376 Pages
    by Routledge

    376 Pages
    by Routledge

    Identifying and assessing the ways in which changes in the marketing mix affect consumer behavior is key to a successful marketing strategy.

    The Essentials of Marketing Research guides the student in designing, conducting and interpreting marketing research. This comprehensive textbook covers the full range of topics, including:

    • Secondary research and data mining
    • Internet marketing research
    • Qualitative and exploratory research
    • Statistical analysis
    • Marketing research ethics

    With learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter, a host of cases and a comprehensive companion website, this book offers a range of tools to help students develop and test their research and analytical skills.

    Part I: The Marketing Process and Decision Making  1. Introduction to Marketing Research  2. Ethics in Marketing Research  Part II: Secondary Data and Research Designs  3. Secondary Data  4. Research Designs: Exploratory and Qualitative Research  5. Research Designs: Descriptive and Causal Research  Part III: Measurement, Data Collection and Sampling  6. Measurement  7. Primary Data Collection  8. Designing the Data-Gathering Instrument  9. Sampling Methods and Sample Size  10. Fielding the Data-Gathering Instrument  Part IV: Data Analysis and Reporting  11. Analyzing and Interpreting Data for Decisions  12. Advanced Data Analysis  13. The Research Report  Part V: Cases


    Lawrence Silver is Associate Professor of Marketing and Management at the John Massey School of Business, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, USA.

    Robert Stevens is the John Massey Endowed Professor of Business at John Massey School of Business, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, USA.

    Bruce Wrenn is the Colson Endowed Chair Professor of Marketing at the School of Business Administration, Andrews University, USA.

    David Loudon is Professor of Marketing at the Brock School of Business, Samford University, USA.

    "Marketing Research: Text and Cases provides students of marketing and communications with an essential handbook that summarises the main issues in each topic, including addressing business and management problems, secondary and primary data collection and data analysis. The reader is guided through the whole research process step-by-step from conceptualisation to report writing, supported by tips and discussion questions... Students studying management, computing science, business administration and public administration will also find this book an invaluable addition to support their studies." - Debbie Keeling, Manchester Business School, UK