1st Edition

The Essence of Teaching Social Studies Methods for Secondary and Elementary Teacher Candidates

By James A. Duplass Copyright 2021
    318 Pages
    by Routledge

    318 Pages
    by Routledge

    Designed for use in elementary and secondary social studies education courses, this book supports the teaching of social studies methods in a range of educational settings. By highlighting long-standing content and principles of social studies education in a concise and direct way, this volume offers the building blocks of a comprehensive course, for use as springboards to the effective presentation of professors’ desired course emphases. With sections on foundations, subject areas, and best practices, this text explains the intersection between the "modelling" role of social studies teachers as democratic citizens, social studies fields of study, and strategies implemented in the classroom to encourage students’ critical thinking and values formation.

    Professor’s Preface;  Students' Introduction;  Part I: Social Studies Education;  1 Definitions & Propositions;  2 The Idea of a Social Studies Education;  3 Perspectives on Being a Teacher of Social Studies;  4 Ideology;   5 Wisdom & Knowledge;  6 Psychology of Learning;  7 Concept Formation, Examples, Analogies, & Graphic Organizers;  8 Critical Thinking & the NCSS C3 Framework;  9 Morality & Modernity;  10 Character Education & Philosophical Counseling ;  Part II: Schools, Curriculum, & Standards;    11 Curriculum & Standards;  12 Social Studies Education & the NCSS;  13 Civics Education;  14 History Education;  15 Economics Education;  16 Geography Education;  17 Elementary Grades Social Studies & the Social Sciences;   18 Current Events & Controversial Issues;  Part 3 Best Practices in Social Student Education;  19 Classroom Culture, Communication, & Management;   20 Textbooks & Planning Instruction;  21 Daily Lesson Plans;   22 Lecture;  23 Group Learning;  24 Discussions;  25 Questioning & Debriefings;  26 Modeling, Practice, & Homework;  27 Literacy & Reading;  28 Reading Social Studies & Vocabulary;  29 Writing ;  30 Six Activities-Based Strategies;  31 Accommodations, Differentiated Instruction, & Assessment;  32 Technology, Video, & Ancillaries


    James A. Duplass is Professor of Social Studies Education at the University of South Florida.

    Dr. James Duplass, with his new text The Essence of Teaching Social Studies, has provided teachers and teacher educators with an invaluable resource for the modern classroom. In a time where critical thinking skills, civic literacy, and democratic values have never been more important, Dr. Duplass' book serves as a pragmatic, comprehensive foundation for fostering essential skills and knowledge in our students. Teachers will find particular value in strategies for developing hybrid and internet-ready classes, as well as Dr. Duplass' emphasis on the importance of civics education throughout the K-12 spectrum. The Essence of Teaching Social Studies represents a valuable platform for the development of an effective social studies classroom. 

    • Mark Pearcy, Professor of Teacher Education at Rider University

    Given the polarized nature of today’s society, learning and practicing democracy has never been more important. In The Essence of Social Studies, James Duplass provides a comprehensive, yet flexible resource for implementing elementary and secondary social studies methods while expertly weaving in philosophy, technology and research-based best practices. Designed with an emphasis on professors’ needs and a focus on the unique characteristics of young learners, this text should be a part of every social studies teacher’s repertoire.

    • Daniel Stuckart, Professor of Social Studies Education, City University of New York, Lehman College


    Dr. Duplass has crafted a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to 21st Century social studies education in The Essence of Teaching Social Studies. Woven throughout the book are philosophical rationales and pedagogical solutions appropriate for teaching content knowledge and skills, including critical thinking and civic literacy, to K-12 students in the era of standards-based education. Dr. Duplass has wisely chosen a malleable format for his methods book that is responsive to the needs of professors, instructors, and students of social studies education in numerous contexts. Most importantly, Dr. Duplass’ book is exceptionally relevant today because of its unique focus on issues related to democratic ideals and ideology, including how the development of students’ personal identity ultimately shapes their civic identity.

    • Natalie Keefer, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education, University of Louisiana at Lafayette


    "Duplass connects timeless philosophical questions to the present in a practical map for social studies educators in an accessible format.  This text is a must read for any teacher or teacher candidate interested in thinking deeply about how intentional choices play out in K-12 social studies classrooms.  Read this text – it will make you a better teacher and a better person."

    • Nick Bardo, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, Colorado Mesa University


    The Essence of Teaching Social Studies is a methods book that goes beyond methods and will assist social studies teachers in developing their craft. Pre-service teachers will benefit from the inclusion of foundations of social studies as a point of departure to develop their understanding of the field and the role of a social studies teacher. The accessible nature of the book further provides a map for teachers that interweaves the NCSS C3 Framework with concepts and strategies that set the stage for successful teaching. Lastly, Duplass thoughtfully reinforces the importance of focusing on their students as individuals in a pluralistic society.

    • Brandon J. Haas, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education, Plymouth State University

    This is the first social studies methods textbook to integrate key NCSS position statements starting with the NCSS’ "Democratic Beliefs," "Themes," "Essential Skills" and "C3 Framework," professional organizations standards, and Common Core into a coherent presentation. Combining these will allow me to use this text with both my elementary and secondary preservice teachers. Duplass' writing style is clear and will be beneficial to all of my students as their primary methodological resource.

    • Jason L. O'Brien, Associate Professor of Education, University of Alabama in Huntsville


    The Essence of Teaching Social Studies would be a good choice for a professor wishing to have a textbook that is both readable and efficient.  The length of the individual chapters, with the accompanying on-line materials, provides the instructor a solid base upon which to build their class discussions and instructional practice. I know that my students would appreciate reading a text that is as accessible and as succinct as this one is

    • Caroline Sheffield