1st Edition

The Enquiring Teacher Supporting And Sustaining Teacher Research

Edited By Susan Groundwater-Smith, Jennifer Nias Copyright 1988

    First Published in 1988. Throughout this book 'enquiring teachers' is taken to mean those who are students on courses, successful completion of which depends in part on their undertaking one or more enquiries into their own practice or that of their colleagues. This Introduction presents some definitions and then discusses the implications for teachers who become students on enquiry-based courses, for the schools and colleges in which they teach and for the colleges, polytechnics, universities and teachers' centres which mount and teach the courses.

    Introduction , Nias Jennifer; Part 1 Why Enquiry-based Courses?; Chapter 1 Interactive Experiential Learning in Enquiry Courses, Hugo Letiche; Chapter 2 Action Inquiry, Gordon H. Bell; Chapter 3 My Body of Knowledge, Stephen Rowland; Part 2 Pre-service Teacher Education; Chapter 4 It Really Made Me Stop and Think, Richard Smith, Judyth Sachs; Chapter 5 A Leap into the Practical, John Isaac, Kate Ashcroft; Chapter 6 The Interrogation of Case Records as a Basis for Constructing Curriculum Perspectives, Susan Groundwater-Smith; Chapter 7 A Research-based Course in Science Education, Ian Robottom; Chapter 8 Enquiry-based Learning in Initial Teacher Education, Herbert Altrichter; Part 3 In-service Teacher Education; Chapter 9 Learning Together, Ian Lewis; Chapter 10 Planning and Implementing a BEd In-service Degree, Doug Dennis, David Burrell; Chapter 11 The Role of Placements in In-service Education, M.E. Stevens; Chapter 12 Desperate Straits with the Micro, Bridget Somekh; Part 4 Continuing to Change; Chapter 13 Curriculum in Action, Jean Whittaker; Chapter 14 Practitioner Research in School Management, Margaret Preedy, Colin Riches; Chapter 15 Fictional-Critical Writing, Richard Winter; Part 5 Some Conclusions; Chapter 16 The Quest for Authentic Description, Colin Biott; Chapter 17 Credential Bearing Enquiry-based Courses, Susan Groundwater-Smith;


    Jennifer Nias University of Cambridge; Susan Groundwater-Smith University of Sydney