaders develop and inform these practices for their own professional and classroom development.

    Drawing on a diverse range of books and including practical advice on how to set up and run a book club, each book club session covers:

    • The rationale for choosing that title
    • An interview with the author with accompanying visual notes
    • A summary of the key ideas
    • Key takeaways and implications for classroom practice

    With an accompanying website featuring the video interviews and additional resources, accessible at https://glt-alwayslearning.co.uk/posts/glt-friends-book-club-edu-book-club, this will be a valuable resource for teachers and school leaders at all stages of their careers.

    1. Introduction
    2. The Sessions:

    #01. Mark McCourt - Teaching for Mastery 

    #02. David Didau - Making Kids Cleverer: A Manifesto for Closing the Advantage Gap 

    #03. Peter Mattock - Visible Maths: Using Representations & Structure to Enhance Mathematics Teaching in Schools 

    #04. Harry Fletcher-Wood - Responsive Teaching: Cognitive Science and Formative Assessment in Practice 

    #05. Michael Chiles - The CRAFT Of Assessment: A whole school approach to assessment for learning 

    #06. Haili Hughes - Mentoring in Schools: How to become an expert colleague 

    #07. Bennie Kara - A Little Guide for Teachers: Diversity in Schools 

    #08. Jo Morgan - A Compendium of Mathematical Methods 

    #09. Mary Myatt - The Curriculum: Gallimaufry to Coherence 

    #10. Jemma Sherwood - Oxford Teaching Guides - How to Enhance Your Mathematics Subject Knowledge: Number and Algebra for Secondary Teachers 

    #11. Dan Pearcy - Mathematical Beauty: What is Mathematical Beauty and Can Anyone Experience It? 

    #12. Lekha Sharma - Curriculum to Classroom: A handbook to prompt thinking around primary curriculum design and delivery 

    #13. Kate Jones - Retrieval Practice: Research & Resources for Every Classroom 

    #14. Ed Watson - Top Tips for New Teachers

    #15. Michael Pershan - Teaching Math with Examples 

    #16. Doug Lemov, Erica Woolway & Katie Yezzi - Practice perfect: 42 rules for getting better at getting better 

    #17. Anne Watson - Care in Mathematics Education: Alternative Educational Spaces and Practices

    #18. Zoe & Mark Enser - Fiorella & Mayer's Generative Learning in Action (In Action series) 

    #19. Kat Howard & Claire Hill - Symbiosis: The curriculum and the classroom 

    #20. Ed Southall - Yes, But Why? Teaching for Understanding in Mathematics 

    #21. Emma Turner - Be More Toddler: A Leadership Education From Our Little Learners

    #22. Sarah Davies - Talking About Oracy: developing communication beyond the classroom 

    #23. Clare Sealy - The ResearchED Guide to The Curriculum: An evidence-informed guide for teachers

    #24. Edward Watson & Bradley Busch - The Science of Learning: 99 studies that every teacher needs to know 

    #25. Alex Quigley - Closing the Reading Gap 

    #26. Matthew Evans - Leaders with Substance: An antidote to leadership genericism in schools

    #27. James Handscombe - A School Built on Ethos: Ideas, assemblies and hard-won wisdom 

    #28 Craig Barton - Reflect, Expect, Check, Explain: sequences and behaviour to enable mathematical thinking in the classroom 

    #29. Angela Browne - Lighting the Way: The case for ethical leadership in schools 

    #30. Bruce Robertson - The Teaching Delusion 3. Power up your Pedagogy 

    #31. Jennifer Webb - Teach Like A Writer: Expert tips on teaching students to write in different forms 

    #32. Mary Myatt & John Tomsett - Huh: Curriculum conversations between subject and senior leaders 

    #33. Ruth Ashbee - Curriculum: Theory, Culture and the Subject Specialisms 

    #34. Adam Boxer - Teaching Secondary Science: A Complete Guide 

    #35. Adele Bates - "Miss, I don’t give a sh*t": Engaging With Challenging Behaviour in Schools 

    #36. Harry Fletcher-Wood - Habits of Success: Getting Every Student Learning 

    #37. David Didau - Making Meaning in English: Exploring the Role of Knowledge in the English Curriculum 

    #38. Chris Curtis - How to Teach English: Novels, Non-Fiction and their Artful Navigation 

    #39. Lee Sullivan & Liz Durden-Myers - Is PE in Crisis? Leading Much Needed Change in Physical Education 

    #40. Adam Robbins - Middle Leadership Mastery. A Toolkit for Subject and Pastoral Leaders 

    3. Measuring Impact & Concluding Thoughts

    4. Bibliography


    Dave Tushingham is a Lead Practitioner for the Greenshaw Learning Trust in Bristol. He co-founded the GLTBookClub with Rhiannon Rainbow in 2020.

