1st Edition

The Flows of Transnationalism: Questioning Identities and Reimagining Curriculum

By Seungho Moon Copyright 2022
    280 Pages 56 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    280 Pages 56 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This reflexive, transcultural dialogue scholarship integrates autobiography alongside an in-depth, critical analysis of Eastern and Western philosophy. Moon revisits his cultural heritage providing rich narratives that debunk a universalized, Eurocentric approach to truth in the contemporary curriculum and social discourse. As an exploration of multiple versions of knowing and identities, The Flows of Transnationalism allows readers to extend and invent their own approaches to examining the fluidity of identities. Moon promotes diverse perspectives within curriculum studies by disrupting the self-other and cultural sameness-difference dichotomy. Amid the urgent need of developing anti-racist pedagogy, this book provides an innovative way to studying identities in a transnational context.

    This thought-provoking book on transculturalism, cultural identities, and curriculum is intended to benefit educators, university faculty, and interested members of the public. It is written for those who have the desire to learn and apply diverse approaches for engaging with cultural identities through lived experience and its sociopolitical interpretation.

    1- Navigating Identities: Narratives in Transnational Spaces;  Section I: Identities and Complexities of Being: Questioning "Koreanness";  2-Cultural Translation: Exploring the Edge of Cultural Identity in Transnational Spaces;  3- Disciplinary Construction of "Koreanness": Living in the Panopticons;  4- Collective Memory, Nationalistic Curriculum, and Subjectivity;  Section II: Korea's Intellectual Heritage, Epistemologies, and Identity Constructions;  5- Seodang (Village Schools): A Pilgrimage toward Knowledge/Action and "We-Ness" in the Community;  6- Dasanhak: (Dasan Studies): Revisiting Human Nature, Knowledge, and Justice;  7- Donghak (Eastern Learning): Self/Other, Spirituality, and Social Transformation;  Section III: Aspects of Transcultural Conversations and Representations;  8- Muwi (non-action) Philosophy: Rethinking "Actions" in School Reform;  9- Non-Violencing: Imagining Non-Violence Pedagogy with Laozi and Deleuze;  10- (Im)possible Identity: Autoethnographic (Re)Presentations;  11- Complicated Narratives of Identities: Creating Open Spaces in Transcultural Conversations; 


    Seungho Moon is a Professor of Curriculum Studies at Loyola University Chicago.

    The Flows of Transnationalism is a timely and insightful book that demands readers reconsider narrow national perspectives in curriculum. It expands our perspectives on and approaches to identity research, curriculum and cultural studies, as well as curriculum theory. Through the examination of a case study of Korea, the book effectively challenges cultural stereotypes and universalisms using counter-narratives. The Flows of Transnationalism also interrogates how Korea’s national curriculum has been shaped by its past traumas, which in turn has influenced its national identity and the nationalistic character of the state’s identity and that of individuals.

    The authors make powerful use of Korean indigenous theoretical frameworks to rethink and reimagine curriculum in more humane ways transnationally. The Flows of Transnationalism ends with the humble acknowledgement that all theories have their limitations even those posed by the authors in this book. That reminder is an important gift to the field of curriculum.

    Ann Marie Ryan, Ph.D.

    Professor and Chair

    Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching, University of Texas at San Antonio