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The Essential SENCO Toolkit

About the Series

The Essential SENCO Toolkit is a series of books containing bespoke resources and frameworks for use by SENCOs and SEN practitioners. Each book contains a range of practical materials, tried-and-tested by members of the Essential SENCO Network. The author, Judith Carter, is an Educational Psychologist with over 20 years’ experience. As the Director of Willow Tree Learning and host of the Essential SENCO Network she developed materials to respond directly to the needs expressed by practitioners. This original series provides a starting point to support the development of SEND Assessment, Intervention and Quality Assurance, offering clarity regarding the identification of SEN versus low attainment, and promoting resources to identify those learners with SEN, SEND, learners who are Disabled and those with Medical Needs. This series is essential reading and will aid practice development and offer support and encouragement to all who work in the profession.

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SEND Intervention Planning Provision with Purpose

SEND Intervention: Planning Provision with Purpose

1st Edition

By Judith Carter
February 28, 2022

The second in The Essential SENCO Toolkit series, this resource clarifies and explores the key distinctions between quality first teaching adjustments, resources/support and interventions. It allows practitioners to develop their practice effectively and strategically to capture the true impact of ...

SEND Assessment A Strengths-Based Framework for Learners with SEND

SEND Assessment: A Strengths-Based Framework for Learners with SEND

1st Edition

By Judith Carter
June 25, 2021

Part of The Essential SENCO Toolkit series, this invaluable resource offers practical ideas and materials to allow SENCOs and SEN practitioners to capture learning, demonstrate the impact of SEN support, and analyse whether provision is effectively tackling barriers to learning. Chapters introduce...

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