    Rhiannon Rainbow is a maths teacher with 20 years’ experience teaching secondary. She co-founded the GLTBookClub with Dave Tushingham in 2020.

    "Dave and Rhiannon's book offers busy teachers a quick digest of important books in education. Written in a very readable style with summaries and key takeaways, teachers of all levels and experience are able to quickly understand research that can transform their practice. Not only this, but the dialogue with the authors themselves offers a clear insight into the rationale behind each chapter's book while Dave and Rhiannon helpfully translate that theory into classroom practice. Staying research-informed while immersed in the time-consuming world of teaching can feel impossible but this book ensures we can continue to think about improving our practice through seminal educational texts in bite-sized chunks. Highly recommended!"

    Helen Howell, author, The Revision Revolution: How to build a culture of effective study in your school

    "Many schools are investing more time, money and energy into professional learning. Dave and Rhiannon along with their contributors have shown that CPD can be driven by leaders in school seeking out the best that has been thought and said in education . Book clubs appeal to me as a grass roots CPD opportunity where all staff can engage . This is brought to life in this innovative and exciting book where works are translated, transcribed and tested in the classrooms of real teachers . A great read and the perfect catalyst for setting up your own .......what are you waiting for?"

    Phil Naylor, author Naylor's Natter

    "With an abundance of wonderful and much talked about edubooks in circulation, there can be an overwhelming pressure to keep up and feel ‘up to date’ with contemporary edu-discourse.

    Through their book club, David and Rhiannon have created an authentic, safe and non-judgemental environment that has allowed the thoughts and questions of the everyday teacher to respond to that of their peers’ printed pontifications derived from accumulated research.

    For time-poor colleagues, the distillation of key ideas and subsequent questions from these enriching sessions into cogent and reflective chapters of the Edu-Book Club is genius and a valuable addition to the modern-day pedagogue’s toolkit."

    Dorian Brown, Head of Geography, NLCS Jeju, Korea

    ‘Both David and Rhiannon have accumulated a wealth of knowledge by talking to a range of high quality educators. Amazingly, they have been able to capture and summarise this wisdom in the Edu-Book Club. A great one-stop shop for the latest thoughts and views on all things education’.

    Bradley Busch, Psychologist at InnerDrive and author of The Science of Learning

    “This is a great idea. Dave and Rhiannon have made it easier for teachers to engage with professional reading and that can only be a good thing. The format will really help to facilitate dialogue for staff professional learning.”

    Robin Macpherson, Head of College, Robert Gordon’s College (Aberdeen)

    "The Edu-Book Club offers us a glimpse into some of the most exciting and innovative practice happening in education right now. Through a series of brilliant snapshots, Tushingham and Rainbow distil big ideas into exciting, accessible content designed to support, challenge and inspire. A wonderful read!"

    Stuart Pryke, Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning and co-author of Ready to Teach: Macbeth and Ready to Teach: A Christmas Carol

    "The GLT book club book offers a plethora of expertise and research-driven advice to develop your pedagogical knowledge. The sense of community that comes through from each and every page is a testament to the enthusiasm and drive of its creators."

    Sarah Davies, Assistant Headteacher and author of Talking about Oracy

    "A fantastic book that really unpacks theory to practice in the classroom. An excellent read for anyone wanting to take some of the latest research and thinking and apply it easily within their own practice."

    Dr Liz Durden-Myers, Managing Director PE Scholar

    "D&R’s Author Guidelines is simply superb. It provides the reader with a clear overview of a variety and number of hard hitting educational texts. I would recommend this book to anyone working in education."

    Sam Strickland, Author and Principal 

    "This is a delightfully curated library of “edu-best bits”. Having interviewed some of the most experienced, successful and specialist voices from the world of education, this collection of reflections and highlights is a delicious taster menu of some of the biggest books and sharpest thinking available. Laid out in a simple and accessible format, Rhiannon and Dave have created a thoughtful and immensely useful book"

    Emma Turner, @Emma_Turner75, Trust CPD & Research Lead, and Author

    "You may have bought the book. You might not have the time to read the whole book. Alternatively, you can read the chosen chapter from The Greenshaw Learning Trust Book Club, listen to the podcast. Listen to the discussion, hear the passion and reasons why the author wrote the book. Generally, enjoy the conversation. After listening to the podcast, join the debate and have a conversation in The Greenshaw Learning Trust "Always Learning" app.  Finally, access the archive of previous content and enjoy the conversation."

    Justin Welford, book club member and take-away contributor